God made us live only

March 10, 2009
By Raiderette BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Raiderette BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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As always Kairie and Giovanni were arguing and going back and forth in hot water.
'I can't do this anymore Giovanni I just, I just can't'' Kairie paused while sea water salt like tears trickled down her apple cheeks. Her once green eyes were now the color of polluted sea green water.
'Kairie you know I've always loved you, but you're always with those damn horses, you no longer have any time for me anymore!' Giovanni yelled as his cat like eyes followed Kairie as if ready to pounce on a helpless mouse and complete its fate.
Kairie grabbed her coat and walked towards the door.
'Where are you going?' Giovanni asked while gritting his teeth from frustration.
'Out.' Kairie said as she slammed the door behind her. Before she left, she swore she heard Giovanni start to faintly cry.

Kairie sprinted towards the stables, opened the splinter covered doors and walked in. Inside were four-teen different horses, six mares and eight stallions. Kairie stepped in front of one of the stalls. She peeked inside; inside lying in the shadowy background was a horse blacker than ebony itself.

Kairie made a noise to wake up the massive four legged equine. Tsk! Tsk! The stallion heard the noise, got up, and snorted. When the horse looked at Kairie, his eyes were the color of fresh blood.

The charcoal black horse slowly walked over to Kairie. Clip! Clop! Clip! Clop! The horse poked his head out and Kairie caressed his velvet nose with her silk like hands. She saddled him up and cantered towards the ghost-town like woods.

In the still of the night, the only noises were the hoof beats, crunching the twigs and decaying leaves. The fog covered sky was thicker than the smoke on 9-11. Kairie took a deep breath and looked at the carbon grey carbon dioxide as she exhaled.

Meanwhile Giovanni was still at home softly crying. he carefully watched his tears as they leaked off his face onto an 18 karat ruby and topaz in crested ring. 'I'm crazy to be in love with you, I'm even crazier to think this relationship will not work, but I have a secret you still don't know' and I hope you won't find out and I'm afraid of losing you.' He said to himself.

Kairie was deadly away from home, and soon noticed she was in way too deep inside the woods. Kairie thought she was lost until she saw a diamond like light glistening in the distance. She followed it as fast as her horse's legs could her. She jerked on Onyx's leather reins to make him go faster.

'He Yah!' Kairie shouted to push Onyx much faster than before.

Onyx was galloping full speed. Kairie noticed she was approaching a busy highway. Kairie quickly tugged on Onyx's reins. Before she could blink, a semi truck was driving at an alarming 90 mph!

Next thing she knows Kairie could hear the brutal massive impact of a twenty ton truck on a defenseless creature.

Kairie didn't feel the pain, just her body that soared in the air and crashed on the razor sharp like rocks on the trail road. Her life flashed between her eyes, especially her heated argument with the man she loved so much. Kairie couldn't move, she felt as if she was strapped down hard like a patient in an asylum.

Kairie's body was slowly starting to shut down, but her senses were still working in a near to death kind of way. Kairie's eyesight was such a blur. Poor Kairie looked only to see a very sad and depressing sight. She could make out a figure of what seemed to be a horse, but was horribly mutilated and was now smothered all over the front bumper of the truck and on the freeway.

The last word that Kairie said wasn't even a word. Suddenly Kairie was gagging on a mouth load of what looked like a mixture of black, red and blue blood. Within light seconds Kairie died instantly and there was nothing but spine chilling silence and hair rising darkness'

Being Born 'Again'

The next day, on the other side of the freeway there was a palomino mare standing very still on the supple green grass. Now this mare was getting ready to give birth, after almost a year she was ready. She laid down on the moist emerald green grass, and started getting contractions. It was time'

The foal's front feet entered the world first, followed by its head and the rest of its body. The foal was born in a skin- like bag, that split open revealing placenta, slimy blood, and of course the very fragile baby horse.

'Huh, where am I, I can't see and I can't breathe!' Kairie thought in her head.

'You are fine Kairie just listen. You will be given another chance at life, of you succeed in not taking your loved ones for granted.' a man's voice echoed in the pitch black darkness.

'But why, why me? Kairie begged while struggling to breathe.

'Good-bye Kairie I will see you soon'' the man replied.

'No wait, help me!' Kairie screamed from her voiceless mind, as she could see a bright light as she opened her eyes.

As the foal opened its eyes, Kairie felt the quick rush of blood again. Her heart on the other hand was beating slower but yet stronger than it used to be' a lot stronger. The only pain she felt was the throbbing of her heart and her lungs because they started working again. Kairie felt she was alive' again.

'Where am I?' Kairie thought in her rickety head. Pretty soon the mare that had given birth started licking her filly.

'Hey what's going on?!' Kairie tried to scream, but as a result she received a neigh' from herself!

'Oh no, it can't be' Kairie paused. 'I can't be a horse!!!' Kairie shrieked in her voice unpowered mind.

Poor Kairie since she had been born' again as a horse had to learn how to walk again as well.

'Okay here I go.' Kairie said as her twizzler like legs wobbled, as she struggled to get up.

'Right leg up, okay left leg up.' Kairie murmured in her mind as she desperately tried to get up and stay up. When she finally thought she was standing up, she finally realized something was wrong.

