The Wekufe (Parody)

May 3, 2017
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 “There lays an ancient myth over the years in the cavern of truth all the way in south america”. My partner and I will find it!! Isn't that right Steve”? “Of course we will try our best to prove that this creature is real and uncover it to everyone”. “Well i see that you two young men are ready for some adventure take the map and seek the truth”!!
“Hey Steve do you think that this myth is real”? “John you know I don't really beleive myths all the time so try not to be upset if we don't discover anything okay”. I knew John would say something like this he takes the fun and adventure out of EVERYTHING. But I have to learn to get used to it because he is the smartest person I know. “Well if we do find it then what happens”? “Then we are going to take photos and document it of course”. As we neared the location of the cavern we could see warnings signs saying “the angel of the 4 elements” Steve said “interesting, people really must be sticking to their beliefs in this place”. “Yeah I know it's like they were all born believing the same god”. We neared the cavern and we heard a faint woooo like someone was whistling very quietly. “My brother put his hand on my chest indicating me stop and I was spooked so i did what he told me. As the quiet whistling went on Steve lit one of our matches and chucked a rock about 10 meters into the cave…..CRACK….

“The whistling stopped Steve”. “I know now shut up before we draw anymore attention to ourselves”. I remembered the old man telling us i didn't like visitors. We walked deeper into the cave where the air got thicker, where it got darker, where it became scarier. CRACK, CRACK, CRACK, “ I didn't know tree’s could grow in caves”. “They can't grow in caves” he said worried as he unbuckled his flashlight from is belt and switched it on. We were both horrified to see a barrier of bones from side to side of the cave. Steve kicked a goat carcass and squated examining a specimen. “Thats a human head”. “Does that mean that we are food”?! “Not necessarily I mean it is possible that it could be the sorcerers but at the same time he told us that it did not like visitors. So it's about a ½ chance that these human bones would be from sorcerers or victims”. By what he just said I knew this myth was true my brother had never been into anything more than this his entire life. “Well let's go deeper then”. “What? I thought you would be too scared”. I tried hard to smile but i was actually terrified.

We passed the barrier trying to be as quiet as we possibly could and I froze. “John whats wrong? You said that you weren't scared”. “Steve turn your head towards the left and DON'T MOVE” I whispered. He seemed terrified to as he turned his head slowly into the corner of the cave where we could see a figure made of darkness staring write into our eyes. Steve started to whisper...“the angel of the 4 elements”... It turned its head as if it understood and took a step closer. Its purple eyes glowed and it looked like an animal human hybrid. How can this monstrosity be an angel? HKHKHKHKHK The creature lunged at me and swung its front claws into my chest then ran off. “John!! John!! You alright buddy?”. I sat up feeling the rips in my shirt and the blood trickling down my chest. “Phew so you're alright just a little beaten up I see. It could've been a lot worse it could've summoned an earthquake or a flash flood through the tunnel”. Yeah I gue guess you're right I finally said as a blacked out.
“Where am I”? “Be quiet John the Wekufe is going to here us if you keep being so loud”. “Wekufe? What's that”? “The thing that attacked you, I contacted the old man and and I got more info out of him. He told us to make a gift for the Wekufe and when he/she sees it and accepts it it will let us free”. “Why can't we leave now”? “You are in bad condition and i think you might be getting ill and to add to that the entrance caved in and this is the only light we are stuck with”. I shot a look at the entrance to find no entrance. “Well then let's make it a gift”. “Well okay are you sure you can walk”? “Of course now let's find something in the wall that can please he/she.

Steve started to feel the wall and tried to find a small hole to start. “Bring the pickaxe over”. “You brought a pickaxe”? “Of course, it's a cave and we can find some cool gems and diamonds and stuff”. I dug through the bag and found a short stick with two metal spikes that fold out. Steve was also a geologist in his spare time he took a class in college related to rocks and stuff. “Thanks bud”. WHAM. He took a swung right in the wall of the cave causes pieces of rock to fly everywhere. “What is this? Get the flashlight”. I sprinted over to the backpack and grabbed the light. FLICK. A green diamond glowed throughout the cave. “This has got to do it John”. I stared at him smiling then the orb, something was strange about this. The whistling came back but then turned into a terrifying screech that made my entire body shake. “John it's the Wekufe put the orb on the ground and bow”. I did exactly as told leaving the orb in my eyesight as something came up behind me making the rocks shift around the edge of my heel. Then a slight sniffing around my head.

I tried to stay calm as much as I could but I couldn't stop my arms and legs from shaking. I slightly lifted my head up to meet face to face but only found it staying low and studying the orb. CHCHCHCHCH It started to make a noise as if it were communicating with the glowing green orb. Then it let out one final screech and stood up on its hind legs and threw the orb into its chest...All around the cave there was silence then the green became brighter and brighter and Steve and I looked up. There was an angel floating towards the top of the cave looking down on us. I noticed the green orb along next three others one was white one was blue and one was orange. “The angel of the 4 elements” Steve and I set at loud as the angel looked down and smiled. After a couple short minutes she finally floated through the cave and the rocks guarding the entrance fell and we could see the final minutes of the sun's lowering.
I woke to Steve shoving back and forth across the old man's bed in his village. “John get up look what's at the front of the village gates”!! He ran outside and followed quickly to join him. I shoved through the crowds to see what was going on and I finally saw what everyone else was seeing. A table full of food as a thank you gift from the Wekufe. We all sat down and ate the excellent feast she had prepared and some say that you can still see her from the mountain.

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