Unspoken Vows of Siblings

April 29, 2017

Where am I? What happened? Where’s Trevor?
“No, Officer, I do not know where my brother is,” Isaac explained, playfully rocking in the creaky plastic chairs, the eerie sound repeatedly piercing the room’s deafening silence.
“Who else were you with that day?” Detective Jax continued, hovering his pen over the fragmented report.
“Well, like I said to your partner, Sergeant, before my transfer here, it was just me and my brother. We go on hikes every-” Isaac began.
“Routine hikes? Do you go on the same trail each time?” Jax interjected, as he sat back and began tapping his pen against his lip.
“Well, sir, we go on hikes every Thursday. We usually take a variety of three different trails- why am I even here?” answered Isaac, putting down his chair legs to lean towards the table, for the first time in this interview.
“You are our key witness, we want to make sure our stories are airtight and that we have your full cooperation. You were the last to see your brother. But we can do this another time… I see the garrote hasn’t left much of a scar,” Jax speculated as he circled the room, creating tension that radiated throughout the room.
“Nope, it didn’t leave a huge scar. Thanks to your lovely doctors,” Isaac sneered as he exited the room leaving an echo of sarcasm in the air. Turning the corner to see everything turn into a large white room with just one large door in the middle.

Where’s Isaac? What’s going on?
“Officer, welcome welcome. Take a seat. Can you tell me what’s going on?” Trevor inquired, adjusting himself upright, now that his room was being filled with guests.
“Ah, we are still working on the entirety of your case, seeing as though you-- couldn’t speak days ago,” Sergeant said, adjusting his position in the room so the nurses could get by.
“Well, my parents are worried sick. Your team has no idea where Isaac is? You have to know at least something. A couple of nurses said he was just here a week ago, but they seemed upset by my inquires,” Trevor said,  beginning to get frustrated with the situation. “I just got my body back to normal, I want to help look for my brother.”
“That’s all well and good, but the fact of the matter is that your brother sa- excuse me, your parents said you were on a hike and you two were the last to see each other. So, as of yesterday, you were our prime suspect,” Sergeant disclosed, making sure Trevor was thrown off of his rookie mistake.
Me? Your prime suspect was me?! Why? I didn’t do anything? I don’t even remember what happened that day. What did you say your name was again?” Trevor requested, quickly becoming aware of the dangerous situation at hand.
“Yes, well that doesn’t excuse you from being a suspect, sir,” Sergeant replied, avoiding the unwanted questions.
“What is your name? And where is my brother?” Trevor enunciated, slowly standing up from the hospital bed. Only to see all the machines in his room were unplugged.
“Sir, calm down. You need to stay in bed,” Sergeant warned.
“W-what’s going on?” Trevor whimpered, grabbing at whatever he could find to make a weapon.
“Calm down. This happens a lot. It seems that you and your brother are rejecting each other’s worlds,” Sergeant stated.
“I don’t understand... Where’s my brother?” Trevor insisted, making his positioning easier to execute an attack from.
“Why don’t you go take a look in the hall?” Sergeant sighed, “I guess I’ll be seeing you both on the other side.”
Trevor rushes into the hallway,  a gust of wind blows open his gown exposing the menacing scar that stretched along his spine onto his butt. The lesion from his operation appeared fresh, yet proved to have no effect on his ability to charge into the hallway in search of his brother. As he enters the hall, Trevor is engulfed by a white room with an immense door in the center.

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