Los Melancólicos

April 11, 2017

Chapter Uno: Él y Ellas

It was a cold December day in Scotland.  The frost glistened on the grass as like dew in the summer.  A gigantic creature emerged from the Loch, sure that no man's eye had been cast upon the freezing lake.  She swam to the edge of the lake, clutching something.  When she arrived at the shore, she recognized a figure standing in the mist. 
"Bigfoot," she greeted him.  " I'm glad you were able to make it."
"I will always be here for you, Nessie," Bigfoot responded, "for anything."
"Bigfoot... I ...I am dying," Nessie managed to say through tears.  "My time has come."
"Dear Nessie...I..." Bigfoot tried to muster up words.  " What can I do?"
"I need you to raise my daughter, Cosetita." She handed him the bundle she was previously clutching.  "Care for her.  Love her."
"I - I don't know how," Bigfoot stumbled.
"Care for her....  Love her..." Nessie whispered.  She put her heart and soul into those final words, then ceased to speak again.  Bigfoot held Cosetita in his arms and cried Sasquatch tears as his friend's form slowly disappeared into the incoming tide of her cold desolate Loch.



Chapter Dos: We introduce the primary antagonist of this section of the story in this chapter
Several years had passed since the most tragic moment in Bigfoot's life.  He had returned to the North American woodlands with Cosetita.  They lived happily in their home in the Rockies, when lightning struck.  And when I say lightning struck, I mean metaphorical lightning, as in something bad happened. Really. Metaphorical Lightning.
Famed Squatcher, Bill Morison had tracked down Bigfoot within a 1,036 square foot area.  He used sophisticated techniques such as smoke signals how are smoke signals used to track someone and a compass to locate Bigfoot's location to exact coordinates.  He spent 24 hours creating his traps and devising his plan to capture Bigfoot.
Bigfoot and Cosetita were playing in a  woodland lake when it happened. Smoke rose up from the trees surrounding the lake.  Mist began to fill the lake and vision was decreasing.  Bigfoot sensed the trap.
"Cosetita, go!" Bigfoot yelled to his adopted daughter.  She took off as fast as she could.  It was however too late.  Morison had his thermal goggles strapped on.  He could see all, and Bigfoot and Cosetita could see nothing.  With A laser pointer hooked to his tranquilizer, Morison stealthily approached the lake.  He raised the rifle and a red dot appeared on Cosetita. 
"Noooooooooooooo!" Bigfoot cried, seeing the laser.  Hearing the Sasquatch cry, Morison instinctively turned around and saw Bigfoot. 
"My God..." He gasped.  Bigfoot charged Morison, running at great speeds.  But Morison was quicker.  A suppressed gunshot sounded and Bigfoot's legs came out from under him as he was thrown backwards by the blow. 
Silence now echoed throughout the forest, far louder than the gunshot.  No bird chirped.  No man nor beast stirred, and the wind ceased to blow.  And after what seamed like an eternity, a quiet sobbing broke the silence.





Chapter Tres: Paco's Carrot Farm
"Papá!" Cosetita cried, "No!"  She swam over to the shore where her adoptive father's motionless body lay. Tears streamed down her face and invaded the lake.  She held him tight and decided she'd never let go.  But she failed her mental promise.  A large human pulled her off of her father.  He dragged her out of the lake and placed her in a net.  Then he threw the net over his shoulder and walked over to Bigfoot.  He grabbed the Sasquatch's ankle and started walking.  He walked for about a mile, until they came across a truck.  He loaded them up into the back of the  truck.  They drove off, heading south.
Eight hours later, they reached a private hanger.  The man loaded Bigfoot and Cosetita into the lone airplane parked on the runway.  Then the man climbed into the pilot seat and they took off, flying south.  They flew over the Wall into Mexico, with little resistance, the Squatcher being an American citizen.  The plane flew over miles of barren Mexican desert landscape, when suddenly, the pilot spotted an explosion in the distance.  The plane started its decent and a giant plantation came into view.  As the plane landed, the catastrophic firefight happening on the farm was made visible to the pilot. 
The plane skidded to a stop on a runway that lay on the enormous farm.  The man exited the plane  while  holding Bigfoot and was greeted by twenty rabbits that hopped to the plane. 
"Welcome stranger.  This isn't the best of times, " the lead rabbit said as he gestured to the battle laying waste to his farm.  "Why have you come, stranger?"
"I've come for the bounty on this Sasquatch," the man said. 
"Ah, you are the legendary Bill Morison," the rabbit said.  "I am Paco, and this is my Carrot Farm." 
"I know who you are, and I know you'll pay a great price."
Paco sighed, "And so I will."  The rabbits handed him  one hundred karats of gold.  "Will this do?"
"Yes it will, " Bill smiled as he took the gigantic mass of gold and climbed into the airplane.  He stepped out a moment later holding a net with some aquatic creature in it.  "Keep the change," he said and threw it to Paco.  The plane took off a moment later and flew into the sunset.




