The Disappearance

March 28, 2017

BREAKING NEWS, popped up on the colourful television screen. A beautiful brown haired lady appeared. It was the year 2000.

“Good evening everyone. We had just been informed that two parents and one child went missing after their house caught on fire. On official documents the owners of the house are named as Rebecca and Kyle Johnson and they had an 8 year old Lia Johnson. When the police finally came, there was only black ash and three chairs the colors of pink, white, and blue left standing. Investigators are looking for more information on how the fire was caused. If you find them please inform the police. Thank you.”
10 years later… the room was quiet, dark, and damp. Birds were chirping and the only thing you could hear was the air conditioning running. BEEP... BEEP... BEEP… A dirty blonde, freckled, blue eyed girl was laying in bed. SLAM, her hand hit the cold, baby blue alarm clock, and shut the annoying sound off. The sound of sizzling bacon echoed from the modern white kitchen. “Rubie Santiago, get up now!” yelled her mom, waking up the whole house. Back upstairs Rubie finally got up 10 minutes later to find her older sister, Ava, hogging the bathroom. Ava was a stunning 16 year old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.
“Ava when will you be out?” said Rubie with a angry look on her face, “I have a field trip today and I can not be late!”
“I’ll be out soon, calm down.” Ava replied.
When Ava finally got out, Rubie opened the door and a punch of steam hit her face. She could hear her sister stomping down the hall on the matted wooden floors. Rubies dad, who had dark brown hair and charming hazel eyes, was just leaving when her mom faintly said, “Bye sweetie, I’ll see you later. Remember to pick up the girls, because I have a meeting!”
“Ok! Love you. Tell Rubie I said have fun on her field-”
He was abruptly interrupted by the thud of a loud door. Finally at 7:00 a.m., Rubie was starting to get ready, twenty minutes before she had to leave. She twisted the shower on and jumped right in because she had no time to waste. Freezing cold pellets hit her skin as she stepped in. The smell of bacon was still lingering throughout the house. When Rubie finally got out it was 7:10 a.m. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and combed out her knotty, dirty blonde, hair. The cold, wooden floor slid under her feet as she ran to get ready. It was time to go now.
“Rubie, we can not be late today your sister is ready!”
“Ok mom, I’ll be down in two seconds.”
“We will be in the car, your lunch is on the table.”
She could hear the car beep as the doors unlocked. Rubie ran downstairs into the kitchen, grabbed the cold bacon along with her lunch, and headed out the door. It was a gloomy day. Moist air blew around and wet puddles remained dotting the old road. Rubie stepped into the car. VROOM, the car started. It slowly backed out of the garage, the tires squeaked.
“About time you-” said Ava.
“I know I woke up late, sorry,” Rubie said.
“Mom, where you alive when the accident happened? Did you ever want to go there?” Asked Rubie curiously.
“Yes sweetie, but listen to what you teachers say. Just remember it’s important not to touch the chairs, ok?”
“Ok mom.” Ruby replied without hesitation.
The car screeched to a complete stop as they pulled up to the new, modern school.
“Bye mom, love you.” Ava and Rubie said in unison.
“Love you too. Rubie, be careful please.”
“I will mom!” Rubie said while walking off. 
Rubie met up with her best friends, Claire and Kayla before heading to the big, yellow school bus. The girls chatted as they skipped off to the bus. PSH, the yellow and black doors opened. The smell of rotten eggs endured and the gloomy sky shone through the windows making the bus as dark as night.
“Ok, class we are going to be going to the house. I’m going to tell you multiply time do not touch anything. Especially the three chairs.” Announced Ms. Lynn, Rubies teacher. VROOM the bus went. 45 minutes later the bus arrived at the stop. It was dark, wet, and foggy. The grass was unkempt. The only thing the class could see was the three chairs. One blue, one white, and one pink.
“Ok everyone, listen up. About 10 years ago a house caught fire on this site. No one knows how it happened still 10 years later. At the time, three people lived in the house named Rebecca, Kyle, and Lia Johnson. When the police arrived at the house they only thing that was left was ash as black as coal and these 3 wooden chairs. The people are still missing today and it is said that their souls are in the chairs. For our safety please do not, I really mean do not, touch the chairs.” Ms. Lynn demanded.
CRUNCH. Rustling leaves and sticky mud made rustling noises as the children stomped on them. No one, other than the class, could be seen for miles. Walking for what seemed forever, we finally came across the chairs. "While the teachers talked on about the chairs and their story, the boys decided to play a game of odds. Joey and Jim were the troublemakers of the class.
“Yea Jim.”
“What are the odds you touch one of those chairs out of 10”
“Ok, that so easy.”
“1.. 2.. 3..”
“4,” they said in unison
Joey looked at Jim as if he had just seen a ghost. Joey was walking as slow as a sloth. When he finally reached the chairs. He out his hand to touch the chair that was the colour of blue. His hand touched the cold wooden frame. He fell.
“Joey are you ok?” Said Rubie, Kayla, and Claire running over to see what had happened. Ms. Lynn immediately said, “Please tell me you did not touch the chair.”
Joe froze and became silent for a minute or two but finally managed to say  “No I didn’t,” Joey said lying.
Ms. Lynn and the class continued to walking the the unkempt grass and the haunted looking forest. Not knowing that Joey was behind. Later, when Ms. Lynn was doing a head counted she said, ”Class where is Joey? He was wearing yellow and red so he shouldn't be that hard to find. Follow me.” The class walked through the same creepy forest to the chairs. Joey was nowhere to be seen. But when they arrived at the three chairs. There was no longer three but four. The new chair had the colours yellow and red. Silence filled the air. Tears streamed down classmates faces. The class looked for hours and he was nowhere.
“There's no way that’s Joey, it, it, it can’t be!” cried Ms. Lynn
Ms. Lynn went to the police office and said a young boy wearing the colours of yellow and red went missing.
1 year later… Joey was still not heard of or scene and was still reported missing.  A new class came to the old, dark site of the three chairs. It was a new teachers with all new students. She specifically said not to touch the chairs because last year a little boy touched the chair and was never seen again. But there were two little boys like Jim and Joey. By the end of that trip there wasn't three chairs, there wasn’t four chairs, but there was five chairs and 1 less kid.

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