Just Like Lightening

April 3, 2017
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I awoke in the middle of nowhere, with no memory of what had happened before. I sat up in the cool grass, and took in my surroundings. There was the edge of a beautiful forest; it was erupting with green leaves and animals, all waiting to come into the open. The meadow I was sitting in was perfect, soft green grass, and had sweet white flowers that smelled like vanilla. The sun was shining down on my face, bathing me in a heavenly glow, and yet, everything still felt-strange- and dangerous.
A rustle of leaves startled me, and I swung around to see a boy emerging from the forest, a collection of animals surrounding him. I suddenly tensed every nerve in my body and layed in the grass. Determination to stay hidden swelled up in my chest. I heard the faintest sound of music, and realized the boy was playing an instrument, a harmonica. It was a beautiful sound, and for a moment, nothing in this strange world mattered.
When the boy and the animals passed by me, I slowly got up and followed them to wherever they were going.
It was a nice walk, I was able to see more of this interesting world, but all too soon for my liking, the boy spun around and met my gaze.
My mouth fell open to match his expression. My mouth opened and closed, trying to come up with an answer- but one never came.
A smirk pulled at the boy’s lips, and his eyes held something I didn’t want to go near.
He swept himself into a bow, as if he had met a queen at a royal ball, not a young dirty girl in a meadow.
“And who might you be?” his smirk soon spread into a wide, genuine smile.
I eventually got the answer out. “My name is Starla.” My face suddenly felt hot, and flustered.
Satisfaction washed over the boy as he replied with; “I am Jake, and is there a reason you were following me?”
I felt embarrassment and some sort of rage boiling up inside me, and so I told him I wasn’t following him.
He nodded his head in agreement.
Sure, like he understands me.
Suddenly, I felt compelled to talk, and so I told him everything-which wasn’t a lot, but it was something.
We walked and talked for what felt like an eternity, and it possibly was.
Before I knew it, my face was flushed from laughter and we were both smiling as wide as our faces would allow us.
Suddenly, Jake grabbed my hand and thrust his other hand into the air, as I watched, his hand suddenly became trapped with light- no lightening. The blue, white, yellow, and purple tendrils snake down his arm and back up again, with a flick of his wrist, the light burst into the sky, creating a beautiful firework display. I gasped as I saw the little specks of light flutter down around us; the animals were still surrounding us, staring at the sky.
He looked me in the eyes and said, “You can do it too, trust me.”
He never let go of my hand, but instead balled it up like a fist. As he guided my hands and arms, I gingerly followed, until soon enough, the same sparks came from my hand, although mine were white, green, pink, and purple. I smiled at the new scene I had created in the sky, in some weird way; I felt a tugging sensation whenever I saw the lightning in the air.
The days passed and I had forgotten about not knowing anything before waking up in a meadow, but one day while creating beautiful spectacles in the sky, my gaze wandered into the forest.
Deep into the green woods was a faint outline of a house, and I felt compelled to go.
Not taking a single look back, my feet forced me to run into the forest.
I heard Jake yell my name but I didn’t look back.
There was some strange familiarity about the woods, but I couldn’t place it.
I soon heard Jake’s footsteps behind me and he grabbed my wrist.
I looked at him and could see fear in his eyes, his mouth moved in the word ‘no’ but I didn’t hear the word, my thoughts were drowned out by the rushing of blood and adrenaline.
Suddenly tears welled up in my eyes as my mouth moved to find the words. “I have to go home, you can come.” I grabbed his hands and he looked at the floor, sadness boiled inside me and I dropped his hands, not understanding.
“Starla.” His eyes held warmth and compassion, and I wanted to crawl into him and hide in the warmth of his gaze, but it faded all too soon.
Jake continued repeating my name and the world spun, and I collapsed.
I woke up on the hard floor, but this time I remembered my old life.
Everything had been a dream, Jake, the lightening, the animals, the meadow, everything.
I got up on wobbly legs and ran out the door, into the night.
I collapsed onto the ground about a mile away from my house, tears streamed down my face and I lifted my hand into the air, I balled it into a fist and flicked my wrist, but to my surprise, lightening burst from my hand.
I looked into the forest and saw a boy standing on the other side, waving.
A smile came to my face as a million thoughts came to my head.
Did it really happen after all?

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