Sakura Petals

April 13, 2017
By elsa_ha BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
elsa_ha BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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His chest was rising and falling. The petals of the sakura tree seemed to be flowing down his body. Suddenly, it seemed a breeze made its way across his chest. So surreal. It was as if I actually felt the wind kiss my skin. I was so infatuated by the illustration that I didn’t something soft land on my cheek. I picked it up slowly, waiting for my eyes to focus on the item, illuminated by the moon. It was the same petal as the ones cascading down the young man's olive chest. I looked around and I could not believe my eyes. At my feet were what seemed to be thousands of sakura petals. A sea of soft pink. Then once again, in an instant, he was gone and in his place was the beautifully knotted trunk of the sakura. I was immersed in this breathtakingly mysterious world.

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