Hotel Room

March 30, 2017
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It was dark and gloomy, but for some reason, Bill was content. A firm hand came down to him and picked him up gently. He was placed down onto a warm surface next to other objects. Compared to most of them, he was a lot smaller. His eyes gazed around the room. Bill noticed that not everyone in this place looked just as content as he was. For example, Soap, Twizzlers, and Toilet seemed very unsettled. Door, Lamp, and Carpet did not seem well, but old and exhausted. Again, Bill was looking for something to look at. He saw the giant lady who had put him on the counter finish putting giant cloths on a huge cart and left. The door slammed shut with a huge “BANG!” behind her.
People looked at Bill with confusion on their faces.
He spoke with confidence, “HI I’M BILL!” No one had said a word. Finally, a red and white tube of toothpaste came his way walking very cautiously, but at a decent pace.
“Hi Bill, I’m Noah…. Im also new here,” He softly spoke. Noah was twitching slightly and started to perspire. Bill noticed this immediately.
“No need to be nervous Noah, I'm pretty sure in no time we'll fit right in!” And minutes later, they did. Noah and Bill went around the hotel room introducing themselves to everyone who lived there with them. After going back to the warm counter where they originally were placed, Bill and Noah sat down and their eyes were droopy. Around them, everyone else was talking about ‘getting ready’ and ‘they're arriving soon’, whatever that meant. A moment later, there was a towel who stood at a staggering height of at least three times Bill.
“Everyone listen please, --- In about ten minutes they will be coming. This means get in your places and prepare your selves,” He lowered his voice, “I wish you all luck.” Noah turned back so he faced Bill.
“We belong over there,” He tilted his head in the direction of the sink, “When they come, that's where we should be. We best be going there soon.”
“But wait!” Bill shouted as Noah walked away. “Who are ‘they’ that everyone keeps talking about?”
“You don't know?”
“Does it seem like I do?” Bill was now getting flustered.
“Well,” Paused Noah, “‘They’ are the guests who come stay here, towel told me that they come and go, but for some reason they look different every single time. No one knows why. He told us hygiene items to not be scared, which was peculiar to me.”
“Yeah, I’m not sure why we would have to be scared though. Anyways, let us make our way over to the sink.”
Bill and Noah walked side by side to the sink. Once they were there, sink instructed them to be laid down beside soap once ‘they’ got here.
Bill heard the door knob turn. He quickly laid down beside sink and pulled Noah down beside him. Once the door had opened, he saw a similar giant lady, she had a huge smile on her face and long blonde hair. She held the door wide open. A seemingly smaller version of her ran into the room, right past the bathroom. The lady came in after her pulling a large bag that seemed like it was filled to it’s maximum capacity. Even though the guests were on the other side of the room, Bill could still hear them.
“Come on, Susy,” The bigger lady said with a warm laugh, “ We have to unpack before we can go do anything so hurry up! -- Also make sure to throw away your old toothbrush and use your new one!” Moments later, the excited child bounced into the bathroom, she quickly threw something in the big metal tin and then started placing things on the counter. Bill recognized a hairbrush, toothpaste that looked like Noah, and something that caught his attention. There, two feet away from him was another toothbrush, but there something different about it that made Bill stare. It was a she, and she was stunning! She had a warm pink glow to her and her bristles were nicely combed in a zigzag pattern. She had a similar birthmark as Bill did. Oral - B. Except hers was in purple and Bill’s was in blue. The small girl interrupted Bill’s thoughts.
“MOM! -- I’m done, can we go to the zoo now?” She was skipping around the room as if it was a park. The mom chuckled to herself,
“Yes sweetie, we can go now.” she said as she picked up her purse and opened the room door. Her and her child walked out of the room and like before, the door shut with a big ‘BANG!’.
Once they left, all the items starting to stir again. Bill glanced at the new items that the giant lady and her child had brought. Everyone did. Bill became distracted again as his gaze was locked onto the same toothbrush as before.
Noah giggled and elbowed Bill playfully, “Go talk to her.”
Bill’s plastic started to become red as Noah realized that Bill has interest in the pink and purple toothbrush that had just arrived. Noah gave Bill a small push towards her.
“Hi… I’m, um … er… Bill,” Bill was flustered and couldn't speak properly.
“Im Samantha”, she budded in to prevent Bill from feeling embarrassed. Bill smiled and knew what she had done. He instantly realised he liked her and wanted to spend every single moment he had with her.
Since then, Samantha and Bill had been inseparable. Noah had found another friend, Mouthwash, that he always hanged out with when Bill wasn't there.
After 8 days, the sun started to set outside and all the objects sat beside the window to watch. Samantha and Bill sat side by side both with huge grins. Soon after the sun set behind ancient buildings, Towel stood like he did before.
“EVERYONE MAKE SURE TO GO BACK TO YOUR ORIGINAL SPOTS BEFORE ‘THEY’ COME BACK!” he yelled to make sure every item heard him. Everyone was getting into place when footsteps could be heard. The doorknob slowly turned and the same little girl came running in. No one knew what was about to take place.
“Honey, change into your PJs and brush your teeth please!” the bigger lady spoke loudly so the smaller girl could hear her. Moments later the smaller girl came prancing into the bathroom in bright colored clothing. She was humming loudly as she turned on the tap. Then something strange happened. She picked up Samantha and put her under the water then followed that with picking up Noah and squeezing him so hard that his innards came out of his mouth and onto Samantha. Bill was shook. What was happening?!?! She now proceeded to shove Samantha in her small mouth and chewing on her head.
“STOP!” Bill screamed. But there was nothing he could do. Humans couldn't understand him and even if they could, they were way more powerful than a toothbrush like he. He walked over to Noah to see if he was still alive. No pulse. For what seemed like the longest time, tears were streaming down Bill’s face. He could hear Samantha’s muffled screams and every item gasping as they watched.
Once these horrible events happened, Samantha was rinsed in the sink then was put down. As soon as the girl left the room, Bill ran as fast as he could towards Samantha. She lay in his arms with bruises and scars left all over her.
“Samantha?” Tears rolled down Bills red face. Samantha didn't say anything. She just stared backed. She started wheezing then took one last breath of air. After that, she didn't move, for she was dead.
For the next couple of days, Bill spoke to no one. His life had fallen apart, he had nothing to look forward to anymore. He wished that he had spent more time with Samantha, he wished he had hanged out with Noah more often, and he wished he hadn't taken advantage of those moments that counted most.

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