Dark Skies

April 18, 2017
On a dark night in 1989, I was walking home to my friend's house. As I was passing by my favorite ice-cream shop, and I kept hearing a person behind me, but I didn't see anyone behind me. So I just kept walking. It was so weird the sound got louder and louder but I didn't see anyone behind me. I felt like my head was going to explode. Once I got to friend Megan's house it stopped.
When I walked in the house Megan asked me "what's wrong Cindy"
"Nothing, "I said, "I've just had a hard day." "Let's go to bed, I'm tired."?

?"OK,"said Meagan
I woke up scared by my alarm clock. My friend not in her bed. I started to head downstairs when I saw her mom talking to a man in the kitchen. It didn't look like her dad either. I ran back upstairs and laid down.
About 10 minutes later my friend came upstairs, "wake up sleeping beauty!"Said my friend laughing. I got up laughing too. We walked downstairs and I saw the man still standing there. I couldn't walk back up the stairs or she would think I was insane. I started to walk back downstairs and the man was gone.
I asked Mrs. Scott, "Who was that man?"
All she said was, "What man, nobody was here."
"What do you mean nobody was here?" "I saw that man!" I screamed with confusion in my voice.
She sat me down and asked me if I was OK. I told her how I feel like I'm  insane and I've been hearing someone. Mr.Scott brought me home that night.
When I got in the house my mom asked me "Why didn't you ever tell me any of this happened?"
"I didn't want you to think I'm  insane, you've been super busy." I tried to tell her in a straight face, while the tears trickled down to my chin.
She said, " I would never think that honey, I love you."
My mom took me to the doctor's office so he could see if there was anything wrong. While me and my mother were waiting in the  lobby I heard the voice again. It wouldn't stop and it got louder and louder, as soon as the doctor came out to get me it stopped. As we walked in the hallway I saw the same man standing in the corner by the  scale.
" MOM, it's the man!" I whispered to my mom. She looked at me with confusion.
"What man?"  My Mom said talking out of confusion.
"The man that was at Megan's house!" I started to talk louder.
People Started to stare.
"Lower your voice Cindy!" My mother whispered to me.
"What do you think people well think I'm crazy like you do." I said with anger in my voice. "I'm sorry mom I don't mean it."
"I know sweety." She said with kindly.
The hallway felt like it was forever long. I was weak in the knees by the time I got to the room.
The doctors room felt empty for some reason? I could not feel anything from this room. As soon as I saw the computer the voice started getting clearer in my head. I could make out what told me but it got louder than ever before. I freaked out and broke the computer and tore a hole in the table.
I felt a sharp pain in my leg like a needle. I couldn't move, it was like someone froze me. I fell down to the grown.
“Hello, is anyone there?” I said scared of what might happen.
I looked down, I say my limbs strapped to the bars of a gurney. I screamed for my mom but no one answer. I felt as if my head was getting tighter and tighter on my brain. The pain was to much i couldn't take it. I struggled, scratching and biting at the straps on my body. I started to hear the voice louder and louder, but it wasn't clear anymore. Now the voice wasn’t a voice, It was more along the lines of a million people typing and printing papers, will a faxer never stopped faxing.
“A doctor Finally.” I thought. “come in.”
He sat there and said I needed “further testing”. I didn't know what to do.
I started screaming "What are you guys doing to me."
"We need to send you to more advanced doctors."  The Doctor Said.
I was scared, I wanted my mom and i wanted to leave. The doctor leaned forward his hands creeping over my mouth, I saw Darkness.
I don't see anything but darkness until i saw him, The Man. With his pierced skin and tattooed body. He was so scrawny I thought he was malnourished. I walked up to him.
“Hello what's your name?”
“Who wants to know?” He said with a grin that split his ears.
I didn't know what to do, He just kept staring at me.
“Why are you staring at me?” I asked
“Why won’t you answer me!!” Screaming off the top of my lungs.
All I see now is red, blood red. It won’t go away. I keep trying to wipe off my eyes, But it’s still there.
"Ahhhhhh, what happened?" I screamed as I awoken.
"What's wrong sweetie?" My mom says tiredly.
I looked around and everything looked different.
"Sorry mom I just had a bad dream, go back to bed," I told her in a tired voice as well.
I didn't sleep at all after that. The doctor came in about thirty minutes later. He said that I am perfectly healthy.
I was not sure how I was "healthy". I was hearing voices for days. I went crazy  and I don't know what. I'm not healthy... not at all.
"What's going on, where are you taking me?!" I screamed as the doctor was carrying me in his arms.
"You'r having a seizure, can you hear me." The doctor said.
"Yeah! Does that mean I'm gonna be okay?” I asked
"Didn't you hear me?" I screamed louder.
It's like he didn't even know that I was talking. I don't know what's happening. It's fuzzy and I can't hear anything any more. I'm so scared, Everything black.The last thing i heard was a beeping getting faster. Until it was just one long consistent beep….

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