a cinderella story

May 3, 2017
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Cinderella was just like any other basic girl in school except a little worse.  She never dressed nicely.  She was always wearing clothes that were not in style or did not fit her anymore.  Everybody always made fun of her. All she ever dreamed about was making it to one ball before her high school years are over but she never owned a dress to do so. Also she could never go because her two mean stepsisters would always give her chores to do on the day of the ball.

One day she was walking in the hall and saw the most handsome man she has ever laid her eyes on, she caught him staring at her as she walked past.  “A guy has never even laid his eyes on me and the most handsome man ever just did, I feel really good about myself right now”. He later that day came up to her and said, “you are beautiful, I would love to get to know you.” Her heart starting beating so fast and she felt so warm inside.  So after school she went home and told her stepsisters what had happened in school that day.  Her sisters were not that happy for her because all they could think about was the ball later that night.  Cinderella was told that she could not go once again because she had to do the dishes and laundry. Cinderella was very sad and also angry. She was so angry that she went upstairs and secretly ripped holes in her stepsisters dresses. The stepsisters went upstairs and changed into their new dresses without noticing the holes that cinderella made. Instead of doing the dishes and laundry, Cinderella went upstairs in her stepsister’s room and took a dress out of their closet after they left for the ball. She used her clothes and cut pieces out of them to make it more fashiony and unique.  She put it on and then went into the bathroom to take care of her hair.  As she was getting ready she remembered she had no way of getting there besides walking.
Once she was done getting ready she began to walk to the ball, after about an hour of walking she started noticing the sky changing and becoming dark and gloomy. Cinderella was getting scared. A scary witch then approached her and she started to run off but before she got away the witch put a curse on her. The witch said to her, “you will never go to the ball and will always do chores for the rest of your life hahhahahah.” Cinderella ran off far away and got very lost but eventually ended up right in front of the ball. She thought to herself, “that witch was no witch I just made it to the ball!” As she walked up to the doors she saw the handsome guy she met at school walking into the ball. “No witch is stopping me from entering this ball.” She entered the ball and had the time of her life and got to dance with the handsome guy.
At 12:00 sharp Cinderella left for home. The sisters were out past then but gave up soon after, once they got home they saw Cinderella sleeping in her bed and were confused on how they did not see her but they decided to just go to bed and did not think too much of it. When Cinderella woke up the next morning she said to herself, “that was the best night I ever had”. 

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