He got Hops

March 17, 2017

There was this one little boy that wanted to be the best basketball player in the world, but he had one problem, he was too small to play. He practiced every day and he started to get better. He just couldn’t play because of his height. He needed out find a way that he could get taller. Then one day this german scientist appeared in the paper saying that he could make people taller, but for a price. So this boy went to find out how much money it would cost to do this miracle transformation. The doctor said that the procedure would cost five million dollars and one of his kidneys. The boy agreed because that wasn’t a bad trade, and the boys dad was really rich so he could hook him up.
So the next week the boy went in and he got into the transformation machine. The procedure would take a week then he would come out as tall as he wanted. The boy choose to be 6 feet exact. A week later he came out two feet taller. He was ready to practice in his body and areck all the easy nubs at the basketball courts. He was ready to go to the NBA. so over the next couple months he got really good at basketball and he got really good. He went on to play for a good college and then he went on to play for a good NBA team.
He had a fun time and he won many championships with that team. He was inducted into the hall of fame and he found that the was one of the best in NBA history. He was thankful for that day when  he had his father and the german scientist for helping him reach this point. He even paid back his dad the money that he used for the operation.

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