March 30, 2017
By Smaug1011 BRONZE, George Town, Other
Smaug1011 BRONZE, George Town, Other
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“Very funny Tom,” yelled Henry as he is lifted up in the air.
“Sorry Henry, but it’s just too much fun.”
“Boys, stop fighting so we can get on with training,” snapped their sister Barbara.
“Fine,” said both boys at once.
“All right, Tom, throw some rocks into the air. Then Henry, fly up and grab them after five seconds. Once you grab them hide them in the forest and I will try to look for them.”
After Barbara finished informing them of what to do, Tom found five stones and gathered them in a pile. Tom put his pointer fingers and middle fingers together and put them on the side of his head. Two seconds later, each rock went flying up into the air at the speed of light.
“Alright Henry, GO!” Barbara shouted.
Henry put his right fist on the ground and flew up faster than a bullet and up into space. Once he found the rocks, he came shooting down to Earth and hid them at least a mile away from them in the woods and came back to find Barbara and and Tom sitting in their chairs with Henry’s chair empty.
“Your turn Barbara,” Henry told her as he started to sit in his chair.
Barbara closed her eyes and could see three rocks behind trees near a construction site, while the other two were in the opposite direction.
“Henry, two of them are by those putrid smelling oak trees behind us,” Barbara disappointedly told Henry.
“And the other three rocks are by the construction site in front of us.”
“Aww, I thought it would take you a little longer than that to find them.”
“Well if you actually spent more time training, you would be able to hide them farther away.”
“Haha, you just got burned Hen-”
“Shut up Mr. Telepathetic.”
“BOYS!!!!” screamed Barbara.
At that moment, both boys immediately stopped and stared shockingly at Barbara with disbelief.
“Stop bickering for at least five seconds and let's go get those rocks.”
“Fine,” said Henry, “I’ll get the two by the oak trees and meet you by the other three.”
Henry put his fist to the ground and flew into the air and created a sonic boom when he headed towards the two rocks.
“Come on Tom, let’s go get those other rocks.”
Tom closed his eyes and put his hands to the ground. A loud rumbling came from below them and a thin chunk of earth came up from below them and both Tom and Barbara were in the air and heading towards the construction site.
“What do you think they’re building over there,” Tom asked as they landed on the ground.
“Probably a hospital.”
“How could you tell.”
“Because there is a big red cross on the ground.”
When Barbara picked up the last rock, Henry silently flew behind Tom and tapped on his shoulder.
“BOO!” yelled Henry.
“Nice try Henry.”
“Tom, sometimes you can be no fun what so ever.”
“Just stop being predictable and then you may have a chance at scaring me.”
Barbara quickly stood up and looked up towards the top of a crane by the building being constructed.
“Henry, people are falling over by the hospital, catch them, Tom, soften the fall of the rest.”
“What,” Henry asked.
“No time to explain, GO!”
Henry soared up into the air and headed straight for the construction to see five workers falling. Henry raced over and managed to grab two of the workers while the other three started to slow down until they gently touched the ground. Tom and Barbara came out of the forest hovering over them and landing next to Henry.
“Are you men okay,” Barbara asked.
“What kind of monsters are you!” screamed one of the construction workers that was saved.
“Monsters?!” Henry asked angrily.
Sirens could be heard coming from all directions and after less than a minute, Henry, Tom, and Barbara were surrounded by at least 20 police cars and a van carrying a S.W.A.T team.
“Whoa, Whoa, don’t shoot. We mean you no harm,” pleaded Tom.
“Put your hands in the air and turn around,” the police chief commanded.
“You can’t tell us what to-”
A silent swish could be heard and Tom fell to the ground unconscious from the dart that hit him in the neck. Another swish was heard and this time Henry fell to the ground with a dart in his neck as well. Barbara closed her eyes and saw three men with sniper rifles behind her on the third floor of the building being built. She quickly turned around, but only to be met with a dart in her neck and falling onto the floor unconscious.

As Barbara opened her eyes, she saw metal bars in front of her making a buzzing sound causing her to think it would electrocute her if she touched it. On her left sat Tom against the wall looking at the guards on the other side of the bars. Henry was pacing across the room waiting for her to wake up.
“Are you okay?” Henry asked eagerly.
“I think so,” replied Barbara.
“You were out for a while.”
“How long?”
“About an hour longer than us.”
A loud buzz was heard and the bars shifted to the side. Two men accompanied by guards came in. The guards surrounded us and made sure we were facing the two men in lab coats.
“What are your names?” asked the man on the left.
“I am Barbara and these are my brothers, Tom and Henry.”
“Where are you from?” he interrupted
“From here, if here is still California that is.”
“How old are you?”
“I am 18, Tom is 16, and Henry is 14.”
“Thank you.”
The two men walked out and the guards followed. A buzz was heard and the bars closed as the last guard walked out.
“What was that all about?” asked Henry.
“I don’t know, but you shouldn’t have answered their questions Barbara.”
“If it means keeping us alive, I don’t mind answering every last question they ask us.”
“Face the wall with your hands on your head.”
They turned around to see a tall man accompanied by four or six guards. Three of them held rings in their hands.
“Do as he says,” Barbara said to Tom and Henry.
“I am not doing anything this lun-”
“Shut up and do as he says Tom, or I’ll make sure you listen to anything anybody says.”
They faced the wall and the buzz was heard again. The three holding rings came in first and walked towards the. Next thing they knew, they had rings around our necks.
“These rings around your necks are meant to keep you from using your powers. And if you even think about taking them off, you will feel a little shock.”
They all walked out and the man handed a remote to one of the guards.
“We have to escape,” Henry said.
“We will. We just have to make a plan overnight.”
“Excuse me guard, what time is it.”
The guard looked at his watch and said, “It is 7:25 p.m.”
During the night, they came up with a plan to knock out the guards and take the remote. they would then disable the rings and Henry would fly them out of there.
“Ok Tom, you’re clear.  No guards are coming,” Barbara whispered.
Tom tore two pieces of his shirt off and used his telekinesis to move them next to the guards. He then covered their mouths with the bits of cloth and knocked them out. He then grabbed the remote and turned off the rings. The rings opened and fell to the ground.
“Remember, once you break the roof, the alarm will most likely go off,” Barbara reminded Tom and Henry.
Tom and Barbara held onto Henry. They blasted out of the room and as expected, the sirens went off, but they were already at their hiding spot in the woods before anybody even got to their cell.
“Grab your stuff, we're leaving the country.”
“Where would we go?”
“I hear Canada is a good place to live in right now.”
“Then that’s where we are going.”
They all grabbed their belongings and headed to the airport where they would take a plane to Canada.
“Let’s hope those people don’t try to follow us.”

The author's comments:

My story is about three kids with supernatural powers. But some things are best kept a secret.

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