The Mist Pixie & The Strange Phenomenon

March 16, 2017
By haleysowder BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
haleysowder BRONZE, Junction City, Kansas
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Hi, my name is Puff, I am a mist Pixie. Yeah, yeah I know what you’re thinking, a mist Pixie? That sounds so boring. But I promise I’m more than just a mist Pixie. You ever see those giant, sometimes small, white puffy things in the sky just floating around? I’m the one in charge of all of them. Now it sounds cool, right? I’m not in control of the weather, that’s up to Zeus and the other special gods to do. I got my powers from my parents, their names are Glisten and Gale. They both are Pixies, and they are much more powerful than me. Sometimes when I get home from Pixie school, I want to hang out with other Pixies. But my parents never let me do anything I want. Sometimes I can’t control my powers, I’ve only had them for 200 years. And sometimes, I get mad...really mad, and when I get mad my powers start getting out of hand. There’s been scenarios in which I’ve gotten so mad that I’ve caused a huge devastating storm down in Pixie Ville. I’ve been struggling to keep my cool, but it’s not exactly easy.
It was Saturday. My next class was math, so I made my way down one floor to the math class. Pixie High was your typical high school with your typical Pixie’s. But there is one Pixie that isn’t typical. He’s quite different, actually. I’ve never actually spoke to him, because I’m not allowed to speak to Nymphs. Nymphs were known to be the bad kids of Pixie High. But I liked that he was different. I never listened to that rule. I had had plenty of Nymph friends that weren’t bad. But I guess you could call this one my crush. Math was the only class I had him in, so I had cherished it. Today, he was chosen to be my partner.

Our assignment was just a couple of questions, but it came to my realization that he was much smarter than me in math. And I spoke to him for the first time. I had started the conversation with a simple, “Hello.”
“Hey, have we met before?” He asked, with genuine concern.
“No, I don’t think so.”
“It’s weird, it feels like I’ve known you for a long time. Coincidence I guess. Onto math.” He said. It felt like he was hinting at something but I wasn’t quite sure what it was.
After today, my face had probably been a tomato the entire day. We had spoken. And I liked it. I liked him. Shortly after I had realized I liked him, my hands started to have this tingly feeling. It started to get dimmer outside. I tried to control it but I couldn’t. My powers had taken control. I walked over to a window, and the clouds had been scattered all over the place. And in the distance you could see a rainbow. To my surprise, all of this had happened all because I fully admitted to liking someone. But not just anyone, a Nymph. What if my parents found out? What if I get mad?
It had been a few days since that day in math class. We hadn’t been chosen to be partners since then. But I couldn’t get him off my mind. But I decided it was time for me to conquer my fear and just go up and talk to him. What’s the worst that can happen?
“Hey. You never did tell me your name,” I said to him, he mindlessly turned my direction.
“Oh, hey. My name is Niko, what about you?” He shook my hand, as if being the first time we met.
“Puff. Nice to meet you, again.” I said, flustered to be shaking his hand.

“I was thinking, since you don’t understand math very well, but I do, maybe I could tutor you?”
I was stunned. Was this a date?
“Of course. When did you have in mind?” I asked.
“Maybe at my house after school today?”
I nodded timidly. He had gone back to doing his work and I walked back to my seat. It was official. I had serious feelings for him. What was I thinking? A nymph?
As the days passed, my feelings got stronger. And the clouds continued to be scattered. It was almost like the sun had disappeared. But I liked this feeling. It was new. All I could think about was the tutoring. He had told me to go there after school, but I didn’t know if that meant right after school, or later. So I just went over there right after school. His house was beautiful. Most Pixie houses are made out of leaves and trees. But his...his was made of beautiful wood. It was amazing. Just as I was about to pull in, I saw Niko. He was walking out of his house, he was with a girl. I hadn’t ever seen the girl, probably because she was a Nymph. But they were laughing and smiling. They seemed so happy. He was dating someone. All of the signs I thought I had seen, they weren’t there. He didn’t like me. After all I was just a mist Pixie. If he was going to be with his girlfriend, why would he ask me about tutoring? All these thoughts just came pouring in my head. I drove past his house as fast I could. I couldn’t let him see that I had been there. I wanted to just go home and scream in my pillow.
I made it home, and I went straight for my room. I didn’t want to deal with all the questions my mom and dad usually ask when I get home. I didn’t know what I was thinking. Why would a Nymph like me? How could I ever be with a Nymph? In the midst of all these

negatives thoughts, something happens. My hands start tingling, but it was a different tingling. Not like before. I could tell this feeling wasn’t a good feeling. I went over to a window in my room, and my jaw dropped. It was almost pitch black outside. The clouds looked heavy and disastrous. I was hurt, I caused this. I still hadn’t gained control. But this time I had to. So what if he doesn’t like you. You were just fine before, so you shall be much better without him. As soon as I thought this, the clouds started dissipating. The sun started to come out. I had gained control!
I went back to school the next day. Not a worry on my mind. I walked into math, and Niko stared at me as I walked in. I had decided that I wasn’t going to say anything to him. If I needed help with math, I would get help from Ms. Raine. From that day forward, the sun was always shining, and I learned how to control my powers.
A few months had passed, and Niko had moved. I don’t know where to, but he’s been gone for a while. Right after he moved, there had been a new student, his name was Kilas. He was also a Nymph. But he had been in almost all of my classes. I had gone up to him to introduce myself, then I felt the good tingling feeling. Oh, no.

~The End~

The author's comments:

This was an assignment, and I included my heart into this piece. I hope you all enjoy it. My teacher suggested me to publish this,.

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