Trust and New Beginnings

April 29, 2017
By acruz21 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
acruz21 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Dark silence.

“All I can remember about that day is that it hurt like hell. It felt like I was being exploded from the inside out,” she answered as she tossed another pizza roll in her mouth burning her tongue yet, making sure not to drop it on her favorite jeans. awk

“Damn” she chuckled, catching the pizza roll then popping it back into her mouth once more.

“Okay, Jenny we need you to focus. Now, for the fourth time, did you see who shot you?” Chief Inspector, Matthew Fran inquired, trying to keep his award winning smile, leaning back and loosening his tie for the second time this session.

“Woah there, no way I got shot!” she exclaimed, springing from her chair nearly knocking over the table she was seated at.  “That’s not right… When? Why didn’t anyone tell me this before.”

“Yes, Jenny. You were shot in your sternum at 5:46pm, two months ago. You started your program the day after you died. We’ve recently started processing all homicide victims through this office now. Now you’re here to help us find your killer, remember?” Matthew replied calmly, sitting up in the chair to turn and give his partner, who was on the other side of the one way window, a worried look.

“Oh. R-right. Um, like I said I uh don’t remember anything. Can I leave now?” she said anxiously, her eyes darting around the room looking for an escape.

“Uh sure. Why not, we can resume tomorrow. I’ll have my partner escort you back home,” Matthew agreed, rapidly waving his partner, Chris Henderson, into the room. “You know you don’t have to worry about anything, Jenny. I remember when I first died, I didn’t want to accept it, but we all come around eventually.”

Jenny and Lieutenant Henderson drove back to the Juniper neighborhood; neither of them spoke a word until she got out of his car to thank him. Jenny took a step towards what she assumed to be her house. She couldn’t help but be amazed to see how monumental the house she’d been given was. She had a personal pool, glass walls on the second floor, and everything was automatically turned on upon their arrival.

“This is all mine?” Jenny beamed, dancing with excitement, turning her back to Lieutenant Henderson as she slowly approached  the house. Taking it all in, the house’s lustrous reflection put a new sparkle in her eyes.
“Well it could’ve been. But not again...” Lieutenant Henderson hissed, slowly unclipping his gun and raising it level to her oblivious head.

“What do you mean?” jokingly begged Jenny, turning her gawking into a longing stare, anxiously awaiting the chance for her to start her new life, as soon as she was able to be alone.

Lieutenant Henderson fired his gun, and and the memories of her death flooded Jenny’s mind. The bullet pierced her unsuspecting cranium. Burrowing itself in what made her unique. Her eyes screaming utter betrayal. Her head secreting pink matter that was once her powerhouse.

Retreating footsteps. Dark silence.

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