Light and Dark

April 6, 2017
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In the beginning, there was darkness; no light, no mass, no space. The world did not exist, no atoms swirled in the vast nothingness. In this empty place an energy existed; a vibrant thrum that was more a feeling than a sound. From this energy came conscious thought; an idea of a thought. Small at first, like the most subtle of a whisper, but as time did not exist, the idea began to grow. In the beginning, energy became light; like a sleeping fetus, it began to blossom. Surrounded in darkness, a small ball of the purest white light softly began to take fruition and the thrum of energy became a whisper. The quiter the thrum became, the more shape the light began to take until, out of nothing, there suspended a creature. Something new, something that had never before existed.
  Now I suppose, as a human, you could say this creature looked like a girl. Naked, innocent, and pure, the creature became more and more corporeal. Eons passed and the girl remained unchanged, practicing the ability to harness the energy from which she was created. But in emptiness, I would surmise, even the first living thing would become a little lonely, and she was. The girl thought and thought, until a new idea began to form. Perhaps, if she was made of energy and light, perhaps the darkness around her could also become animated with her energy. Like the first thought, the idea grew. The darkness around her gathered into a ball, much like the one from which she was born. Engulfed in darkness, the girl begame to quiver, the thrum that was so quiet, began to grow louder and the darkness around began to vibrate, distort, and take form. From the darkness grew another little girl, just as naked, innocent, and pure as the first. But this little girl had soft, velvety, ebony skin and eyes like stars. Silvery violet light wafted around the girls and they began to learn to communicate. Ideas and thoughts vibrated around them until the empty space they once inhabited was no longer empty. Sparkling light erupted around them. Swirling into beautiful galaxies moving millions of miles an hour around them. Suns, moons, and planets began to appear, no bigger than particles of dust that you and I see now. Worlds burst into existence; and the two girls rejoiced at what they had made together.
  But like all opposites, the two girls realized how different the girls chose names for themselves, and the first words were spoken. The daughter of light, Aachookh, and the daughter of darkness, Tokh. Aachookh enjoyed creation, she took delight in the power of thought and created a worldand breathed life into it. She created land and seperated it from water, made creatures to walk and swim in their new dwelling. And in her and sister's image, she created mankind. However, she found she was unable to give them the same energy she had to create and instead bestowed them with the gift of intelligence, that they might create with their hands. Tokh, in silence, viewed all that her sister created and despaired that she did not have the same ability to create life the way that Aachookh could. She lamented, begged her sister for the ability, but Aachookh did not know how to give her what she desired. Tokh's heart grew dark and with a thought, she determined that all her sister had created would be finite, and brought destruction and death to her sister's new world. As her creations began to die, Aachookh realized that her gift would be her curse, for in creating her sister, she destroyed herself. Aachookh created a seperate space, identical to the one they had created together, and locked Tokh away.
  The damage was already done, death had been introduced into the world, with Aachookh being only half of her original self found that she was unable to reverse the damage. And thus, the universe began.

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