Darkened Abyss

March 13, 2009
By Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
Kaylan Heckman SILVER, Oak Grove, Missouri
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The silent branches of the naked winter trees seemed to constantly close in on me as I run for my life through the forest. I could hear the strong howling wind as it pressed against my face and tangled my hair. I could barely concept the sensation of the other types of things that brushed against my numbing body.

'Somebody, help me!' I yelled at the top of my lungs in vain. The cold air stung my lungs.

A shiver danced up my spine when I heard the hooting of an owl, the screeches of disturbed bats, and my own footsteps in the snow. Nothing else made a sound and that was the sound that I listened for the hardest.

Then, I heard the blood freezing howl that pierced the winter night sky. I stopped and listened and then I could hear the soft thud of wolf's paws as he rushed towards me and my breathing accelerating.

'Oh god, I'm going to die!' I yelled and probably out of shear will to live, I began to run even though it felt as though winter had made a bed inside my bones and froze them solid.

As I ran, I thought about as to why I was so stupid to come out here on my own. And only for a simple walk! Another cold wind made me shiver and I wonder why I left my warm jacket on a rock four miles behind. Less weight would probably to help me move faster, though I've never heard of a human that could outrun a hungry wolf.

I heard a twig crack somewhere near me that snapped me out of my thoughts and froze my feet to the solid ground. I spun around swiftly, my eyes darting through the trees for my pursuer.

'What was that?!' I shrieked in fear.

Then, I saw the movement behind a snow covered, leafless tree.

I saw the wolf's blood thirsty, great golden eyes that watched my darkened silhouette. I heard the growl rumble low in his massive chest. Then, he launched at me and pinned me to the ground. I felt as if I were a mouse under a cat.

He held me there. I could feel his boiling breath on my face and I watched as the crimson salvia droop from his gigantic fangs, probably from another prey.

I felt the impulse to punch him but my body was too paralyzed by the realization of how dangerous the situation actually was. Then, my finger twitched and I began to struggle to no avail under his massive body.

He lowered his head and his mouth opened wider and then I felt pain surge through my body, casting out all the coldness. He was eating me alive. A very short pain because now I was in total darkness, my senses completely gone. I traveled into a lonely, black abyss.

I'm not sure how many years I have spent here. I have no idea where I am at. The one thing that I do know is that I am wandering around in a lonely, blackened world. No one is here to guide me out. No one is here to hold my hand and tell me that I will be all right. I have no one and nothing to associate with.

I wonder is this really death? Or am I just dreaming an endless dream? Or is it a simple nightmare that I haven't woken from yet. All I know is that for right now I am stuck in this world. And I don't think that I will be exiting it any time soon. I seriously doubt anyone will save me. I guess all I can do is just wander around until I find something to help me leave this darkened abyss. I fully understand after a while. I'm dead and my body was probably digesting in the wolf's stomach right now.

The author's comments:
Basically all that I've been writing is poetry and I wanted to try and do something new. I like horror so might as well and try and write a short story. I wrote this for my school's horror story thing for Halloween.

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