March 29, 2017
By Dora_H GOLD, Olympia, Washington
Dora_H GOLD, Olympia, Washington
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Eve had always been around. I don't mean like that old lady that hovers around the sidewalk every day, slowly walking her dog who has a limp and salt and pepper hair just like her. I don't mean like that teacher who never gets sick or takes a day off, even if it seems like the entire school is shrouded in coughing and dirty tissues. Eve had always been around because she couldn't die. She had tried everything, but every overdose, scar, and every bullet hole just brought her farther from finally being free.

  Eve was the first human to ever exist. She wasn't created by some god, or anything as unadvanced as what the humans call “science”. Eve was created in a lab up in the stars. The aliens that made her weren't so different from us humans. It was is one difference that separates our species from theres. Human beings have personalities. Eve couldn't decide if this was a blessing or a curse. The things that made her had as much individuality as the chemicals they mixed together in their labs. Personality was really just a mistake, a fluke. But it had happened none the less. The extra-terrestrials feared eve. She was short and scrawny like them. She had big bright eyes full of depth identical to the aliens. But the way she talked and acted made her even more of an alien then they were. Eve was sent away to a remote planet that Eve decided to call Earth.
Earth was calm and peaceful. It seemed to flow and balance itself perfectly, just like a scale that Eve's descendants would one day invent. Of course this perfect balence all changed when the aliens made yet another mistake. They created a boy, a bit older than Eve, who was also cursed with the defect of a personality. He to was sent to Earth, and earned the nickname of Adam. Adam translates in Arabic to “red”. You might think a color is an odd, silly name for a person. In the future, people assumed it was referring to the ruddy red color of the dirt that “God” supposedly made Adam of. I wish that was the case. When Adam passed, he left a trail of dead innocent creatures behind him, until the world was criss crossed and stained with dark maroon stripes. This was the real reason for his name.

The balance of earth that Eve had adored was disrupted to the point of no return. Adam eventually settled down in a small stick hutt. The area around him was bare of animals and plants from his needless stealing from the peaceful planet.

Adam devoted his life to recreating the alien's work. He wanted more people like him on earth. Well, maybe not exactly like him. Adam, unlike Eve had not been immediately shipped off to earth after he was created. He was kept in a cage in the frigid lab. In his short time with the aliens Adam took on their beliefs. His beliefs became far more of a cage then the cold strelbeng (a form of metal, very similar to iron, found on the aliens home planet) bars that surrounded him, keeping him from escaping captivity. He had a rigid opinion that personalities were the biggest fault anyone could have.

Luckily for him he didn't need to live forever with the flaw of a personality. He eventually died, from causes that are a mystery, even to Eve. But, before he finally closed his eyes for the final time he wrote a book. It wasn't particularly well written, or filled with very bright ideas. In fact, the best words to describe it would be hateful, unlogical, and unaccepting. When Adam was writing the book he only had one goal in mind: to have as many humans, preferably without personality or uniqueness populating the earth.

The new generation of humans brought into this world be Adam were generally confused. They had no explanation for why they existed, what there purpose was and how they should live their life. Believing the book written by Adam that most call “The Bible” was really a last ditch effort. As crazy as it sounds, through millions of years of breeding, people started to believe the insane stories depicted in the bible. Adults would make fun of children for having imaginary friends, yet when their children had a personality, especially when it directly disobeyed their precious little book, parents would choose their imaginary friend up in the clouds over their own offspring.


Eve sat by and watched. She watched slavery. She watched the Holocaust. She watched rapes and beatings. She watched hate crimes take place until she saw them repeating again and again when she tried to sleep. She wanted to sleep forever because of all the injustice she had witnessed.

You may have passed eve on the streets. You wouldn't have thought she was anything new. Just another troubled teen. Her head was completely bare of any hair from her pulling and ripping at it. When most saw her they thought nothing of the absents of locks, as her head was usually tucked behind a fraying bright purple and emerald green beanie. Her usual outfit consisted of a worn down leather jacket and baggy leather jeans full of holes. If you look closely behind the rips of her clothes you would see dozens of faded tattoos that almost completely blend into her light brown skin. She had tattoos of famous villains throughout history. From KKK members, Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and many others. She had these inked on her skin, because when she looked out over the sea of people, struggling to keep afloat in the surf of meaningless issues, she saw people worse than those inked onto her flesh. A despicable, yet powerful leader doesn't just happen. Without followers they are nothing but someone just like you and me. Eve got these tattoos to blend in with the evil of the world. She had learned she couldn't stop it, so she had made her own body a part of the repulsive, corruptness that the world she had once adored was full to the brim of.

