The Land of Fairy Tales

April 19, 2017
By , springville, UT

My name is Weber, I have a twin sister named Willy. We have been together all of my life.  I can't remember a time that she wasn't by my side. We live on the planet Zarmina, it is a water planet. Our planet is surrounded by water. We both had always been very adventurous. Dreaming when we were little that we would be able to meet our heroes from fairytales. On our fourteenth birthday that wish came true it all started when we woke up and I looked at my sister Willy, She had just woken up as well, I sat up slowly and realized something moving from the closet, My Mom and Dad jumped out and yelled Happy Birthday !  Then they brought the cake to us as we went to blow out the candles a slight breeze blow it out before we got to. Then out of the corner of my eye a basket started to roll over and then my bed started moving across the room it hit the wall and then Willys bed started to move and it hit into my bed and then the slight breeze turned into huge breeze and then something hit Willys leg and she let out a scream, a pole crashed off her leg and hit me in the leg I blacked out.
I woke up and there was a huge breeze and I opened my eyes slowly and I was falling I started to scream crazily I was spinning and I looked around and Willy was unconscious and then I screamed Willy with all I could. Suddenly she opened her eyes she started screaming just as I did when I woke up and then she looked at me and gave me a nervous glance we then hit the hard ground dirt and landed who knows where. I stood up slowly my head hurt so bad I was dizzy and felt like I was going to faint. My sister walked away and then walked back and asked “Are you seeing the candy man too.” my eyes focused and I was sure we were both hallucinating I said back to her “I think so”.  Then I looked around and we were in a land that looked like the boardgame candyland .that I  had played as a kid there was soda, candy and anything sweet that you could think of. I thought this I definitely just a dream I mean this can't happen. I walked slowly on the cotton candy ground, I was so hungry for breakfast I reached down and  there was cotton candy and little animals with huge eyes on the ground. This land was like a children's fantasy.  I liked it but something about it seemed off right away, It seemed like I needed to get out of there. I said to my sister this looks kinda iff... I think we should get out of here. She answered back I think so too. We went further in because we were unsure which way we were going I looked at one of the animals that looked more realistic. It said you must knew around here… We jumped animals can’t talk I screamed! I’m pretty sure they can or I wouldn't be talking right now. What’s your name my sister asked the animal … I'm kapa he said confidently in an old british mans voice.  I chuckled slowly and then I picked up the animal it was small and round like a shih tzu. It was fluffy and cute then I  handed him to my sister and it pooped almost immediately. But the poop where jelly beans… My sister said this is crazy but should we taste it? I answered slowly and carefully said sure? Then picked it up cautiously, first I smelled it. It smelled like straight sugar! It was a miracle of nature that an animal could poop jelly beans I put it in my mouth and it was amazing, but about three short seconds after I ate it it I started floating in the air it felt like I was as light as a cloud it lasted about five minutes my sister put one in her mouth a little after I did she handed me kapa and he immediately said ‘’ I ain't no baby’’ I said but you're so little and soft! I glanced over. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Oreo Warriors. Or at least that's what they looked like. Just then I both floated down slowly as the five minutes where over. and then the oreos approached us where are we? We asked them and they said loudly raintopia. We said in unison how do we get out of h- before we got out our last word they grabbed us quickly and swiftly . They carried us into a liqurious jail and we them started to panic and then kapa ppoked his out and said need some help and held out the key… he said I will let you out if you say that i'm a handsome young man who is brave and strong. We gave him a slly look fine. Kapa is a handsome young man who is brave and strong. Then he handed us the key and opened the lock then we say the Oreo things were coming back so my sister said let’s split up i’ll meet you outside and if you don’t see me there…. Go on. As I walked away kapa handed me a paper it was a map the said the out spell to get out of this place but it looked like we had to go to different places in this land and collect things the things where red riding hoods basket, cinderellas shoe, the trolls ring, a mermaid scale and get a drop of the big bad wolves fur and wake sleeping beauty and gte a strand of her hair.  This sounded impossible we had to do it though.  