The Dark Abyss

March 26, 2017
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It was a mid-summer’s afternoon on the Pacific Ocean. The ship, The Gargantia, was about halfway on a long voyage from Australia to South America. The crew was mostly depressed, with the strong salty stench of the sea creeping all around them. There was a lack of sea shanties being sung, with virtually nothing to do. The Captain, John R. Demos, was off in his quarters majorly drunk to help ease the pain of his deep depression. The trip, thus far, has been relatively smooth ride, almost as if they were sailing on silk. The daylight starts to fade, transforming the sky into a dark abyss, dotted with little bright lights.

All was calm until just before midnight, where an unexpected and strange storm started to crawl across the sky, make the waves grow immensely in size and crash into the ship. Luckily, The Gargantia, was able to hold up against the strong force of the water. “Cap’n,” Shouted out a member of the crew, “we ought to be steering out of this here mess!” The Captain still in a very drunken state, stumbled his way up to the ship’s quarterdeck, where the wheel is located.

“We—need to get—out of this—here storm right this—instance!” Hiccupped Captain Demos as he took hold of the wheel.

“Cap'n, ye be not in th' right state 'o mind to be steerin' 'tis here ship!” A member of ship shoved the Captain out of the way, pushing him onto the ground. Taking control of the ship, the crew were able to get it on a proper course to exit the mysterious and strange storm.

The Captain, stunned from what just happened, worked his way back up from the ground. He was able to pull himself up to the crew member who knocked him down. He fumbled a bit, but after a short minute he was able to reclaim himself for just a short bit of time. Everybody on the ship started to hear more than just the thunder and lightning from the storm. It sounded as if a strong rumbling was coming out from underneath them. Then all of the sudden, a giant tentacle grew out of the water.

All around the ship tentacles and other arm like objects started to pop above the water. An all out war was taking place, and The Gargantia was in the middle. The crew of the ship had no clue what was going on, not being able to see into the deep dark abyss that is the ocean. One tentacle that was flopping around crashed into the ship, splitting it in half, bodies flying everywhere. People screaming everywhere, no one knows what is going on, everyone is in a panic state. One of the masts broke away and fell down ontop of Captain Demos, knocking him out cold. The ship and everyone aboard go beneath the water.

Captain Demos wakes up in the destroyed ruins of his ship, far beneath the surface of the water. Everything being one big daze. Captain Demos was very confused about not only where he was, but how he got there. He did not remember anything, except that there was a storm. “‘Ello?!” Questioned Demos, “What the hell happened?” Demos soon figured out that he was deep under the water, not much light around him. He looked around for a bit, finding his way to his old Captain’s Quarters. All of his booze was destroyed and replaced by water. Demos’ eyes was starting to get adjusted to the darkness of the ocean. He started noticing they decaying bodies of his dead crew mates.

Captain Demos, still confused beyond all belief, started looking around the outside of the ship for some direction of where to go. Making his way away from the ship, he noticed that there were tons of markings in the sand going in one direction away from the ship. Demos started to follow the markings towards some unknown destination.

It took Demos many days of just traveling to make it to something interesting. He stumbled across a giant broken stone sign that read: Nyarlathotep Uln Chai. Demos saw further down the path and noticed a giant dust cloud forming across a wide area. Still a while away from the cloud of dust, Demos notices a large body like figure fall out and collide with the ground, more dust bellows up. The cloud of dust start to settle down, and begins moving backwards, revealing the recent ruins of a destroyed city.

It took Demos about half an hour to make it over to the fallen body. Only recently has the body fallen on the ground so there was still dust settling. Slowly a body started to emerge from the cloud. Demos couldn’t really tell what the humanoid body was, but it was definitely wasn’t a person. The body was far larger than Demos’, where he was the size of the body’s forearm. The very curious Demos started poking the body, wondering if it was still alive. “Hello?” Demos questioned to the behemoth, “Are you still alive there mate?” A moan was let out of the body, and it’s fingers started to move.

“Uh'e y-mg 'ai zhronyth.” The creature spoke in a gurgling voice.

“What the hell are you!?” Demos yelled out loud towards the giant beast.

“R'luh gof'nn Dagon epnyth, nog ph'uaaah hrii bug kadishtu.” The creature moaned back. It started to pick itself up, creating a dust cloud around the area. So much dust is created that it knocks back Demos onto the ground. The giant bends over and swipes up Demos into his hands, clenching him into a fist.

The giant creature starts walking towards the moving cloud of dust that was moving away from the ruins of the city. Demos, exhausted, dazed, and confused, falls asleep in the hands of the giant.

While the giant and Demos are slowly walking, the dust cloud falls off and goes past the horizon. The giant takes his time walking and resting along the path. They come up to a fork in the path where there is a pile of dead bodies. The giant knows his directions, so he follows the path to the left. They make their way to a gated off city and make it inside, towards the large building in the center of town.

The giant carrying Demos sets him down in front of the tower. Many other large giant like creatures are around him all confused about what this small being was. Demos walks up to the the front of the building, and just then another small being like himself walks out. This being was obviously not human, but was a similar shape. The being was cloaked, so Demos couldn’t see the whole body, but he did see the head and the hands. The head was like an octopus, there were tentacles coming from the mouth area, with dark soulless eyes. His hands were similar to his face in that they were octopus like, and had a couple tentacles coming out of it. “Goka ph''ai nafly'hah!” The cloaked being says to Demos.

“I keep on telling you that I don’t understand what the hell you things are saying?” Questioned Demos to the being.

All of the sudden Demos was able to understand what these creatures were saying. “I am sorry for this misunderstanding but it seems that you have gotten mixed up in this big mess. I am Chaugnar, old prophet from this City of Chai, and you are in the middle of a war we have with the Naflgothas. I guess you have many questions about this, but we don’t have much time, we need your help.”

“Uhh…” Demos was confused at the asking of this question, “What is it exactly that you want me to do?”
“We want to help you by fixing your ship, but in return we demand that you help us win this war that you are now in the middle of.”

“Deal!” Demos wanted his ship and crew back. It seemed like ages ago since he was knocked out and his ship crashed. Since the ship crash was so far away, they decided to just rebuild it in the city. The city sent one of their fastest creatures to recover the corpses of Demos’ dead crew mates. After a couple of days they were able to recreate the ship to just how it was before the crash, the remains of the crew in their places. Since everything was rebuilt at the bottom of the sea, they had to get it to the surface of the water in order for Demos to help them win the war. It takes a couple hours, since they are really far down, to reach the surface. The immense pressure change causes Demos to black out.


Captain Demos wakes up on his ship with all of his crew members still alive. Everything back to how it was before the ship crashed and all crew was killed. The only thing difference is that there is no storm this time around. Captain Demos realized what he had to do. He had to help everyone with their depression, thus helping himself.

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