Turning Life

March 10, 2009
By HopelessWritter SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
HopelessWritter SILVER, Gilbert, Arizona
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Chapter 1

I walked into Demitri's living room carrying a large white bowl of popcorn and a Coca Cola glass full of root beer. Hunter was following me with four of the same glasses filled with different beverages in them.

'Demitri if you don't want soda on your parent's nice white carpet, you better come help me,' Hunter said having difficulty holding up the glasses.

I looked over my friends. Scottie was playing solitaire on his laptop he carried everywhere. His short blond-white hair was sticking up in the back thanks to his annoying colic. His circular rimmed glasses fell at the bridge of his nose. He was two years younger than most of us, three year younger than Demitri. Scottie always got picked on at school. He was a freshman who should still be in grade school. The boy was seriously smart, skipping second and fourth grade. Athena, his soul animal, was perched on his shoulder. His soul was personified by an owl, which made sense, owls are very smart.

Mckay, he was sitting on the black suede couch drawing Adonis, his soul animal. I never could guess why his soul was personified as a wolf until we met Scottie. In Fifth grade. Some kids were calling him names and Mckay stood up for him. Mckay was an artist well as a protector. Mckay's shoulder brown hair was always perfectly straight. Adonis was always being painted or drawn. It was like Adonis was his inspiration.

I turned around and smiled at Hunter as Demitri toke two of the glasses.

Hunter has always been good at sports. Always been the jock out of the five of us (until we met Scottie, only four). Always had the same cheesy smile he was giving to me before I turned around and continued walking. While being a jock, he still sported black like the rest of us. He was always player of the game or the most valued player in whatever sport he played. I always knew why Artemis the jaguar personified his soul. He was our little warrior.

Demitri started walking with us. His black hair falling over his right eye, as usual. He was 15 while the rest of us (except Scottie) were 14. He was born later, after the cut off date, on December 31. Ohh well, that just meant he got to go to school with us.

I walked to the middle of the living room and put the bowl of popcorn on the floor. Mckay and Scottie immediately grabbed for the popcorn. I put my root beer on the coffee Mckay and Demitri had moved in front of the TV so we had room to hold our usual popcorn fights and wrestling matches during the movie.

Demitri handed Scottie his orange Fanta and toke his place spread on his black love seat with his Mountain Dew in hand. Pluto, his animal personification of his soul, padded his way over to the corner between the oddly angled love seat and wall. Pluto was a sleek black jackal who never spoke to anyone.

Nyx appeared from the perfect white wall hall way. Nyx was my personified soul. She was a shiny black cat with pretty ice blue eyes.

Mckay and Hunter were already having a popcorn eating competition. Whoever ate the most popcorn in 30 seconds won. Scottie was judging.

'What movie are we going to watch?' Scottie asked while watching the two boys shove popcorn into their mouths.

'Eagle Eye,' Demitri answered. 'Ailynn will you put it in?'

'Don't you have legs?' I asked.

'Yes but I'm comfy,' he complained.

I smiled and sighed. As every good friend should, I stood up and worked his overly complicated DVD player.

Once the movie was playing, I toke my spot on the couch. Hunter and Mckay had finished their popcorn eating competition. Hunter had won, as usual.

'Why do you always win?' Mckay asked.

''Cause I'm awesome!' Hunter replied.

'Yeah, whatever,' Mckay said.

Nyx got up on the couch and lay on the cushions. Artemis and Adonis both lay in front of the huge flat screen TV like they were three year old humans. Athena perched herself on Scotties shoulder while Scottie made himself leaning against the couch Hunter was spread out on. Mckay toke his spot between Adonis and Artemis.
The previews ended and Eagle Eye started playing.

After about 30 minutes of the movie' I had fallen asleep.



I woke up in my mom's car.

'Ohh, look, your finally awake,' my mother said. Her black hair resting just above her shoulders.

'Wh-where am I?' I asked sleepily.

'Demitri carried you out to the car; it was really surprising that such a skinny boy could life you.' Mom joked.

'Wait,' I said a little more awake, 'are you saying I'm fat?'