It was the only way we could get out of here. Our plan was to get out of this place but it wasn't working at all. We knew we had to go somewhere so we went to the building that said hotel. We then continued to run we got there and then proceed to open the door and asked for a room they gave us a key but said nothing. We went to our room I could tell that willy was frustrated because we both knew that we had to get out of here, I turn on the TV and started to watch dance moms I was surprised that they even had any real live shows. We didn't speak we laid in silence then wily said turn off the tv, I ignored her which made her even more frustrated then we went to looking at the map I stood up on the waffle mattress and then said let's make this potion she said ok I said we need to split up, I will go to red riding hoods basket, the wolves fur and Cinderellas shoe I said and willy said fine! She said in an annoyed voice. I said I think we should leave tonight. She said again in an annoyed voice no! We stay here tonight and then leave first thing in the mourning. I said ok fine. I layed down and fell asleep softly and quietly. I woke up to the sound of my sister screaming at me to wake up. I stood up slowly and then said what why are you  waking me up? She said why do you think we have to go! Ok I said and we collected our stuff and then we waked out of the hotel before we left we looked in the gift shop there where backpacks there. We needed them to hold the potion ingrediants, I said willy I think we should get those backpacks. She answered back we don’t have any money and we would have to steal them. But we both looked at each others faces and knew that we had to take them we grabbed them and a couple potion bottles and ran out of raintopia as fast as we could we could we ran in the direction we say when we ate the jelly beans. Right before we got to the entrance kapa yelled let me go with you willy picked him up and took kapa we went out of the entrance and started running when we got out I said kapa can I have some jelly beans he said yes and then willy put some in my backpack I said remember the plan ? she said yes and then we ripped the map in half and I gave the half where willie was going to her. I went into the dark forest and watched as my sister started to disappear from my sight. I ran deeper and deeper until I saw the wall. The wall where red riding hoods castle was it took me a couple hours to finally get there and then when I did I realized how tall the wall actually was, I started thinking how will I get over it? I looked around the huge barrier and then realized a tree as I walked over to it and noticed something moving it was a wolf! The big bad wolf maybe it was quick and said where are you from do I know you? I said no you probably don't know me. But I think I know who you are. He stared at me blankly and said i'm the big bad wolf and I don’t know who you are but what do you want? He asked I said a drop of your blood. He said nothing and lunged at me. I jumped to the side and ate a jelly bean. I flouted up as I knew he couldn't kill me if I was in the air. He said coldly you can't hide forever. I was flouting close to the trees and then I broke off a branch and started grabbing things and climbing down like a ladder. I grabbed a branch it cut me. I knew I had to get a good angle on the wolf I then grabbed the bottle out of my backpack I flew towards the big bad wolf and stabbed him he jumped and tackled me to the ground he was about to eat me and then I realized the blood was dripping of his fur with a lot of power I lifted up my arm and hit him in the nose he then fell over and i got the drop of blood then I pushed up of the ground and i flew to the tree in the sky. He was awake and i was glad that I didn't kill him. I knew that the five minuets was going to end so i got a good grip on the tree as it ended I balanced myself and bounced on the tree branch and i jumped to the wall I was on the top of the wall. I wondered how I was going to get down but right then i looked down and there was hay at the  bottom I jumped and swiftly fell. When I hit the hay it hurt slightly  was still bleeding slightly. Then I  checked my backpack to make sure the drop of blood was still there it was so I started walking.  I looked at the castle and got closer I went to the door and knocked. A guard answered and said who are you. I said my name is webber. He was very handsome and cute and then he said verification. I said I don’t have one. He said nothing and slammed the castle doors in my face. I knew that they were never going to let my in. I thought of ways to get in and then something out of the corner of my eye moved it was a older lady going in a tiny door i walked out of the bridge and walked down the steep hole to the door I tried to open it surprisingly it opened and I climbed in. when I walked in to my surprise it was a kitchen as i walked further I heard someone coming I opened all the cabinets but they were all full and then i thought the pantry of course I opened a door that looked like the pantry it was huge I heard footsteps fast and quick in the kitchen I looked around for a place to hid I say an empty place at the bottom of the pantry but I couldn't fit just then a maid walked in she rolled her eyes and asked who I was. I said my name is weber and i need to talk to red riding hood. She tried to scream I covered her mouth and said please help me! She said fine i’ll sneak you up but you can never speak of this or me. We walked up a flight of stairs that felt like the longest