A Hero To Top Them All

May 2, 2017
By Suverino SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Suverino SILVER, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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There was a man named Tom Jones. But be aware this was no ordinary man. No..no.. he was far from ordinary. He can do just about anything slightly better than any other human being. For example say there are a few people racing. He wins the race..just by a little bit. He calls himself BTU. It stands for Better Than You. He’ll 1-up you and anybody you know.

One day he was walking down the street in the city of Galapagos. In a nearby alley way he noticed a man being mugged and yelling for help, but alas no one heard him so no one was calling the cops. Luckily our noble hero, Tom Jones, saw the situation and took initiative. He yelled for help just a...tad bit louder than the man being robbed and a friendly passerby called the police and the day was saved.

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