March 28, 2017
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He had hoped that this would be a marvelous day for him, as it is his last day of school before Christmas break. He would finally be free to enjoy the holidays to their fullest. But alas, he was burdened with something that no individual would understand.
It was now morning. Dew still ran down his windows, eggs were sizzling on the frying pan, and his alarm was beeping loud enough for his ears to ring.
His mother then abruptly rushed upstairs to his room and shouted, “Kevin! Why can’t you ever wake up for school?”
Because of his mother shouting for him to wake up, he started to get up. Everything was blurry until his mom dumped a glass of water all over his head.
“ARGHH,” he grumbled as he was annoyed that he had to get up this early once again.
“WHAT THE HE-,” At this moment his mom had left the room, so he had no chance to respond to her insane action. He had realized he was later than usual, and began to panic, so he hastily dressed into his clothes, and brushed his teeth.
After readying himself, he went down to have breakfast. His mom had prepared him an egg sandwich, a breakfast food that he absolutely loved.
“Ugh, thank god this is it,” he said, referring to school.
“Oh don’t be so dramatic, school hasn’t been that bad,” said his mom.
He pretended he was ignoring her while taking a huge bite into his egg sandwich, and looked outside of the windowsill.
“At least the sun is coming out” he thought to himself.
Finally the bus arrived, and Kevin started to come back into reality, and realized that this day wouldn’t be great. School has always been a struggle for Kevin, not because he was unintelligent, but because he could never fit in with the other kids. Despite this, even in his darkest hours, he would never give in. He knew that there was a reason for everything, and one day the torment would stop. As he walked outside, just slightly slouching, he felt the dew press against his shoes, and the humidity that started to soak into his skin. Kevin then went onto the bus, and noticed the bus was actually emptier than usual.
“Huh” he said, “Where is everyone?” said Kevin. Kevin was looking around to find any sight of people, and then looked down, realizing that he had put on his wash faded red shirt. He was disappointed that his fashion choice was poor, so he decided to put on his favorite black hoodie.
He then went back to his thoughts,“I wonder how-”
But his thoughts were immediately stomped out of his mind when the bus came to a cold hard stop.
“Alright folks, time to get off!” The driver yelled.
  Everything was going by so quickly for Kevin, which made this a very peculiar day for him, as days usually dragged on for what seemed to be years sometimes.
At his final period, math class, Kevin’s attention span started to fade away, as if it were sunset. He started to notice random objects within the room. A cold, ruined desk vandalized by careless teenagers. Peeling wallpapers in the far back of the room... He then came back to planet earth when he heard a loud smack right in front of him. It was the teacher clapping to get his attention. He hated whenever this occurred, as it was extremely embarrassing and he couldn't help losing attention sometimes. All of the kids laughed at him.
Kevin had finally gotten through the day in a decent mood. Or so he thought. On his way out of the school he bumped into a familiar face. And of course, it was James. He and his friends got their last chance to push him around before they went off on holiday, and boy was it like no other.
“Hey Kevin, looks like it’s that time of the day again.” said James
“James.. can we please not do this now dude? Some weird things have been happening.”
“Kevin oh Kevin, you have always been weird...” said James.
James then went on to punch Kevin right in the stomach, and his friends also got a chance to hit him, as if he were a punching bag. It got to the point where one of the teachers had to rush out and yell at the boys, before they ran off to go home.
“Oh my god Kevin… Are you alright? Can you tell me who those kids were?” said the teacher.
Kevin slowly got up, trying to keep his balance. He felt under his left eye, and touched the thick texture of blood. He then started to tremble with anger.
“GET AWAY FROM ME,” he shouted, extremely upset.
The teacher then laid off, realizing that Kevin was in no mood to talk. The teacher never saw who beat up Kevin, as they were all running by the time he arrived at the scene. Kevin got up from the floor, acting furious, but really he was just tired of what the bullies did to him, every day. He tried to picture himself enjoying being around other people, but at this point he just couldn’t. He never understood why people acted this way, or what would make them stop.
Staring down at the sidewalk, taking the long way home, he noticed something to make the day uplifting again. A flock of crows, hundreds of them, flew right over his head. This took the sadness right out of him, and instead made him interested. He was only fascinated for a few seconds, before seeing a gargantuan flash of light behind him. He then realized why the crows fled from the area, and one thing came to Kevin’s mind. Run. He was about to go into his house, until he was hit by a huge shockwave. Kevin flew about 20 feet, far back into his house’s front lawn.
He started to get up as luckily no real injuries occurred, and instinctively peered over to his neighbor's house, only to find that there was nothing.
“What in god’s name is going on?!” he thought to himself.
He then started to sprint over to the house, as his instinct was to see if there was anyone who remained after the destruction.  He arrived, and saw nothing but ash. He was about to run over back into his house to see if his mom was okay, but then he saw something, right in front of his eyes. A glowing rock with a red haze was lying on the ground, having weird reactions to everything around it. He slowly raised his hand, inching closer by the second to try and touch it, until everything stopped. Kevin collapsed and fell unconscious.
He then started to wake up… in a dream. He had seen visions of apocalyptic events, which made him question whether they were just dreams, or if they were going to happen.
The dream began,“Kevin, KEVIN!” his mom shouted.
Everything was starting to come to picture and he woke up in a room that started to make Kevin feel at home. Kevin then realized he was in fact in his own house, and felt comfortable.
“Oh my god Kevin, what happened to you?” said his mom.
“I-” His mother interrupted him which meant the question was rhetorical.
“This can’t be happening… I don't believe this, is this the end?” His mom said while tearing up. He could sense she was deeply confused, and in immense amounts of shock.
“Mom, stop worrying so much, I just passed out that’s all…” said Kevin.
Kevin’s eyes slowly turned outwards toward the old rusted windowsill. He watched as nothing but fire and destruction was right in front of him. Houses were burning, people were screaming, and objects were falling from the sky. He couldn’t fathom what he just saw, and all he could think of right now was to say his goodbyes..
“Goodbye mom… I love you” said Kevin.
Then, Kevin woke up in a pale sun dried field. Panting and looking everywhere, he didn’t understand what had just occurred at all. Being speechless, he was frantically looking around for answers.
“MOM!!!” He shouted, hoping for a sign.
He even shouted for his father, even though he has not seen him for several years.
He looked over in the distance, with the sky being a bright orange. He was about to give up, until he saw someone… waiting for him. Kevin had now seen what must be done, and to find answers, he slowly walked over to the figure in the distance. Kevin had known that no matter what would happen in the next chapter of his life, he was going to find his purpose.

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