The Kingdom

March 14, 2009
By Leanna Conti BRONZE, Tonawanda, New York
Leanna Conti BRONZE, Tonawanda, New York
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The Land of Ainakea was a breathtaking and rich elven kingdom. Ainakea was ruled by the Anolani family, King Aldric, Queen Arya, Prince Aamir and Princess Adana. It had been a time of peace for 4 centuries. King Aldric and his beautiful Queen had been ruling for 12 centuries only with one major war happening. Until everything changed.

Queen Arya died unexpectedly. No one could explain it, since elves were to possess extra long longevity. Unless they were killed in battle, they could not die. Times became doleful and abysmal. All over the land was wallowing and sorrow. The most beloved queen had perished and the king was unconsolable, even by his own children.

Years went by, with the Land of Ainakea dying. There was nothing that bloomed or grew since the day the queen died. The Prince and Princess were in such despair. They knew they could not let the kingdom be shattered, but they could not do anything without the permission of the King. Since the King had become dejected and remained conserved in the Queen's Royal Garden.

Prince Aamir became restless and knew he had to supersede his father, even if it meant the upheaval of the laws. Aamir went to the dark sorcerer to ask for advice, for if he went to any of the advisors they would dismiss him. The sorcerer, Orian, was not aloud in the main castle, but in the dark crevasses of the dungeons.

Prince Aamir met Orian in secret to discuss the plan. Prince Aamir was not an evil-hearted prince, but Aamir was naive and young-hearted.
Orian told Aamir of the treasure, wealth, popularity, and everything that he could have. He said,

'Your father and advisors are trying to prevent
you from obtaining these things because they
know you are both strong and powerful.'

Aamir started to agree with Orian. Orian continued to put evil and lies into Aamir's mind.

'Your sister is a snub and nettlesome little sister.
You should remove her from power
when we crown you as king.'

Aamir went on believing every word Orian said. Hanging onto every word as if if he didn't, he would die. Orian's words were like infectious viruses that ate away at the brain. They began to scheme and arrange what was to happen.

In the following months, Aamir became cold and cynical. This worried Princess Adana, for her brother and her were close. She sensed something was wrong, but whenever she would ask he would push her aside. Adana thought it might be that Aamir is just sullen about the situation of the family and kingdom. Until one night she heard something coming from Prince Aamir's corridor.

'We are going to rule this kingdom.
No one can stop us.
Not even that laudable, supposed king.'

Adana recognized the voice, it was her brother! She could not believe what she was hearing. But wait there was another voice that she had not heard before. No wait, she had! It was unfamiliar but she knew it, it was Orian. He was once a trusted advisor of her fathers until he wanted the glory and power for himself and tried to take it by force. Therefore he was banished from the kingdom.

She knew what she had to do, but it was not going to be easy. She called for her most trusted servant, Nasira.

'Nasira, you must watch over the kingdom.
Only for a little while.
I am afraid there is great evil at work here.
I have to go to the east and south,
to call for allies.
Please you are my most trusted.
Can you do this?'

Nasira looked with wide-eyes and said,

'My dear princess,
I would advise you to not go,
but I can see that you are going no matter what.
I do not know if I can do this task you ask of me,
but I will certainly try.
I pray that you only be gone an ephemeral time.'

Adana gave Nasira a whistle, a dagger, and a somewhat blithe smile, say that it will be okay soon. The whistle was magical. Only Adana could hear it and even if she was many lands away, she could still hear it if blown. Adana told Nasira that if there was distinct danger and upheaval, to blow on the whistle and that she would be there as son as she could.

Adana did not want t leave but knew that in order to save her kingdom from peril, she had to go now. She mounted her trusted steed, Eachann. She rode away into the sardonic night air. Adana felt like even the night air was cynical, like her brother had become. She had to move quickly before dawn broke. For she feared of getting caught by her brother and Orian.

Adana still riding, but at a slower pace, watched the sun come up in the east. It was surprising to her that the sun was full of bliss and warmth. The sun in Ainakea was dull and gloomy. She did not know that the sun would be and feel so different.

Adana would first seek aid from the venerable and highly respected King Elior, from The Land of Elouan. She knew her father had once trusted in King Elior and that he would come to aid in troubled times.

The Kingdom of Light was like no other. It's magnificence was unmatched. Adana had been here many times with her father. She spent most of her time with Princess Emika, the daughter of King Elior.

The magnificent white gates opened for Princess Adana and she rode into the Courts of the Kings. Many great and powerful Kings met there once, as a meeting place in times of trouble. Princess Emika came to meet her. The woman standing before Adana, was not the little girl she remembered.

'Princess Emika,
You are older.
You are so beautiful!'

Princess Emika, looked startled, just realizing that the woman standing before her was Adana.

'Princess Adana?
Could that really be you?!
It has been to long.'

