The Gift

March 16, 2017
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As I was riding my longboard down my street with Josh, something really weird happened. It was like a really strong wind pushed me backwards, and after that I couldn’t control my longboard anymore. As I tried to make my longboard go to the right it wouldn’t move to the right, and when I wouldn’t move, it would go to the left. I yelled
“Josh! What’s happening? All of a sudden I can’t control my longboard!” as I was looking down at my longboard trying to figure out what was happening. As I looked up, everything changed. Josh wasn’t with me anymore, I wasn’t in my neighborhood anymore. I was surrounded by houses that looked like mansions. I saw a water fountain that looked decades old. The water looked sky blue and it was sparkling. Instead of concrete floor, there was a marble stone floor which looked beautiful. The sky changed, instead of it being a gorgeous sunset, it was a dark blue sky. As if there was about to be a thunderstorm, but it looked really peaceful. I didn’t know where I was at but I didn’t think I was in any harm. I saw a black, large, truck covered with WWE stickers appears out of nowhere. I quickly put my foot down on the ground to make the longboard stop before I would crash with the truck, thankfully it did. I stood there in silence, waiting for someone to come down from the truck. I saw a girl with short red hair, a black leather jacket. And then I realized it was my friend, Heather. I ran up to her and asked her
“Heather, what happened? Where am I?” she replied with
“It’s gonna sound crazy but, do you remember how I gave you that longboard?”
“Yeah, you gave it to me for my birthday” I said back
“Well, I need it back. Or something really bad is gonna happen. I can’t till you but I really need it back” Heather said with fear in her voice
“But this longboard is really special to me, I can’t just give it to you. Can you at least explain what is going on? Where am I?” I asked her
“I don’t have much time. So i’m gonna make this fast. But i’ll give it back to you if you come with me, and i’ll explain what is happening” she said quickly .
I nodded as I picked up the longboard and I started walking towards Heather and her truck. I got on and I was looking around the truck. The inside was bigger than it seemed on the outside. Heather got on and pulled out a key shaped button. She placed it on top of the dashboard and then she pressed it. I suddenly felt as if the truck started to hover over the ground, a woman's voice then said
“Seat belt activated” as a seatbelt when across my body and was inserted into the buckle. Heather started driving,
“I can’t tell you why I need your longboard but it’s an emergency. What I can tell you is, the year is 3000, where you just were is what your neighborhood looks like in 3000. To make everything go back to normal I need that longboard back, and after everything is back to normal you can have it back, But if I don’t give to someone by 6:30 something very bad is gonna happen.” explained Heather
“Who? What is gonna happen?” I asked Heather with panic in my voice.
“I can’t say, but we are close from the person that we need to give it to” Heather stated.
Something bad happened. Everything went dark, I couldn’t see neither Heather. Heather pressed on the brake and the longboard went flying and it broke in half. I couldn’t see anything but I just heard a loud noise as if something broke. Heather had a look on her face that I had never seen.  After that Heather and I could finally see again. Heather quickly parked somewhere and picked up the longboard. Luckily we saw there was a skate shop on the other side of the road. We ran across the road and entered the shop. We walked up to the person across the counter and Heather said
“Do you have this same exact longboard?”
“Yeah, but it’s a rare one. And there’s only one left. It’ll be $500” said the guy
Heather had a shocked look on her face, then she sighed. She took out her wallet and pulled out $500. She gave it to the cashier and he handed her the new longboard. Heather and I ran across the street back to the truck and she started driving again. We go to this forest and Heather parked in it. I was scared to walk out when I saw this man with a black robe. But I got out anyways. Heather took the lead and I just followed behind her as if I was her shadow. She handed the longboard over to the guy and said
“Here it is, now it’s your turn to do your deal”
“Well.. there's been a problem. I don’t want to do it” said the guy in the black robe with an evil smile
‘What do you mean you don’t want to do it? That was part of the deal! You can’t just leave us here!” yelled Heather
I didn’t know what to think, I was scared, I couldn’t think.
“That’s the part you’re wrong, I can do whatever I want. Especially now that I have this” said the guy and lifted his robe and hide the longboard under his robe and vanished.
Heather dropped to the floor while she was screaming and crying .
“What is going on? What happened?” I asked
“I had to give him your longboard so we can go back to our life’s back.  Or else we would be stuck forever in this world”
“Why did he want my longboard?  How are we even in 3000’s? Who was he??” I kept on asking Heather
“I have no idea, but I think we’re stuck here” cried Heather.
I didn’t know what to say or react… but there’s no way out of here. 

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