We both laughed.

'You might want to work on staying up through movies, hunny,' mom said.

Mom's personified soul, Toyah, a small white mouse, was sitting on the dash board.

'You know,' Toyah's high squeaky voice said,' I heard Eagle Eye was really good, too bad you missed it.'
Chapter 2

'BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!' my alarm clock yelled at me. I groaned as I pushed snooze. I laid there in the darkness for nine more minutes until my alarm clock yelled at me again. I pushed off and got up out of bed.

I turned on the lights and walked over to my closet. I threw so black skinny jeans along with a clack shirt with cute while, electric blue, bright pink, and lavender skulls on my bed. I accidentally hit Nyx with the shirt.

She yawned and said sleepily, 'good morning.'

'Morning Nyx,' I said.

I changed into the clothes and opened my door and walked across the hall to my bathroom. My hair, as usual, was extremely messy. The black strands went down to my mid-back. My bright green eyes stared back at me. I was pale but not deathly pale like Demitri or pale like I never went out in the sun like Scottie, but pale as in I was just naturally like that.

I turned on my straightener and applied my black eyeliner. By the time I had finished my straightener had finished heating. I got to the tedious process of making my hair straight. After I was finished I brushed my teeth and put on deodorant.

Once I had finished getting ready I went back into my room grabbed some socks and put them on my feet. I put on my converse, and went down stairs ready for my mom to drive me.
Chapter 3
Once I got to school I met my friends in our first period, History/ Protectonic class. Demitri was sitting on his desk having a talk with Mr. Harrin.
'Morning Ailynn,' Harrin said.
'Hi, Mr. Harrin,' I said. He was our favorite teacher. He didn't teach us boring things he taught us the history, like when Vampires and Werewolves ruled over us mortals. But then us mortals got souls and started fighting back. Each soul could change to Animalistic Form (giant ugly beast and not even a blood sucking vampire could beat), Humanic Form (human with some qualities of a animal), Soulistic Form (when you cant see the soul, its inside you), and Protectonic Form (the usual form where they are normal animals). That's how we won over the magic.

The door opened to reveal Mckay and Hunter. Hunter was wearing his school soccer jersey with black jeans while Mckay was wearing purple jeans with a black long sleeve shirt.

'Ready for the game Hunter?' Mr. Harrin asked.
'When am I not?!' Hunter said enthusiastically.

'Very true,' he said.

Our souls were quietly talking to themselves across the room.
'Good morning Ailynn, looking beautiful as everyday,' Hunter joked. He knew I hated being called 'cute' or 'pretty.' Everyone was pretty in my book.

'Shut up, Hunt,' I said smiling.

'Morning guys,' Demitri said.

'Hey,' Mckay said quietly.

We were silent for about 30 seconds before Scottie's shortness walked into the room. Athena flew over to the other animals.

'I hate school!' he complained.

'Who messed with you?' Mckay and Demitri said quickly together.

'No one, well someone, my older sister.' Scottie was the only one with a sibling out of the five of us. And none of us liked his older sister. She was mean.

'I'm sorry Scottie,' I said.

'Yea, whatever.' He said. Why cant I just be normal and have been born two years earlier so I could still hang out with you guys?'

'Well, that would be ideal for you' but whos going to let me cheat off him in history?' I joked.

We all laughed even Mr. Harrin.

It was silent until Nyx's voice cut through, ' It's decided then. We shall do it today.'
Chapter 4

The bell rang and we all toke our seats next to each other. Demitri to my left, Hunter to my right, Scottie behind me, and Mckay behind Demitri. Our souls came to sit by our sides while other students came in. The students were followed by every sort of animal, horse, bee, alligators, birds, anything was possible.

Once the bell rang again Mr. Harrin started his lecture on what the Werewolves had done to humans.

About five minutes into class Nyx spoke up.
'Excuse me, Mr. Harrin.' Nyx said. 'My colleges and I need to make an announcement.'
'Nyx, I'm teaching,' Mr. Harrin said.

