The Easter Bunny

April 21, 2017
By coltenjoness SILVER, Amissville, Virginia
coltenjoness SILVER, Amissville, Virginia
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The air was cool and damp, there was a layer of fog that covered the ground. It was beginning to get dark i had to find my way back to the picnic soon. I had gotten lost in the woods while in search of eggs during the annual easter egg hunt that the company i worked for held. An uneasy feeling washed over me i felt as if someone was watching me. I told myself to stop being paranoid, i tried to brush the feeling off and find my way out of the forest.

Suddenly i heard the crunching of leaves and a twig snapping, i quickly turned around in search of what made the noise. I saw nothing there, i couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was watching me. Is anyone there? I called out. After a moment i heard the crunch of leaves again but this time it sounded closer. Startled i called out again, this isn't funny stop messing around! i yelled. Suddenly i heard a voice behind me, we’ve been waiting for you the voice said. I jumped and quickly turned around.

I froze, i couldn't believe what i was seeing. There was a 6ft tall rabbit dressed in some sort of robe standing in front of me. I tried to run but my legs wouldn't move, i tried to yell out for help but i couldn't . It's okay relax down said the rabbit in a very calm voice. Finally i was able to move but as i turned to run i tripped and fell backwards onto the ground. David don't run it's pointless i'd catch you!, Just calm down let me talk to you said the rabbit as it stepped towards me. Wha-what do you want i asked the rabbit as i scrambled to my feet.
After a moment of silence the rabbit said “ we want you david, we want you to be the next easter bunny but it's up to you if you decline the offer you'll be sent back to the picnic with no recollection of this ever happening but if you choose to be the easter bunny you'll come with me.” What? No! I don't want to be the easter bunny i said confused. Okay said the rabbit are you sure? he asked Yes i'm sure! Okay you'll be sent back now said the rabbit.

The air around david began to spin suddenly he was sent back to the picnic. He opened hiss eyes and he was back sitting at a table at the easter egg hunt. He had a odd feeling that something strange had just happened but he couldn't remember what it was. He decided to ignore the feeling and head home. As david got into his car he found a golden easter egg sitting in the seat he picked it up to examine it. Cool david thought as he began to drive home.

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