Death before Love

March 28, 2017
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There he was lying in the sand, the taste of blood filled his mouth, the sound of deafening explosions rang out all across the beach. There was a faint smell of fire that drifted across the battlefield. Gun shots whizzed across his head and hit his fellow soldiers. There he lay, and there he died. But his story begins far before this tragic event.

“Pew pew, bang, bang, kachao!! I so hit you!!” screeched Joseph

His friend Plumb yelled, “No ya didn’t, I had my shield out!”

“You’re so out!” replied Joseph in an angry tone. He then spat at the ground near Plumb’s foot.

Plumb shouted, “Ok! That's it!”

“Owww!! Mom, Plumb kicked me!”

“Joseph can’t you see I’m doing the dishes!” bellowed his mom, Marianne. Marianne was a towering woman. She always had her ways to get what she wanted, and in situations where she just isn’t quite enough, she would get her husband. Mr. Gus was even taller than Mrs. Marianne. He was a giant of a human. He stood 6’4 and weighed 240 pounds. When he stood in front of someone, he would  block out the sun.  Mr. Gus smelt of a very bold liqueur, and was never quite put together.

She then said, “Why don’t you two go outside and play?”

Very soon after Plumb- Plumb wasn’t his real name, but it was a nickname. His real name was Dave they called him Plumb because his was short and pudgy. Joseph never had a nickname, he just didn’t like them -and Joseph both replied, “But it’s so so cold and-”

Marianne then cut them off and said, “Do I look like I care, do you want me to go get your dad?” She was especially looking at Joseph because Dave wasn’t actually his brother. Joseph was petrified of his own father.
When Joseph was a young boy his monstrosity of a father was especially drunk, and Joseph said something he shouldn’t have. His father then raised his arm that looked like the cannon of a tank, then the whole world when quiet. The leaves stopped rustling his mother stopped cleaning the dishes. Crack! The noise of the smack rang out through the forest, through the town, and through the valleys miles away.
Ever since that fateful day, Joseph hasn’t ever contradicted his father, or even hesitated about doing something he says. His father had tried and tried again to apologise, but Joseph would never listen.

“Joseph, let’s go,” Plumb said in a soft voice.
“Alright,”Joseph said with a angry look in his eye, “Let’s go.”
The boys got some warm clothes on, and Joseph reached out with his skinny, long arm and grabbed the handle. When he grabbed it there was a freezing sensation that ran up and down his arm. He twisted the knob and pulled the door open. The second he did that his face was  hit with a blast of cold air. It felt like a train. He stuffed his hands into his warm gloves, and pushed on outside.
“Wow it’s cold ain't it Plumb.” said Joseph.
“You got that right, but I kinda like the cold, it makes me appreciate things that we have, don’t it?”
“You betcha, let's go to town and get a warm drink, how does that sound?”
“Mighty fine to me,” replied Plumb.
Dave didn’t really have a home.When he was young and when Joseph’s dad wasn’t so mean, Dave came to their door to ask for some food and water. They brought him in. From that day on, Dave and Joseph have been best friends, almost brothers. They lived in a small town, but they were being kept from knowing something. According to dave, his family was torn apart, his dad and big brother were sent off somewhere that he didn’t know. His mom was sent to a different state, and he was sent here.
“How can I help you boys?” asked the clerk behind the counter.
The store was an old place, it was creaky, and somewhat musty. When they looked in their favorite corner of the ceiling-this was a favorite spot for the boys because when the government came through a few months back to enlist people for something, Joseph never found out what, they went to the attic and that spot is where Joseph and Dave hid-there were splotches of brown and green bits of mold.
The surgeon's daughter walked in, her name was Ariel. The boys both envied her, being the daughter of one of the most important people she was given a nicer house by the government, and she lived in town.
“Hello Joseph and Dave, how lovely it is to see you again,” said Ariel.
“Hi,” replied Joseph and Dave.
Joseph and Dave envied Ariel. She had so much, she even had a tv. Joseph kind of liked Ariel, she stood straight, she had beautiful dark hair that had curls and was long, and what Joseph like most was her laugh.He had only heard it once back when he took school, someone made a joke, and she laughed. Ever since that day, Joseph has always liked her in a special way. Dave on the other hand, always seemed to hate these types of people. Whenever Joseph would bring Ariel up in a conversation, Dave always said it wasn’t personal he just hated those types of people.
Then it happened. Some men jumped out from behind the store as the boys and Ariel were leaving.They pulled out some badges that were labeled as FBI. The agents grabbed the kids and shoved them into the van and informed them that they needed soldiers and medics for the war.
“War, what war?”
The FBI agent replied, “World war 3.” The FBI agents were almost Identical, they both wore black suits with a noticeable bulletproof vest underneath. When they were grabbed Joseph glanced at one of them and saw beneath their suit there was a holster with a gun. Where Joseph was from, the government took away all their guns, so this was a shock.
3 weeks later
“You are all now enlisted and will be sent to France to fight,” said an extremely decorated officer on a podium in front of 400 or so people. All of them soon to be shipped out to an almost certain death.
“Well, it was nice knowing ya Joseph.” whispered Plumb.
“Don’t say that, have a lil confidence. There is a chance we could win,right?”
A man who appeared to be in his early fifties with brownish grey hair and what  looked like a fake foot said in a soft voice, “It isn’t that likely. Cuz from what I’ve heard were the last fleet and then we’re gonna give up and admit defeat.”
They were all then aggressively scuttled onto the large boats. Plumb and Ariel where both shoved into the same boat, but poor Joseph was grabbed and pushed into the line near the other two.
After what seemed like years, Joseph’s boat finally hit shore. He was unfortunate enough to be standing near the front of the boat. He and about 50 others were told to gear up and jump out.
“No,no, no!” Joseph heard others around him whisper as they were begrudgingly scuttling towards the front of the ship.
Crack! A deffing, ear piercing, air-splitting noise rang out and the next thing that Joseph knew, he was flung out and into the water. He jerked his head to the left to see countless other war boats being hailed on by bombs and bullets. He then twisted himself to the right and peered on to see his own war boat, the S.S. Last Hope, being torn to bits by a onslaught of explosions that rang out for miles across the beach. Joseph wasn’t a strong swimmer, but he had to get to shore and hope he’d survive, or wait in the water and drown. He had a giant gash on his right calf, kicking with his left leg and pulling himself through the water Joseph was struggling to stay afloat, but eventually he hit shore.
“Augh!” screamed another soldier as his chest got pierced by a bullet, he hit the ground within seconds. At that moment Joseph realized there wasn’t a chance that his army could win. Crawling to the man under a hail of gunfire, Joseph looked at the man’s face,
“Ough god! It's you!” It was the older man who warned them that they can’t win.
Then it happened, Joseph finally realized he wasn’t going home, there wasn’t a home.
Joseph stood tall, embracing the rapid pains of his body getting torn to bits by a wall of bullets. The tragedy is, his love stood there watching it all. So there he was lying in the sand, the taste of blood filled his mouth, the sound of defining explosions rang out all across the beach. There was a faint smell of fire that drifted across the battlefield. Gun shots whizzed across his head and into his fellow soldiers. There he lied, and there he died. Right before he closed his eyes he glanced up to see his precious Ariel wearing a medic’s uniform that appeared to be too big for her beautiful figure, have a bullet pierced her head.

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