Eve had lost hope. She was convinced that the world was full of nothing but the hopeless, brainwashing themselves to strip of their own identity, all for a future that is non existent. Eve could only stand by and watch them live out their meaningless lives surrounded by crosses and holy water.

One day, she was sitting by a single remaining tree in a sunny park, that used to be a great forest. The light shining down from the dark green branches casting emerald shadows on the soft dirt was replaced with light from car turning signals, and filled with the bright fluorescents of lofty offices of business men working late above the blaring traffic. She was closing her golden brown eyes and imagine how the world looked before it had been contaminated by Adam. In the middle of her day dream she heard a voice. At first she assumed it was her imagination overpowering her common sense once again. She opened her eyes, and saw a little girl, with pigtails, loose overalls, and her miniature fists clenched. A young man with dark skin was huddled against the stained marble banister, cowering from middle aged women with rage shining in her eyes.

The girl was named Olivia. Her dad left before she was born, and she knew nothing about him. Her mom was strong for raising her, and Olivia inherited that strength. Olivia was quick to speak her mind. She lived in the moment and never glanced back. When she grew up she wanted to travel the world, sharing her knowledge and opinions with others, giving advice and comfort to everyone she hoped to meet. Of course, the lady only saw a idealistic ignorant child. She couldn't understand her drive to help people, because when she was the same age she was taught to tear them down.

The boy's name was James. He had two loving parents, and a little sister that had been born just weeks ago. James loved music. He had a great voice too. If only he wasn't so afraid of being taunted, he might hope pursued a career in musical art. He got made fun of enough for his dark brown skin. James was a cautious person. He kept to himself, planning every detail of his future. He planned to be a teacher, get married at around 25, have kids at 30, and die at 87. Now, he was 15, so he had 72 years left to enjoy existence. James would have never admitted it at the time, but he thought that Olivia was more beautiful than any amount of planning could prepare him for. Of course the lady couldn't see past the way he looked, and into his personality. She wore her religion and limited beliefs like a blindfold.

       With a voice considerably louder than you would expect, Olivia screamed in the most intense voice Eve had ever encountered. The angry women backed away, startled. The look on her face was nothing compared to her expression after the Olivia kicked her right in the shins. The weathered lady rose up, with a grimace on her face, seething with uncontainable rage. The young children did not back down, brushing themselves off and exchanging heartwarming smiles. Eve was smiling too until she noticed the the glint of metal, and the gnarled hand gripping the dark beige trigger. For the first time in her existence Eve didn't want to stand by and watch anymore. Without realizing what she was doing until the bullet was right upon her, she jumped in front of the defenseless children, who did not even glance upward to see the gun being brandished. As Eve fell to the ground she felt the warmth of the blood soaking through her faded leather, and the warmth in her heart, full of compassion for the children, standing strong in a world where the odds are constantly pitted against them. And as she replaced the ocean sorrow in her soul with sympathy and tenderness it stopped beating.
Eve was finally dead.

And in the eyes of the children her tattoos and what they stood for died with her. When Olivia and James saw someone spare them, in return for her own life, they were forever changed. The world seemed different. Almost like when you finally get glasses, and suddenly the blurriness stopped. Olivia and James did not see the world precisely like Eve, they saw it in a different light. When they saw the crowds rushing to do there irrelevant careers, they didn't see the people destroying the world. They saw the people with the potential to save it. In the waves dripping with liquid hate they were an island. A dot of a landform, standing strong against the walls of water.

Approximately 15 years later Olivia and James were happily married, more content than a puppy who found a long buried bone. They had one child named Eve, to commemorate that girl shrouded in mystery that had saved their lives all those years ago. James taught music to elementary school students, and doted on their daughter like his life depended on it. Olivia gave speeches and presentations all around the world addressing countless modern issues that plague us.

One crisp night, James had the idea to walk down and watch the receding tide with his household. The crashing waves of the deep blue ocean reflected the glimmering sky as the happy family sat by the brilliant water. Somewhere up there, the aliens were quietly working, unaware of what had resulted from there discardable lab creation, that to them where nothing but a miscalculation. But as Olivia, James, and Eve (the second) looked over the strip of horizon at the shining stars they were sure that the “defect” of a personality was the ultimate blessing. And that idea of individuality was passed on for infinite generations too come.    

Eve (the first) would not always be around anymore. The charisma of her last thoughts and actions however, would live on till the end. Of course, Adams unfavorable effect stained the earth just as Eve's had. But stains eventually fade away, leaving a paradise of peace in their wake.    

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