May 1, 2017
By Anonymous

Stumbling around, I plopped my tin bucket on the closest tree stump available. It was my hardest task each day. Dragging the rusted bucket filled with milk back to my family’s’ farmhouse before breakfast was on the table. My father built the stable almost a mile away from our kitchen table, without consideration of his daughter’s daily struggle. My father didn’t care much, his only care concerning me was that I was the only child and I wasn’t a boy. I spent my entire childhood being a silent child to my father, hoping one day he would forgive my mother of the disappointment of me.
So my wonderful job from my father is to milk my dear friend Sunday. She is our rundown family cow that is as old as I am. My mom was gifted Sunday as a baby gift when she was about to have me. Little did I know when I was in the womb that the wonderful gift to me on my birth would be my everyday chore sixteen years later.
Although I didn’t mind on the special mornings where I knew something special was about to happen. The morning was the time right before a baby would be brought into this world. My mom gets to help her, by being practically the best midwife in Sundale. Women feel safe in me and my mother’s watch, since I had been her sidekick since before I can even remember.
Women drove endless distances for my mothers great work. With my family living in the outskirts of a small town, it always surprised me the people that would pay us a visit. The women my mom helped always felt safe in my mother’s arms, knowing that she always knew what to do. I never knew who I might come and see us when we received message of an incoming mother, but I always helped mother be prepared when she needed.
I never minded helping my mother with her profession. My mother is the most beautiful person I have ever met. She couldn’t say a word of hate on anyone, even my father. After 16 years and no more babies, you would think my father would let his frustration go on my mother. But if my father is one thing, he is a man who holds onto grudges. My mother has always been loving to his violence and kept quiet holding onto her guilt for not providing what he wanted. She has always tried to protect me in every way from the unpleasant side of my father. Not knowing she has the strength from him always making her feel like nothing.
I finally got up the hill, not that much further to go. The warm milk was sloshing around with milk running off the sides of the bucket whenever I lost my balance. When I get to the door I immediately see my mother washing her hands at the kitchen sink.
“Good morning, Lily. Do you need any help with that honey?” she asked me while drying her hands.
“No it is alright, thank you though. Do you know who is coming today?”
“Not sure, but their carriage is making their way to the house now so it will not be long,” my mother responded with a soft smile. I ran up to the window to see the carriage my mother was talking about. I watched as it crept closer and closer letting my excitement rise.
The family finally reached our house, and a woman in a red ball gown with her large belly exited the carriage on full display. She slowly wobbled her way to the front door while me and my mother was waiting for her.
“Hello Mrs. How are you feeling,” my mother immediately asked.
“I have been better,” she responded while squealing through a contraction.
“Okay, why don’t you follow me over here please,” I said as I helped her over to my bed. My mom followed me in, asking the women many questions prior to the baby’s arrival. Her husband silently entered the room with a ghostly look across his face as his wife experienced another contraction.
“Aly, I’m so sorry. I can’t stay through this,” he quickly said to his wife. She did not respond due to her heavy contractions as her husband left the house.
“Could I get anyone anything?” I asked while looking at her painful expressions.
“Yes, Lily. Please get me some warm water with a rag,” my mother said to me with a worried sigh. I quickly went to the kitchen to fetch some water. My mother was moving around in a frantic manner. Which was out of her normal behavior, so I knew something had to be wrong.
As I came back into the room, Aly was now screaming from her constant contractions. With almost no time her contractions got even worse. My mother still insisted that she could not push. But then due to all the pain she was in, she began to push anyways. The baby was coming in a painful advance and I heard screams that I have never heard before. My mother’s eyes widen with fear from the sight of what is happening to the mother. Her baby was coming feet first and she will bleeding without control. My mom was doing all she could for her, but her baby was in bad shape once out of the womb. Her mother only had minutes before her baby died in her weak arms.
The mother was not doing good as well. She could not stop bleeding, my mother already knew her fate. In a matter of two hours, two lives were lost. It was excruciating to watch, the horrid look on my mother’s face when she lost them. I had never seen a dead person before. I will never forget the cold, stone like look that the mother and baby both shared on their faces.
Within ten minutes the father returned with the clear intent to retrieve his wife and baby then leave. My mother told him what happened prior to his return. The man instantly went numb by the information we shared with him. He froze at the faces of his dead wife and child. Then after a few moments of mourning the man’s sadness turned into rage. He stomped towards my mother’s and grabbed her by both her arms and spoke with his face only centimeters from hers.
“You are going to pay for what you have done to my family! You have taken everything from me!” He shouted at her. He paced around the house for a minute when an idea came to his mind. He then took my mother’s arm and began heading towards the door.
“Where are you taking her?” I pleaded.
“She is coming with me to the kingdom. This is treason!” He hissed. Then left with my mother as I helplessly cried endless tears. I cried until I didn’t think tears could escape my eyes and then I cried even more. I was worried for my mothers fate, feeling hopeless. I wished and hoped to anyone that someone would help my mother.