Adana wanted to stay and chat but she was on a mission.

'I am so sorry,
but I can not converse with you further.
Is King Elior at home?
If he is I need to speak with him
with great haste.'

Emika understood and took Adana to her father. King Elior was in The Great Hall. Adana was reintroduced to the king by Emika. Elior knew exactly who she was and asked her why she was here.

My dear king,
I have grave news.
My kingdom has fallen into a great darkness,
which I believe to be caused by
the evil sorcerer, Orian.
I ask you on the behave of my kingdom and I,
that you will lend your aid
to us in our time of need.
My mother, our Queen, was taken from us,
the king is confined to her soul,
and my brother has been manipulated by evil.
Please kind and gracious King,
I implore you.
Help me like you once helped my father.'

The King thought a while, and said,

My child,
you have nothing to fear.
My army and I are at the ready.
We can and will destroy every crevasse of evil.
My child, you have nothing to fear.

The King sent her on her way to the next land. Elior had given an oath that he would be in the land of Ainakea before three moons rise. It would take Adana a day and a half before reaching The Land of the Cerys. This land was known for its love. Adana had only been there once with her mother. The Queen, Queen Carwen, had been the best friend of Adana's mother, Queen Arya.

When the Princess got to the gates of The Kingdom of Caridad, she fell off of Eachann because she was so weary. Adana woke it a guest chamber. It was filled with sweet aromas of chocolate and cinnamon. The chamber maid alerted someone that Adana was awake. Queen Carwen came rushing in.

'You can not do that ever again!
I almost had a heart-attack!
I can not lose you too,
I already lost your mother.'

Still a little disoriented, Adana wasn't sure where she was or how she got there. Carwen told one of the maids to bring some sense and stability, from the garden. The maid brought them back and gave them to Adana.

'Here eat this,
it will make you feel much better.'

After eating the very strange plant, Adana started to feel better. She knew that She needed to ask Queen Carwen for aid, but maybe after some hot coco.

'Are you feeling better love?
Can I get you anything else,
anything at all?'

Adana's ears perked up.

'Well my dear queen,
you could lend me your aid.
You see my kingdom is in shambles,
and there is a great evil brewing.
Would you come to our aid, for me,
for my mother?'

Queen Carwen did not even allow Adana to finish before crying out YES! A grand carriage was being made just for the princess for her journey home.

Before Adana left, she took a walk with Carwen. The Queen wanted to catch up and give her messages and notes her mother wrote and her wrote. Carwen said that the notes were Adana's now and to protect them always.

As they were talking, Adana heard a sharp noise in her ear. It was the whistle that she gave to Nasira. Adana said that she would be waiting for the queen's army to arrive tomorrow.

Adana rushed home in Eachann as fast as she could. It was just reaching dusk when she returned home. The land seemed even more gone from when she left. Adana was afraid to go through the main gates so decided to head into a secret passageway that only she and her mother knew about. The pass led into a tunnel that went up to a secret door that was on here floor of her room. When see got to her room, Nasira was there in hiding.

'My Lady, my lady!
You are home safe at last.
Oh how I wish I could but say that.
Aamir is demented.
Evil is in him through and through.
He is going into villages
and burned them down for no reason.
He has killed all of the council and advisors.
He has declared himself King.
And He has been going crazy
not knowing where you are.
Did you get aid, please tell me you got aid!'

Tears were welling up in Adana's eyes.

'Yes aid is coming,
The Army of Light
and Queen Carwen's Loyal Army of Love.
I just hope it is not to late.'

The two of them slept there all night. In the morning, Adana heard trumpets and a war cry. She got Nasira up and back down the secret passageway. They met both armies out on the field. She told them to rush at the towers, because they were the weakest. They said that it was all under control and that the two of them should wait on the field.

The two armies stormed the castle. They found the King and made sure know harm came to him. They made sure that the prisoners were set free and that the castle was restored to its natural state. They found Aamir and Orian. They tied them up and caged them. They brought them to Adana and Nasira. They wanted to show them what they were going to do. King Elior and Queen Carwen combined their powers and aimed at Aamir and Orian. This abundance of love light was exuding from them into Aamir and Orian. The darkness and evil was leaving them both. After the performance of light, Aamir and Orian were released. Orian was taken by King Elior just for safe keeping for a while. Queen Carwen went over to King Aldric. She put her hand on his heart and whispered something. Suddenly the King awoke from his trance. The Land also started to wake, as if from a long sleep. The King said,

My children and friends,
How long I have been in the darkness.
I am disheartened,
that I let things grow so evil.
Please forgive me,
and I will make you proud of me again.'

Princess Adana and Prince Aamir ran up to the King and embraced him. So, The Kingdom of Ainakea was fully restored and everyone lived happily ever after.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece for an english assignment. When my teacher gave it back to me she told me that I should submit it to an online writing contest, so here I am.

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