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Batman vs. Superman

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            Does not need to sleep. . . does not require oxygen to breathe. . .does not even need to eat. . .capable of flying at supersonic speeds. . .Superman. Superman was born Kal-El on an alien planet called Krypton, therefore making him a Kryptonian. He was then rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction. Since his home world orbited a “red sun,” when young Kal-El (Clark Kent) reached Earth, exposure to our yellow sun gave him powers of flight, strength, X-ray vision, and many others. If Superman were to encounter another in battle, he would be victorious because of his ability to heal fast, live forever, and his super ability to fly.
            First, Superman-not among any other superheroes-has the ability to heal very fast. “Superman has been shown to have an accelerated "healing factor" (Superman 1). Superman Like all of his other super powers, Superman also acquired this power from our source of heat and light, the sun. Superman heals faster when he is closer to the sun, because he is absorbing more solar rays. This power has enabled “him to heal almost instantaneously from most wounds” (Superman 1). If some villain, or opponent were to stab him, or hurt him physically, Superman would be able to heal quickly, and then get back at them. This power is useful because he can heal, and protect himself without a weapon, or shield. Superman has many powers that are very useful in hand to hand combat. Having the sun as a source of energy and power, has proved that Superman’s friend is truly super.
            Next, Superman’s ability to live forever. From coming to Earth and seeing our sun, Superman then gained the ability to live forever, if he “resides under continuous exposure of Earth's sunlight” (Superman 1). With this ability, any superhero would benefit because they would be able to live forever. They would not even know who or what they were up against. Even though Superman can live forever, his strongest weakness is Green Kryptonite. Since Superman is a Kryptonian, Green Kryptonite causes “weakness and effects similar to radiation poisoning in humans” (Superman 2). As stated above, Superman only has his super powers and abilities because of our yellow sun, and Kryptonite blocks that ability. So, with Kryptonite, Superman is not able to have his once gained super abilities. Superman is then not so super without his powers.
            Then, not only can he live forever, Superman also has the ability to fly. Superman can fly across the earth in the blink of an eye. “Superman can fly at speeds faster than light, and is considered one of the fastest beings in the universe” (Superman 1). Superman is honestly super with this power. The ability to fly is one of man’s dreams, and is frankly impossible, but not for this guy. He can use this power to “disarm opponents, catch bullets or shrapnel and cross vast distances in seconds” (Superman 1). Flying at these immense speeds is very impressive. It is said that Superman can even time travel by reversing the time of the Earth's entire solar system. Just by moving fast enough to reverse the direction of the globe, Superman has proved his powers. This is an incredible power, one which many superheroes wish they had. Superman can use this power by fighting hand to hand combat in the air, with another opponent.
            There are some opponents who say that Batman could beat Superman at any time. The opposing viewers claim this, because since Batman has excellent martial art skills, he would beat Superman if they were to confront each other in battle. However, they are mistaken. Batman does not have any superhuman powers, therefore making him an easy target for Superman, who has many powers. Superman has even been trained to do martial arts. Since he is “capable of moving, reacting, running and flying at superhuman speeds”, (Superman 1) he would fight Batman with the upper hand. For this reason, Superman is faster and smarter than Batman, and has a wide range of useful abilities at his disposal. Superman will win a battle with anyone he comes across with.
           In conclusion, Superman will demolish any opponent that he comes into contact with in battle. Superman is super because he has the ability to heal fast, live forever, and fly. These powers are a great advantage, since most superheroes and villains do not have any of his great powers and abilities. Even though this Kryptonian is weakened by Green Kryptonite, Superman is still one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Superman has proved his greatness by using his incredible abilities to fight the worst villains. Superman has incredible intelligence and computational abilities and “his mind works sharply and with extreme speed relative to earth-humans” (Superman 2). This is why Superman is a hard competitor, and can be extremely hard to beat. Superman can truly live in the toughest circumstances, which makes him good competition.

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