Then suddenly when I returned to my room thinking of my mother, I heard a voice speak to me.
“Miss Lily, whatever is the problem?” an enchanted voice said. I looked up while wiping my tears to see an older lady with her grey hair done up in bun with a tiara on top. She was dressed in a light pink floral gown and had a fancy wand in her right hand.
“Who are you?” I croaked while trying to escape my tears.
“Oh poor darling, I am your fairy godmother! I am so sorry about your mother. She was the most magnificent lady,” she said sincerely. I paused thinking about what she just told me.
“Can you help me find my mother then?” I looked up to her face.
“Well I can certainly try, dear. How could I be of help?”
“I just need to be in the castle. That is where my mother is, in the castle,” I said with hope.
“Well here is what I can do dear, I am going to make you a princess. One that can go to the king and barden your mother’s release!” She said with a smile admiring her idea. I smiled at the idea. I could be a princess and save my mother. Then without further thought my fairy godmother swung her wand in a swirl and I instantly saw a glittery burst come towards me. I stood still as a beautiful soft yellow dress draped around me. My rugged slippers turned into pristine heels and I was covered in luxury jewels that I never even imagined being able to wear. My hair instantly turned into a curled blonde masterpiece that put a focus on my crystal blue eyes. As I am looking at my new appearance, I see my fairy godmother turn around and swirl her wand once again creating a horse and carriage of extreme luxury. She returned my smile as it was impossible not too from my impeckable happiness. I was going to find and help my mother.
“This is all for you darling!”
“It is more than I ever imagined, I can never thank you enough,” I grasped her in a hug.
“No no. Don’t mention it my dear. You are so beautiful. Go to the castle and save your dear mother,” she said with her same soft smile.
“I will, thank you so much,” I smiled as I went towards the carriage. I began towards the castle and I was ecstatic to save my mother.
I ride in a carriage directly to the castle gates and a gatekeeper walks towards the carriage,
“Who is trying to enter the castle?”
“Princess Lily, sir,” my chauffeur said to the man.
“We were not expecting any visitors today, especially a princess,” he continued. I quickly poked my head out of the carriage,
“I’m sorry sir, I didn’t have time to request it from the kingdom. I just need to talk to the king or an assistant if they have a second,” I said in a sweetly soft manner.
“Okay then Miss, sorry for the trouble,” he said as he gave a signal to open up the gates. My heart lifted knowing I now have my chance.
I got to the entrance of the castle and was looking around. I have never been to the castle before and it sparked my curiosity. The first man I saw I waved my hand hoping he would be able to help me.
“Would you possible be able to know where I would need to go to talk to the king?”
“Yes Miss you are going to need to go to the main hall which will bring you to the main room.”
“Okay, thank you so much!” I walked towards the castle not knowing where the main hall was but I was determined to find it. I entered in a gold detailed room with expensive vases and extravagant paintings that surrounded me. I walked in wonder absorbing the immensely decorated hall I was traveling through.
“Are you lost miss?” A man asked in front of me. I looked at him with big eyes and a lost expression on my face. “It is okay if you are, I just want to help you find where you would like to go,” he walked closer to me. The man approaching me striked me with his emerald eyes and confident strides. I instantly blushed while looking at his big smile with overly white teeth.
“Well I need to get to the main room. I have to talk to the king,” I asked politely.
“Everyone always needs to talk to my father!” he joked.
“Wait you are prince Michael?” I said with shock.
“Yes, you must really have never been around the castle before,” he chuckled.
“I just came here to plead for my mother. She is in big trouble.” The conversation instantly turned serious.
“What did your mother do that needed pleading?”
“She was only trying to help her,” I pleaded. “My mother is a midwife, so we help women. This mother that me and my mother were assisting was a high noble’s wife and she had many complications at birth. The baby was born feet first and was sophisticated and the mother continued to bleed while none of my mothers techniques worked. She really did all she could for the women and her child but it just wasn’t enough.” I wasn’t sure when I started crying but tears were flowing down my face while I was explaining my mother’s situation.
“Wow that sounds terrible. Follow me,” as the price began down the long hallway. He got into a large room that was shockingly even more extravagant than the hallway. Which I didn’t know was possible. He then sat right next to who I assumed was King George and began to rule over the monarchy. Many people were brought out in chains given their plea and then verdict. Finally my mother was walked out with fear in her eyes. My expression as she walked forward was horrid. I was so scared for my poor mother.
“And for what was your crime?” the king asked.
“A mother and her child passed during childbirth on my watch, your majesty.”
“Did you do all in your power for these lives?” he asked while his son whispered into his ear.
“Yes, sir. I did everything in my power to save them both.”
“Well with your profession I do understand the risks and so does the mother. I grant you not guilty and free to leave the castle. From my sons request.” He quickly said while rolling his eyes.
“Thank you, majesty.” She said with tears filling in her eyes. I was ecstatic my mother was free. Her chains were released and I ran up to hug my mother.  We were so happy now that she was free. I looked over towards the prince and we both matched with our big smiles. I then looked at my mother who bombarded me with a huge hug. We then quickly left the castle before anything else could happen, and went back to helping mothers and milking sunday.

The author's comments:

This is my try at a fairytale. Enjoy!

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