walk. We got to the top and then she walked though the big door and said I can only go this far just go to the door that looks the biggest that is where she is. What's your name I asked, my name is marty. Thank you so much bye marty. I walked through the door and ran across the long hallway and ran I looked left and right there was a big door to the right I ran and opened it slowly she was right she was sitting there in a big chair asleep and her basket in a glass box sitting next to her I tiptoed over and as I touched it with my finger slightly she woke and jumped high in the air she walked over in her big dress and yelled  HANDS OFF! I hit the glass with a cup on the table it shattered I grabbed the basket and tried to run as I did she grabbed it and said it's mine!! You thief we rolled and fought we were by the window and I screamed I NEED IT! She said nothing and kicked me I let go and pushed her she let go of the basket, to my surprise she fell out of the window and into the lake  I looked out the broken window she didn't die she was ok. I ran out of the room and a guard saw me and said hey you there, it was the cute one he was fast before I got out of the hall he tackled me and said you are the girl at the gate! And he held me there he was strong as well. I said let me go I kicked him and he fell backwards I started running and he said wait I can help you I stopped and turned around and he walked over slowly and said I can help you get out of here I said thank you he led me to a closet that was a staircase that led to the front of the castle we walked out and ran he said we don't have much time we got to the wall and then he said the only way out is to climb i'll help you we climbed and when we got to the top the guards were trying to shoot us I gave him a jelly bean and said trust me I jumped and started shouting he swallowed it and I put the basket in my bag I said do you happen to know where the northern kingdom is? He said let's go he grabbed my hand and we flew until the jelly bean wore off I asked him what his name was and he said my name is charles and i’m Cinderella's son. I said what? Really? He said do you see it I  say it and then I saw an amazing class blue kingdom with beautiful marble steps I said it’s gorgeous. He said it’s even prettier from the inside we walked and talked for hours until we got there he asked me do have any siblings and I screamed I forgot all about Willy! I have no idea if she’s ok or even alive! He said calm down. It'll be ok. That calmed me down right away he went to the front of the kingdom and opened the door I asked where's your mom's shoe? He said why? I said sheepishly I have to make a potion to get out of here. He said why where do you live. I live on the planet zambia and i have to get home to my family. He said ok i'll help you. The shoe is in the treasury room I will show you where it is. We walked through the big halls and finally after a while of walking he unlocked the door with a password and I walked in the room the shoe was again in a glass container I broke it and he screamed no! And he said i could have just opened in! I laughed lightly he chuckled and I grabbed the shoe and he said I could borrow it but the kingdom needed it back i was at the door and I heard cinderella scream don't take my shoe! That's what saved my life. I started to run and i yelled back i’ll bring it back just then she tripped and I saw her fall into the creek I said sorry! Yes! I screamed, Just then I saw willy poking around the corner. I looked at her and we stared at each other just then I tripped and barely didn't break the shoe the prince came over and helped me up and his dad was walking back inside with his mom all was well and we walked out of the northern kingdom knowing that we will get out of this world soon. But then I thought i’m going to miss everyone… we walked and saw an abandoned building or so we thought. When we walked in it was a jail the prisoners were reaching for us they were dirty and definitely not sane. We ran through the jail as quickly as possible and then willy screamed in there! it was a kitchen we got all of the ingredients and realized something on the map that hadn't been there before it said one drop of all of the people who will be using the potion. We looked in the drawers and got out a knife and me and Willy looked at each other we cut our skin and droplets of blood started flowing I got the other jar and put my blood in it i handed it to willy and she dropped her blood and took kapa out and put a piece of his fur in it. I the prince grabbed the knife and cut himself and said can I come with you I said nothing. He put his blood in it. I was so surprised I couldn't breathe he chose to come with me and I barely knew him. We put all of our ingredients in and then when they all touched together there was a gig noise a loud one and nothing happened to us then on the map it appeared and said we had to make it a liquid then we melted it all together on the stove and it looked so nasty but we all kept melting it and then we each drank the hot potion and heard a big noise we were transported and we all saw a big light when we got there all of our mouths dropped then…
To be continued.

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