Chapter Cuatro: Bigfoot's Wake
The moment the plane took off, Paco yelled for the twenty rabbits.  They grabbed Bigfoot and carried him into the main complex.  Paco then grabbed the net with Cosetita in it and followed. 
When they entered the complex, Paco set down Cosetita, whom he freed from the net.  He walked over to Bigfoot's sleeping body and started jumping on Bigfoot. 
"Papá, No!" Cosetita screamed.  She lunged forward but two rabbits held her back.  Paco didn't even look at her.  "Why?" She cried.
Suddenly Bigfoot sat up, gasping for air.  Paco hugged him with a great rabbit hug.
"Laudem Christi!" Bigfoot yelled.  "What the heck is going on?" 
"Bill Morison found you and tranquillized you, but everything's good now," Paco declared. 
"Morison..." Bigfoot said through clenched teeth.  "Where is he?" 
"He's gone now.  Just rest." Paco said.
"I've been resting for God knows how long," Bigfoot said.  He got up and stretched.  He yawned and looked over.  He noticed Cosetita for the first time.  "Cosetita!" He joyfully yelled.  He ran over and picked her up and held her in his arms.
"Papá!" She cried.  "You're alright!  You're alright!" 
"And I always will be," he said.  Just as he said it, an explosion outside shook the complex.
Paco looked up.  "We should go, " he said to the ten rabbits. 
"Paco, what's going on?" Bigfoot asked.
"We're being attacked by Space Chimps, "Paco answered.
"Well let me help.  Trust me, I'm fine and I want to help," Bigfoot said, causing Paco to sigh. 
"Yeah sure you can fight," Paco said.  He motioned the rabbits to leave and they started for the door, but he called one of them back, saying, "Miguel, take Cosetita to the swimming pool."  Miguel picked up Cosetita and headed out.  "Let's go, Bigfoot," Paco finally said.  The two headed out the door, and the terror of war splashed over them like a tidal wave. 