'If I'm a horse, I have to have four legs' but I'm missing two! I must be deformed!' Kairie felt a quick rush of cold bone-numbing blood all over her body.

Her new mother slowly stood up, and approached her first foal in her entire life. Kairie's 'NEW' mother decided to give her daughter a little push. She bent her muscular neck, nuzzled Kairie's two hind legs and cautiously thrusted upwards.

'Oh there they are.' Kairie thought with relief.

'Man I feel l feel like Bambi when he was taking his first steps in the movie.' Kairie remembered. She tried to take her first step on her paper-thin legs, and fell. Flop

She tried again a second time but got her legs 'limb-tied' and again. Plop! She went back onto the cushion like grass.

'I'm not giving up.' Kairie panted and gave it one more shot. Up she went, on all four legs. She succeeded and was now facing her new mother.

'Looks like you learned to keep your balance.' Kairie's mother neighed. Kairie cocked her head slightly to the left.

'Did you just talk to me?' Kairie neighed back.

'Yes my filly, we all do.' her mother whinnied and nodded towards the green covered land, which had over twenty different horses Kairie had never seen so many Equines all in one place.

Suddenly Kairie felt the urge of hunger. As slowly as she possibly could, she walked over to her mother and found her new mother's udder. She started sucking. Kairie had never felt this hungry in her entire life. Once her stomach was nice and full, she quickly went to sleep'
Chapter 3
'It's better to have loved, than to have never loved at all.

'I can't believe I didn't go after you, I'm sorry for waiting until it was too late.' Giovanni cried as his y does this caressed the ivory casket that was now the new bed for his loved one.
'Why does this hurt so much God? WHY?!! I'll be faithful but bring the love of my life back to me.' Giovanni sobbed, while looking at the wolf grey sky.

Suddenly a man dressed in a Tony Montana like tuxedo walked up to Giovanni, and faced him.

'She is still lingering among us sire, but not in human flesh.' The man finally spoke.

'What the hell are you talking about?' Giovanni asked the man revealing a face with swollen eyes.

'It is true sire; she lives and is deadly near to you.' The man said as his tar black pupils enlarged. Giovanni was getting a little interested.

'Wait is you talking about' reincarnation?' the pale faced man now only stared at Giovanni with hollow like eye sockets.

'I must go I've said much.' the man said preparing to walk away.

'No please, I must know more.' Giovanni pleaded while holding onto the man's bony shoulder.

'You will see each other soon'' the man paused and gently shrugged away Giovanni's arm from his shoulder. Giovanni looked away, while letting the man go.

'How soon?' Giovanni asked with a yearning voice.

'Sooner than you think.' The man replied.

'Auuu'' Kairie yawned while stretching her new fragile as a crystal body. She pranced around in the grass with her eyes shut enjoying the breeze. When suddenly Kairie's body met the body of another foal, a male in fact.

'Hey watch it!' the other foal neighed irritated.

Kairie slowly looked up and whinnied for her mother. Her mother quickly cantered towards her. The calm mare looks at the foal and looks back at Kairie. She finally decides to lead Kairie away from the colt.

'Sweetie you have to be careful, colts and stallions can take a filly at a very young age.' her mother snorted with a stomp.

'Why?' Kairie seemed to ask in a squeaky type of whinny.

'You're not old enough, to be having a foal. Also I especially don't have the heart to bear seeing my own foal growing another foal inside you.' Her mother neighed while snorting and kicking her hind legs in the air.

'Oh'' Kairie exhaled out.

The male colt kept following them, especially Kairie. Kairie's mother was growing irritated until she reared up to scare the colt away. The boy foal shrieked and to his rescue came a' masculine stallion! He reared up and knocked Kairie's mother to a rough part of the earth.

Kairie noticed something weird but from what she remembers, if a mare has a bloody type of discharge between her hind legs and close to her 'Lady' part area. She must be in heat.

The stallion stretched his well veined and muscled neck, lifted his upper lip, and started to flemhen. When the stallion finally got the scent, he tried to mount her. Kairie's mother bucked him off. He tried a second time, and she kicked her hind legs to hit the stallion on the jaw' she missed.

'Run!' her mother neighed while baring her teeth. Kairie refused but cantered away carefully. Kairie galloped and cantered and trotted until her legs couldn't take anymore. Kairie looked back one last time to only see a horrific sight. The stallion finally succeeded for only a few minutes. Kairie's mother could not handle having to bear a foal of such a demonic creature with no soul. She bucked him off and kicked him in the face with a loud CA-CRACK!!! Now this seemed to enrage the stallion as he recovered from the brain rattling blow.

The stallion had so much frustration and rage in his soul and a lot of pain of course that he reared up and bucked with impressive force. Kairie's mother to a rough part of the earth. The possessed like stallion reared up and trampled Kairie's mother with his enormous jagged hooves. Kairie could only stare with hopelessness and shock. Her mother kicked her hind legs and gave out one more shrill bloodcurdling, choking up on blood type of shriek.
Kairie turned away and galloped faster then a race horse in the Derby. On the way Kairie hit a branch and blacked out, and slowly dreamed a beautiful yet heartbreaking dream.

The author's comments:
One thing I have to say is that I have a passion for writing. I just love that I can I can pour all of heart, mind, thoughts, and even my soul onto a simple sheet of paper. I also love to give my readers something out-of-the-box and unique to read!!

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