May 11, 2017
By cjmys BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
cjmys BRONZE, Montgomery, Illinois
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“Phil  have you been spouting your crazy stories to the children around here?  My daughters say that they are too terrified to walk home from piano practice which is only a block away.”  The angered gentleman points toward Phil, almost touching his old wrinkled shirt.  “If I find out that it was you scaring them, then I’ll make sure that you’re never able to tell a story again.”
“But Jim I’m not telling any story I’m telling the truth.  These kids need to know the truth.  I’m just trying to protect them.  Thats a good thing that don’t want to walk that one block because in that short time they could take them.”  Phil had a hard time getting the word they out.  It scared him just thinking about them.
Jim had enough of this from him.  That's all he heard about from Phil because that's all he talked about.  Aliens.  “You need to stop this right now.  Aliens do not exist at all and most importantly you were not abducted by them!”  Jim grabbed hold of Phil’s shoulders and shook him a little, trying to get him to understand.  “Please just keep your crazy ideas to yourself ok?”
Phil said nothing just gave a simple nod to him.  He slowly turned away from Jim and began to walk home, his head hanging low.  Thoughts fluttered about his head.  Was he wrong by trying to warn these people?  Was he even abducted in the first place?
He thought back to that night.  It was a blurry memory with only small glimpses of images in his mind.  He sees bright lights in a white room.  He sees strange tall figures standing around him, holding even stranger objects.  He can see the soulless gray orbs that were their eyes.  And then he remembers a pain and that was that.
Just thinking about those short memories causes the scar in his back leg to itch.  When he woke up from being abducted he remembers that the first thing he noticed was a searing pain in the back of his leg and a small incision was there.  It would itch whenever he thinks about that time.
He forces those memories to the back of his head.  He knows for sure that he was abducted.  He doesn't care if the other people here don’t believe them.  He knows what happened.  He has proof in his leg.
A loud sound pierces his thoughts causing him to stop dead in his tracks.  On the edge of his hearing, a small humming can be heard.  A humming that brings him back to that night two years ago.  He frantically looks up to the sky trying to find the source of the hum.  He takes off in a sprint hoping he is running in the right direction.
The loudness of the hum doesn’t change as he runs, making it hard to pinpoint the source of it.  He knew that this is what he heard the first that they took him.  He thought it was a mosquito until he blacked out.
He pulled out his phone, wanting to get a video of the UFO or at least a picture.  He wanted to prove people that he wasn’t crazy and that aliens were real.  He wanted to stop being the town lunatic.  He wanted them all to believe, like him. 
Above him a bright light pierces the clouds above.  Phil looks up and sees what he has been waiting for.  He holds up his phone and points it at the spaceship.  The ship looked exactly like what the stereotypical UFO looks like.  A small disk with a dome on top and lights along the side.  Against the night sky there nothing to compare the size of the object to so he couldn’t tell how big it really is.
Here it is he thought.  He can now prove to the entire town that he wasn't crazy and that
aliens exist.  His hands raise the camera and focuses the UFO into the center.  A hand reaches for the button to start the video but then he blacked out.
Phil wakes up in that same room again, white walls and bright lights.  He couldn't move his arms or leg but he could move his neck.  He looks around the room and it was empty.  It was all just walls.  Behind him he hears something shuffle but can’t turn his neck to see it.  “Oh good you’re awake.”
Jim walks forward so that Phil can see him followed by two tall aliens.  Jim had a wide smile on his face, an evil smile.  “Well Phil this must be a shock but I was the one that implanted that thing in your leg. I’m not a human as you can now tell.  And you wouldn't be here again if you just would of kept your mouth shut!”  His voice was getting louder and more fierce.  “If only you would of forgotten it like everyone else but it didn't work on you.  Oh well we’ll have to give you a bigger dose now. Maybe we’ll just erase everything from your memory.  Yes let's do that.”
Phil struggles against his restraints but they don't budge.  He watches as Jim grabs a strange looking device that slightly resembled a drill but had a capsule with a muddy colored liquid inside.  He walks towards him and aims the device at his neck.  A sharp pain in his neck appears and then darkness.

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece as a way of showing that people do sometimes really see strange lights in the night sky

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