Chapter Cinco: The Awesome Battle of Awesome Awesomeness
  "Socrates declared, 'Death may be the greatest off all human blessings.'" Paco said as they watched the epic battle lay waste to Paco's magnificent farm.  Paco walked over to two dead rabbits and grabbed their rifles.  He handed one to Bigfoot.  Bigfoot examined the tiny weapon.  It was a simple bolt-action with no scope.  He had never used a gun before, let alone one made for rabbits.  He raised it, put his eye by the sights until they lined up with a Space Chimp that was looking a different direction.  Bigfoot squeezed the trigger and the Space Chimp dropped.  Paco patted him on the knee.  The rabbit handed Bigfoot a magazine.  Then they both loaded and raised their rifles and shot down two more space chimps.
They continued to stand at the entrance  of  the compound and pick off Space Chimps in the battle.  Suddenly, three Space Chimps jumped off the roof of the compound and tackled Bigfoot and Paco.  Bigfoot managed to overpower the two that held him, and he bashed them to the ground.  He grabbed the one fighting Paco and punched it in the face, and it collapsed instantly.
"I had him," Paco said.  "But thanks anyway."
"My pleasure, " Bigfoot said has he grabbed his rifle off the ground and brushed the dust off the barrel.  They continued to shoot the incoming Space Chimps, when a gigantic vessel drifted out from above a cloud.  Smaller unidentified flying objects were deployed from it and they began to spray the battlefield with lasers.
"That's a mothership," Paco said to Bigfoot.  "We've already managed to take down one, but I don't know if we can do it again.  I've  already lost a couple hundred rabbits before you got here."
"I'm sure we can figure out a way to stop it," Bigfoot responded.  He raised his miniature rifle and fired at the giant ship in the sky.  Nothing happened whatsoever.  "How'd you do it the first time?" Bigfoot asked.
"Our anti-air guns took it down, but we've only got one or two left," Paco answered.  He continued to shoot at the threat in the heavens. 
"Maybe, if we can get inside it," Bigfoot said, "we can destroy it from the inside out.  Or maybe we could even use it to our advantage."
"But how are we gonna get inside?" Paco asked.  "I can't fly, can you?"
"Maybe we could just wait for it to leave," Bigfoot suggested.
"I have an idea," Paco declared.  "Follow me," he said as he turned around and entered the compound.  Bigfoot followed.  They went inside and turned left up a flight of stairs.  They got the top floor of the compound, and climbed ladder that led to the roof.  Up on the roof, Miguel and a helicopter came into view.  At that moment, heavy rain suddenly just began to pore.
"There's no way we can get close enough to it without being shot out of the air," Bigfoot said.
"We're gonna fly far around and above it at a distance and then land the helicopter on top of it.  Then we'll find a hatch or some kind of way inside." Paco answered.  Bigfoot shrugged his shoulders and then followed Paco into the helicopter, taking a seat to Paco's left, Miguel being the pilot.  They buckled their safety belts, as one always should. Miguel gently lifted the helicopter off of the roof and flew at an angle away from the gigantic vessel of death floating in the sky.  Once at a high enough elevation, Miguel turned the helicopter around and flew over the giant mothership.  Just as they were about to start their descent, however, lighting struck.  And this time I mean literal lightning, as in a flash of light in the sky caused by an electrical discharge between clouds struck the helicopter.  It began to spin out of control.
"We've got to jump now!" Paco yelled.  They unfastened their seat belts, put on parachutes, opened the doors, and jumped out of the spinning fire of death that was once a helicopter.  They deployed their parachutes but still fell much faster than Bigfoot imagined they would've.  They hit the top of the space ship with a painful thud.  They slowly got up, and then looked for an entrance to the inside of the ship.
"There's one!" Miguel shouted, pointing at a hatch.
"Shut up!" Paco shushed him.  "They'll hear us.  Christ, Miguel, sometimes I wish you were decapitated, while running with a knife!"
"Sorry," Miguel whispered, wiping a tear from his eye.
They opened the hatch and climbed down a ladder into the ship.  Once inside, they ran down a hallway.  They found a convenient map of the ship posted on the wall.  Miguel pointed to the engine room.
"Based on the layout of the ship," Miguel whispered, "Their should be some kind of way to destroy the ship from there."
        "Nice work," Paco whispered back.  They followed the hallways according to the map.  They eventually came down to the engine room.  Two Space Chimps guarded the doorway.  They were armed with laser guns, and our heroes had nothing, except for Miguel, who had a knife.  Bigfoot charged.  The Space Chimps saw him and raised their weapons, but they were far too late.  Bigfoot tackled one, knocking it unconscious, and grabbed the other by the neck.  He raised the Chimp into the air and squeezed until the chimp's face turned purple.  With his other hand, Bigfoot punched the suffocating Chimp square in the face and killed it.  Miguel looked in awe at the violent act, Bigfoot had just committed.  He said nothing, however, and they continued.
They rushed inside the engine room and found a large group of Space Chimp engineers.  A fight broke out and the Space Chimps were rendered unconscious.  They found a red button labeled SELF-DESTRUCT.  Miguel pressed the button, and a timer appeared on a nearby screen.  The timer was counting down from 20 minutes.  They ran out of the room and turned around a corner.  A group of armed Space Chimps were blocking their path.  A heavily decorated one was in the front.
"Hello there," the lead Chimp said.  "I am Czar Bembe, leader of the Space Chimpanzee Empire.  First we're going to kill you.  Then we're going to turn off the self-destruct button.  And then, we're going to destroy this farm and conquer this world."
"Never!" Miguel cried.  He pulled out his knife and he ran towards Czar Bembe.  He slipped on a banana peel and fell to the ground.  Paco and Bigfoot watched in horror as a horizontal blade slowly emerged from Miguel's throat, decapitating him.  He had fallen on his knife.


Chapter Seis: The Ending
"Noooooooooo!" Bigfoot and Paco cried in unison, as Miguel's head slowly rolled across the hallway.  Paco watched his lifeless eyes stare blankly at the ceiling.  Bigfoot charged.  He grabbed ahold of Czar Bembe.  He pinned the Czar to the ground, and tore his limbs off.  The other Chimps retreated down the hallway, as fast as they could.
Bigfoot and Paco found their way to a hanger and boarded an aircraft.  Paco fiddled with the controls until he got it to start.  They flew out of the mothership and landed on Paco's runway.  They exited the aircraft and watched the mothership explode.
  "Thank you for everything, Bigfoot," Paco said, as the few remaining Space Chimps flee into space. 
"I'll always be there when your Carrot farm gets attacked, Paco," Bigfoot said.  A rabbit brought Cosetita to Bigfoot.  He climbed into the aircraft, holding Cosetita.  They took off and flew into the rising sun...

This story is one of three in a collection created by myself, Braden Molvig, and Seth Sasich.

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