Death Date

April 13, 2017
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Joan walks through the door to the cafetorium and scans her identification marker on the scanner. It runs over her forearm and the machine beeps when it gets to the tattoo. Everyone has them. They separate you from the other humans, they contain all your personal data. The marker also includes- your death date. Joan has always been fine with her death date, after all  you can’t prevent it. However, it was now weighing on Joan, because her death date is January 3, 2039 and today is January 4, 2039.  
The day before Joan’s “death” date, Joan and Kyle were out by the Wall, trying to get away from the city and all its restrictions. Somehow, the pair managed to scale the Wall without any rope or outside assistance.
“Kyle, I have something to tell you.” Kyle looked over at Joan with the kindest, warmest smile.
“What?” Joan started, “Uhh,” she took a deep breath and began again, “So you know how we have death dates?” Kyle’s smile instantly disappeared,
“Is this going where I think it's going? Please tell me it isn’t,” he pleaded. Joan looked up at him and her voice cracked, “I’m sorry, Kyle.” Kyle’s face was unreadable as he spoke.
“When is it?” Joan’s face was guilt ridden.
“When is what?” Kyle replied with a harshness in his voice that Joan thought was never possible to be coming from this sweet boy, “You know what! When is the day that the love of my life is going to die? I need to know!” Joan’s mouth was a perfect -o- shape.
“Tomorrow,” she answered weakly. She followed Kyle with her eyes as he walked away and slid down the side of the Wall. Wow, Joan thought to herself, so this is what my last day will be.
Beep! Beep! Beep! Joan slaps the alarm clock off the dresser. She groans as she gets out of the bed and gets ready for another dull day. Joan walks downstairs to get breakfast and then drops her cereal bowl on the floor when she realizes what day it is. Joan takes a deep breath and steadies herself so she doesn’t fall over. Abandoning her broken bowl, she heads upstairs to get dressed. The planner that talked to her last week said she must go to the Big Hall for her “departure.” Joan grabs her keycard that she must return and heads out the door thinking, I wish my last words with Kyle hadn’t been harsh ones.
Joan walks into the Big Hall and goes to her assigned room. A man named Dr. Payne walks in and smiles at Joan. “Are you ready?” he asks. No! “Yes, I am,” Joan replies glumly. Dr. Payne pulls out an IV needle and with steady hands, injects the deadly poison into Joan’s bloodstream. She gasps as she feels the medicine taking effect. Joan’s eyes flutter close and she takes what she thought would be her last breath. 

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