May 6, 2017

Two sons born to a king. The royal family has unknown strengths beyond political control. The great grand father came across a unknown glowing rock that when he touched it changed his physiology. Every generations stronger from the first barley hovering to the most recent royal children flying at a year old. The abilities are super strength, flight and contol over legendary power weapons made by elders. The two brother were sent off to sharpen there powers by there father by the age of 5. Colby is the younger more strong brother while Drake is the older and more competitive. When the two brothers reached a high enough level they went home to find out that there father was killed and a war was starting over the other three kingdoms. The four kingdoms are so separate that no one knew that the power stone that gave  the royal family there power changed the sand kingdom people to merpeople, changed the village kingdom to a bunch of flouting islands with a emerald castle on the highest island, and changed the outcast lands to a witch stronghold. Colby tried his hardest to be on his brothers and kingdoms side but he knew it wasn't right. Drake used his power to kill and steal but Colby wanted to help. During the battle of sky rat Colby got blasted through the wall of the emerald castle and was captured. Broden Jr the elected by the people king had every chance to kill him but instead he saved him from dying. Colby and Broden became the  bestest of friends and Colby switched to the sky people team. Years of fighting between the sky people and the sea people ended in a giant battle under the seas of giga water. Thousands of lives lost but was ended by the princess of the sea people catching the eye of prince Colby and they fell in love right there in the battle feild. A distracted prince got a trident stabbed through the stomach. The princess healed him with the sea kingdoms king healers. The battle ended when the enemy helped enemy. Now all thats left is to take down the bad king Drake.

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