Moreau's Company

March 29, 2017
By , Newark, DE

Smoke billowed from chimneys on crooked roofs and tiles slid down to crash onto the stoned streets as a hooded figure jumped from roof to roof. The individual's shadow casts a distorted figure as they crossed over a wooden board connecting two roofs and lay supine against the roof; their cloak pooling over their body and concealed themselves further as the overcast blocked out the moon's light.


Cries of frustration and the sound of multiple feet drifted up towards the figure as they slowed their breathing and clutched their cloak in a tight fist, pulled it closer around themselves. As the shouts were heard further and further in the distance, the individual placed their hands on the curved tiles and slowly rose into a sitting position; their hood slightly reveling the bottom half of their face before they reached up and pulled the hood down again. The figure shifted into a crouching position, adjusting the small pouch attached to their belt , before deciding that they couldn't stay there any longer and slipped into the open window of an adjacent building.


Only minutes before, by the time the last drunkard stumbled out the tavern, Pixie Stetson was just finishing wiping the spilled ale off the counter and placed another dirty mug into the sink. Throwing the used rag over her shoulder and pushing through the swinging door separating behind the bar from the rest of the room, Pixie walked towards the front door and flicked the lock shut. Before she moved back towards the bar, a hurried knock echoed throughout the emptied tavern causing Pixie to jump back with a panicked look on her face. Placing a shaky hand over her pumping heart, Pixie slowly edged back towards the door and unlock it.


"Hello..?" she questioned as she looked before a royal guard breathing heavily. Leaning sluggishly against the frame of the door, the guard removed his helmet and let his eyes search the vacant tavern. "Have you seen anyone pass by in the last few minutes barmaid?"  Pixie clenched her jaw at the guards almost rude dismissive tone to her and crossed her arms over her chest.


"I'm not a barmaid, I'm the owner. And no I haven't, why do you ask?" The guard stared down at Pixie with a displeased look, but Pixie stared back with a look almost 10 fold his own. "A thief stole a pouch of rubies from the major earlier tonight. We believe it's Morgan Moreau, that dastard.." Pixie looked blankly at the guard before exploding into a fit of laughter that just further boiled the guards blood. "Morgan Moreau?" Pixie sneered while wiping away a forming tear. "Why would I see them?! They're a thief! They usually aren't seen!" The guard pushed away from the door with a grunt and placed their helm back upon their head. "I see now that you're just wasting my time.. dirty harlot.." The guard muttered offhandedly before stalking towards the next building.


Pixie clicked her tongue in disgust and slammed the door shut with a huff. She walked back over to the bar and pulled herself on top of one of the stools, crossing her arms over the ledge and resting her head on top.


As Pixie drifted in and out of a light sleep, a figure crawled through her bedroom window and stood close to the wall. Creeping towards the open door of the room, the figure slowly peered down the hallway back and forth before closing the door and sliding down onto the ground next to the door and crossing their legs.


The individual unhooked the pouch from their belt and unlaced the ties that kept the pouch sealed before gently pulling a gem out. They rolled the ruby in the palm of their hand as they raise their other hand and spoke in a tongue that sounded close to gibberish. Upon finishing their words, a spark of light flickered in their other hand before fully blooming into a small ball of crimson fire. The ruby shimmered in the light provided by the fire and shot rays of gleaming redness off into the room. A smirk pulled onto the figures face as they casually tossed the ruby into the air before catching it and replacing it with a different, slightly larger gem.


".. Smells like someones.. cooking.." Pixie thought drowsily as she buried her head further in the pillow her arms had created and scooted closer to the bar. Pixie rolled her head to the side and sniffed at the air again. "Cooking.. why is someone cooking..?" She questioned the empty air around her and untangled her arms from one another.


As realization dawned on her features, Pixie jumped up from her stool and exclaimed with a shout as she ran up the stairs, "I'm the only one here!". As she reached the top of the stairs, the burning smell she thought was cooking in her dozing state had intensified and a faint light could be seen from under her bedroom door.


Pixie ran towards her door and pushed it open, expecting to see the rage of a unfurling flame, but instead was met with a mostly dark room and a hooded figure looking up at her from the ground beside her. "What! Why are you in my room!" Pixie shrieked and blindly throw a fist towards what she believed was the figures face.


The individual sat frozen as who they assumed was the owner of this establishment ripped the door open and almost in the same second looked down that them and sucker punched them straight in the face. The figure let out a cry of pain and fell back into the wall, smashing against it head first and sliding further down until they were practically laying on the floor. The flame in their hand blinked out and the pouch of rubies fell open upon the wooden floor.


"Oh gods.. why did you do that?" A feminine woman was heard from under the cloak as the figure raised their hand towards their face and seemed to be holding their nose. "Why are you in my room! Get out!" Pixie shouted as she stepped closer and pointed her finger at the door, giving the universal symbol meaning, ' Get out '. Pixie scowled at the laying figure before staggering back in shock at the sight of the  glossy rubies skewed on her floor. "You! You stole the rubies!" Pixie shouted before the figure shot up and covered her mouth with their hand. "Shh! What are you doing! I don't need the Royal Guard knowing exactly where I am you idiot!".


Pixie shoved the figures hand away from her mouth and pointed her finger towards their chest. "Hey don't touch me! And why shouldn't I tell them!" She demanded and repeatedly poked where she assumed the figures neckline was. "Because I just heard everything you and the guard talk about while at the door and if he comes back he's gonna assume you were hiding me." The voice hummed, obviously getting great pleasure from the fact that they had something to hold over Pixie.


Pixie stopped her poking and her face fell into a grimace.




"Yeah, oh. So, we can handle this like adults or I can just go run out to the guards myself and tell them a little white lie. Why don't ya sit down for this my love". Pixie pulled her arms tightly over her chest in defiance and stomped over to her bed, sitting down with a thump on the soft cotton covers. The figure leaned back into the wall and copied Pixie in their our arm placement. " So this is how it's gonna work. I need to stay hidden for a couple of days because I just pulled off probably the greatest heist of my life so far and I don't plan on being executed right afterwards. " The figure said and kicked off from and wall before standing right in front of Pixie and leaning over to come to her level.


"And that means I'm gonna hide here and you're not gonna have one say in whether I stay or not. Is this getting through that hard-head of yours Angel Face?".


Pixie stuck her tongue out at he individual and pouted as they continued to belittle her. "Loud and clean you scummy criminal." She hissed as verbal venom shot at the figure. They pulled back from Pixie and pretended to flinch in fear, the hand of their hand resting on their forehead. "So scary!" They jested as they turned with a laugh and began to pick the rubies from the floor.


"Do I at least get to know who's forcing me to let them lodge in my tavern?" Pixie snapped and slammed her foot down in annoyance. The figure turned suddenly, their cloak twirling around them like a sea of tar and let out a joyous laugh.


"Morgan Moreau at your service my dear, We're gonna have a fun time together, I just know it".

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