The Great Battle

May 11, 2017
By , Hamilton, OH

So there we stood, gazing further into the cavern to see dozens orcs calling for our heads. The walls of the cavern, barely lit by the torches, grew darker as they approached the orcs, as if they were like the other unfortunate victims that had previously fallen into the orcs trap. The blood curtling cackles that emerged from the mob of hideous beasts caused the landscape itself to shudder as it were terrified of the coming bloodbath. I glanced over to see my party getting into battle stances. “Why?” muttered. “Why do they face this so easily yet here I stand terrified like a lost puppy? What drives them to continue fighting the odds?” I silently pondered. I felt ground shudder as more and more orcs poured into view. “How many are there!?” cries Ban, the Dragonborn thief of our group. “To many for all of us combined!” I howled. The dark mage of our group Seraphina steps forward and glares at me. “Why is she staring at me like that?” I thought. She was the youngest of our group, a dark elf that was only 7 in elf years making her only about 12 in human years since elfs age slower than humans. She was surprisingly complex for someone so young she was the youngest yet she was one of the smartest and well rounded members in our party. She showed pure kindness to all of our party, yet showed unrivaled brutality to any unfortunate enough to be named her foe. “What is going through her head?” I mused. My heart pounded as did the cavern floor,as the hoard creeped ever closer. I clenched my lance tight in my hand, feeling the etches and groves of the handle and recalling the many battles that caused these marks. The hoard was nearly upon us as I finally lost the last of my strength as I fell to the floor. All the air leaves my lungs, as I sat there gasping, pleading, and praying for this to just be a dream I began to recall my parties various exploits throughout the few months we have been together. All of us waking up in the cell of the Cobalt Keep, carefully navigating the traps of the keeps treasure room, me accidentally setting the forest on fire, and the mysterious marks on my entire parties hands. What do they mean? What are they for? Does the answer die with us today? Suddenly a sharp pain crosses my face as I recoil with sudden terror to the sudden pain and jolt up to see Seraphina standing over me with her hand still retracting from the slap she had just administered to me. I turn my head to see my entire party was standing around in puzzled expressions. Seraphina gave me a sharp look as she exclaimed “I don’t know what has gotten into you, but we need you now!”. I silently stared at her as she ranted at me. The hoard was nearly upon us now. Suddenly it clicked, if i give up now all of my memories of my party, our time together, the bonds that that we formed will disappear. We might barely have a chance at survival but if there is a chance we could live to tell another tale, make another acquaintance, or just share another laugh it will be enough for me to fight another day, another day of living, prospering, and appreciating what our world has to offer. I steadily and turn to Seraphina and affirm “I’m ok now, thanks to you.”. I grab my lance and declare, “We might not makes it but no matter what happens we will do it together!”. My party roars in agreement as we all prepare for battle. “Together?” I ask, “TOGETHER!” we exclaim in unanimity as we charge toward the hoard.

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