Money as Trees

March 10, 2009
By Brian Bearden BRONZE, Pawnee, Oklahoma
Brian Bearden BRONZE, Pawnee, Oklahoma
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One day I woke up and I saw money all over the ground outside and I was dumbfounded and awestruck, but as long as there was money all over the place I was happy. I flipped out of my bad and ran outside with a trash-bag and started to fill it, it got pretty close to full and then I was thinking, 'Where in the world is all of this coming from?' and thought that if there was money all over my yard and everyone else's yards then no one would take mine. And I looked up at God and I noticed a tree that had money instead of leaves. I was thinking of the expression that everyone made that went, 'Does money grow on tress?! What makes you think I'm going to buy you that toy?!' and now money does grow on trees!
So I started calling all of the people that used to tell me that. No one had any sort of clue what I was talking about, they all called me psycho. And I promised one of my sisters that she could take as much as she could fit in her purse and then she agreed to come look. When she got there she was dumbfounded and awestruck just like I was when I first noticed it.
And when I talked my mom into taking me to the mall and all sorts of places, I only had a few thousand on me. My mom FLIPPED when she noticed that I had a ton of money on me. I told her where it came from and she had to go look, but, when we got home, there was all sorts of cops there investigating.
Officer Mullen, which was the name of the cop who stuffed his pockets and then came and talked to me about how the tree that I planted that was growing money was illegal to plant. And that they had no other trees that were the same, and the had to confiscate all of it, even the tree itself!
Well when all was said and done and the last Loomis truck left my house, all I had left was that bag full of money that I had got when I first noticed it that morning. And after that, I had no worries.

The author's comments:
This was an assignment for my newspaper class.

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