'And your doing a wonderful job,' Nyx said and she stalked up the rows of desks, she was followed by my friends souls.

'Ailynn,' Mr. Harrin warned.

'I had nothing to with this,' I said honestly. I had no idea what was going on.

Nyx jumped up onto the podium and sat down. She looked like a queen. Everyone went from staring at the group of kids in the back to our souls.

I looked at each of my friends; all of them had a confused look on their faces.

'I'm sure you all are aware of the war that raged between the magical beings and mortals correct?' Nyx began. Everyone was listening. 'It has started again. I'm sure not many of you knew this but the war was started by the humans, not the beings. We revolted. We were the night. They were the Daye. Daye is a secret organization. Not even I know what they are planning. All I know is they want things to change. Change for the bad. I've had many humans as their soul. Including the one who started this war and the one who shall finish it.'

While everyone looked at me. Nyx hopped down. The five of our animals started transforming. Nyx had changed to a tall thin, but curved, women with midnight black hair. She was wearing gold Egyptian robes with a gold head piece. The only things that made her look like an animal was her black cat ears at the top of her head and her tail.

Pluto, a tall man with black hair that was graying on the sides. He was wearing white robes and carrying a staff. His black eyes looked at the class carefully.

Athena was a woman with tawny-white hair sleeked bake. Her animal resemblance was obvious her beak was where her nose should be.

Artemis was a woman with chopped black hair in Roman warrior clothes. She had tribal tattoos up her arms that resembled jaguar spots. She had them on the sides of her face as well.
Adonis was simple. He was a tall man with gray-silver hair. He didn't look old, but his hair did. Like Nyx, he just had wolf ears and a wolf tail to distinguish him.

Nyx started speaking again. 'It is time again to choose your side. Daye or Night. Which would you like to win? Which would you like to concur?'
Chapter 5

The 10 of us (including our animals) had to go to the office. Nyx and the rest of them talked to our principal for about two hours. Then we were sent home. I didn't understand.

At all.
Chapter 6

Three years later we were sitting in that same office. Darren (our old principal) was telling us what had happened while we had been sent away to fight.

'Demitri was seen several around here lately,' he informed.

I closed my eyes. My hair was no longer to my mid-back. It was chopped off like Artemis's when she was in Humanic form. I was no longer carefree. I was no longer Demitri's best friend. Demitri had left us after a week of realizing what we had to do. We had to defeat Daye. Daye wanted to change. Change everything. Let the humans start being the souls and the Animals the humans.

'Next time you see him, capture him.' I said.

My true friends nodded in agreement. Demitri had hurt all of us. He betrayed us.

'We won over Greece, thanks to Scott.' Darren informed.

We no longer called Scottie, Scottie. He was Scott. He hated it. Scott wasn't our sweet little nerd boy anymore. He was tanned and wore contacts now. He was only fifteen and he appeared older than his father. Then again he had more stress than his father. His father wasn't on the fields.

'Daye won Romania,' Darren said.

Mckay clutched his chair. 'It's my fault, if I hadn't surrendered after-'

'That's enough,' I cut him off. Mckay had changed as well. His hair was no longer always perfectly straight. He tied the long hair in a pony tail every day. He was no longer our artist. He aged almost as much as Scott.

'We got Japan and China also,' Darren said.

Hunter still won everything. War is just another sport to him. Hunter was the only one out of us all that hasn't changed.

Darren brought up and war plan. I didn't care anymore. Why did I have to fight this? I looked over and my gold clad soul. She looked proud. Darren, Hunter, and Scott were planning war while Mckay and I thought to ourselves. For different reason but we still weren't paying attention.

The door banged open.

Demitri was standing there.

The five of us stood up quickly. Demitri had his hands up in surrender. I stopped, the others did too.

'I messed up.' He said. He had changed as well. His hair wasn't in his eyes. It was cut short; you could see his whole face. I don't think I've ever seen his full face before.
Chapter 7

We had won. Daye's leader was killed.

We won.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my Drama class. We were suposed to write a short story... it ended up being 7 pages and me revising it... I really want to write more... I think I'm going to.

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