The Girl with the Strange Secret

April 17, 2017

My name is Jacob Morgan and I live in a kingdom called Bakersville, and I'm the prince.  I'm seventeen years old with short brown hair, blue eyes, and I'm quite tall.
   One day, I was walking in the woods because I enjoy some time to myself to think.  While I was walking, I heard some fighting, so I went to check it out.  I saw two guys and a wolf.  I hid behind a rock to watch what would happen. 
   The wolf was red with red eyes that shone in the darkness.  It went straight to one of the guy's arms and bit it.  The other guy got bit on the leg and the two men ran away.  I saw what the wolf did, and thought it was amazing, but what I saw next shocked me.  The red wolf started changing.  It began to have arms and legs like a human, then feet and legs, and then it changed to a woman.
   The woman had black pants, boots, and a red shirt, and long beautiful red hair.  But I noticed she still had her red tail and ears. 
    I went over to the girl and said, "Um... are you okay?  Why were those guys after you?"
   She turned around and looked at me with her bright, beautiful red eyes and said, "Just some thugs trying to take my money." 
   "Who are you?" I asked.
   "I'm Blair Wolf.  What do you want?"
   "Oh, nothing, I just think it's weird that you turned from a wolf to a human."
   She looked at me then started to laugh. 
   "Oh yeah. Well the reason I can do that is because of this witch that cursed me."
   I looked at her amazed that she could change, but she was also very pretty.
   "Do you want to go back to my castle?  I'm sure my friend, who is a warlock, can help such a pretty lady like you stay a human," I said.
   Her eyes got big and she started to blush.  The she said, "R-really?  Okay.  That sounds nice."
   "Great! Plus we can et to know each other," I said, winking at her. 
   All she did was blush and smile.
                                       The End.

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