March 10, 2009
By Arturo Danker Chavez BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
Arturo Danker Chavez BRONZE, Beaverton, Oregon
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I see what you think, I smell what you feel, and I hear what you do. Hugo was dreaming of the sweet flavors of the hazelnuts his mom prepares every fall when the first bomb struck the city. The sweet flavors vanished in the sound of destruction. Hugo woke up and stood up as fast as a cat perceives danger. The American planes did not care for the life of the citizens of Hannover. The human rules of war are strange and disturbing; primitives I call them. Hugo tried to escape the destruction: trees were upside down; kids were screaming, some are fine, some are bleeding with their intestines coming out of their chest. Hugo ran outside the city with all the shadows, death, darkness, and sound chasing him. He even forgot about his mom, dad, and sister. He could not even tell if they were fine. The bombers kept planting the seeds of death among the civilians and the people he love; and Hugo kept on running, and escaping. He ran for miles and miles until he entered my domains. He penetrated Reknad. He invaded my forest. I'm waiting for you, Hugo.

'I've seen this tree before,' said Hugo while he paid careful attention to the big oak three that stood in front of him, 'because I've been walking in circles!'
Hugo started to lose his patience, and small drops of desperate sweat poured down his forehead.
'I'm lost, I'm so lost. I will die in this stupid forest of thirst and hunger!'
'If I were you, I will chose my words more wisely,' said a voice in the darkness.
In front of him a bright ethereal light defeated the dark and shadow. A beautiful woman appeared. Her silver hairs connoted the pureness and royalty of her kind. Her beauty beyond any possible description revealed the magic of her elfish race.
'What are your reasons for entering Reknad?'
Hugo couldn't answer for he was astonished. He grew up listening to the stories of magic creatures living in the forest, talking trees, fairies, and elves; stories that reflected the wide and vast imagination that lives in the minds of German people. He would have never known that those stories were not far from reality.
'I asked you a question, human.'
'My lady, I'm lost.'
'That answer does not respond my question.'
'I' I was running out of Hannover; we are being attacked by planes.'
'And you thought you'd be safer here?'
At that time a small creature crawled out from a tree and jumped into the elf's shoulder. The Romotofol made a threatening noise while his dark-circled eyes stared at Hugo. It had very sharp claws and jaws, routing green skin, and no hair.
'I only wanted to escape hell, my lady.'
The elf smiled for that argument opened a small window in her tough heart.
'Follow me,' said the elf, 'my name is Arthel, Queen and Sorceress of the Woods.'
'My name is Hugo.'
Arthel smiled and took Hugo into the deeps of Reknad. The Romotofol was still starring at him. He had no trust in the human and always seemed ready to attack him.
They walked until they found a cave with a magic halo. Arthel told Hugo to enter. It only took one step to see he had entered the heart of Reknad. The cave was a magical entry to the city of elves. The trees were surrounded by a ghostly green light. Hugo saw small fairies and spites running all over the place. The elves started showing up, out of their houses after realizing their Queen had arrived.
Arthel turned to the still impressed Hugo and said, 'Hugo, welcome to Reknad.'
Hugo was astonished for his eyes had never seen such incredible beauty as the city of elves portrayed.
'You will stay here until Hannover is safe from the war,' Arthel said, 'and as long as you stay in Reknad you'll have to do something while you wait for the destiny of your people. I have a mission for you.'
Arthel pointed to an enormous mountain located where the forest meets the rock.
'There lives the most noble of the Great Eagles. Your mission is to climb up there. When you've reached the place the eagle will take you back home.'
Hugo was confused; what was the point of climbing that much just to see a Giant Eagle? But his mission was written and he had to do it.

He had walked for several hours leaving the city of elves far behind when he heard a noise coming from the trees. Hugo started walking faster to escape the noise, but he sensed someone was following him.
'Don't run from me human,' said a voice from behind.
Hugo turned around but he only saw the dense trees.
'Look up little human.'
Hugo moved his head up and saw a gigantic treeman. The creature looked at Hugo from the skies. His big branches ended in enormous animated hands. His face was both wise and terrifying; Hugo knew that this creature could be both kind and dangerous.

'My name will not be relevant. I have been assign as your guide to the mountains for no one knows the mysteries and secret paths of Reknad as I do.'

I feel sorry for Hugo. The treeman took him to their walk towards the mountains. But what Hugo didn't know is that the treeman was never going to guide him to his final destination. The treeman is using the mystic paths of Reknad to seem they are approaching to the mountain when they are staying in the same position. The destiny of Hugo's family has been written in blood; and I know that coming back will bring more pain than happiness to the young human. Hugo has been walking with the treeman for years hoping he can climb the mountain and see his family once again. And he will keep walking for an eternity, hypnotized by the ethereal lights, the vivid sounds, and the dense forest of Reknad.

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This article has 6 comments.

marcela C. said...
on Apr. 1 2009 at 5:03 am
Muy Bueno Arturo...Te felicito!!!!

CC said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 11:11 pm
His imagination is great, but the thing that I aprecciate the most, it's how Arturo is capable to put his own feelings and make a beautiful story who touchs our heart.

Tamazula said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 10:48 pm
Felicidades Arturo, me gusto mucho, practica, escribe todos los dias para que tomes el oficio, llegaras lejos

Marcela D. said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 9:41 pm
What a talent!! Love the story and the structure.

Veronica said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 1:35 pm
Very good writing Arturo, I will love to write like this, or at least have someone to read this stories to me every night, keep on doing it, please.

Reknad said...
on Mar. 31 2009 at 6:25 am
Great story, very creative.


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