March 27, 2017
By Olivia_16 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
Olivia_16 BRONZE, Abington, Massachusetts
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One night, one girl. Fiona Raven, a young girl who was not yet 18, is terrified but excited as ever. Raised from the depths of eternal life, this is exactly what she has been dreaming of for the past year. At last, her plan is finally complete. 

She is quite an unusual thing, really. Beautifulness is burned into her as if by a white-hot laser. Always has a demeanor of death and darkness. Once you get to know her, you could never forget. She brings immortal darkness with her wherever she goes. Her face, as if taken from the grave itself, is gorgeous in a deathly way. Her expression is as if she is mourning over a dead corpse. She wears a wedding dress of white silk, and a long sheer veil over her head. Her hair is dark as a raven’s feathers and is a silky and sleek black diamond. Her big doe eyes are the color of indigo. They are fringed with long, thick black eyelashes. She is a mouse compared to those around her, bodies towering over her head. Small as she is, she holds an air of sadness and depression. 
Fiona feels as if she has lost everything she has ever loved. And she had. Sitting at her desk, papers everywhere, the room was full of chaos. The one dim ray of light she had desperately clung onto was almost out.  It was not always like this, slowly going through day after day, aimlessly trying again and again to figure out how to write it. This particular night, though, was especially eerie. She was finally ready to join her fiancé. Her plan was all about to unfold. She was an inquisitive girl, looking for trouble around every corner; and this time she had done it. She was about to make what she lost, found. 
For 15 months, she had been planning. Writing. Erasing. Ripping. Crumpling. Over and over and over again. As the clock struck 12, she knew that it was finally time. Her last chance at happiness was about to begin. She laughs as she flashes back to the night of the unfortunate accident. 
It was just so funny how she ever thought she had lost him forever. The night it happened was ultimately supposed to be the best one of their lives. A pretty girl, a handsome boy, sitting together on a stone bridge overlooking the Seine River in Paris. They had run away from the wedding, the ceremony in just an hour. A daring couple, perfect for each other. Always going on risky adventures, their love for each other tethering them both to safety. Tonight, however, they just did not know when to stop. Feet dangling over the water, not looking at the traffic behind them. But they should have. Oh, they should have; because at the exact moment they thought that everything was okay, it wasn’t. The light came up behind them before they knew what was happening. Suddenly, a cold blast washed over them like a tidal wave. They had been hit with shovels, the force strong enough to take a person out. The couple plunged into the cold, dark water. They were paralyzed with fear as their bodies smacked the icy fluid. Down they went, their lives flashing before their eyes. A sun filled garden here. A sparkling aqua lake there. Every moment of every day they had spent together, all right there.
Suddenly, Fiona realized what was happening and swam to the top. The sopping beauty broke through the surface, teeth chattering and gasping for air. But Fredrico was nowhere to be found. Where is he? she wondered. Certainly he knows how to swim. Unless…. 
A dreadful thought pushed through her mind. He had been putting off a trip that Fiona had so badly wanted. It was a trip to the Bahamas, and first on the activity list was deep diving for exotic sea creatures. He grew up in southern Arizona, no natural water but the Colorado River. That’s it, she  thought. He doesn’t know how to swim and was afraid to tell me.  I must find him, she said to herself. It was too dark to see anything, no lights except for the sliver of light coming from a passing car on the bridge. Shivering, Fiona dove to the bottom of the river. Feeling nothing but mud, she came up dizzy for air. She went down once more, her lungs burning for lack of oxygen. At last, she came upon something. A hand. She pulled on it with all her might to get it to the surface. As she tugged, she found solid ground and lugged the half-frozen body onto the dirt. His face was blue, and she felt no pulse. His arms and legs were completely frozen, and only his head and torso were not trapped in the ice that encased him. In what felt like only minutes, he had partly frozen. 
She doesn’t really remember the rest, but the papers said they were found on the Seine riverbank. She survived, but he had died from hypothermia. She did not even try to stay calm, thrashing around and screaming at the nurses and doctors. She wanted him buried in the wall, so “he could always be with her”. The thought was repulsive, but she would not behave unless they agreed to it. Besides, she wasn’t so crazy as to tear up the walls and take him out. Or so they thought. 
Endless nights passed where she lay silently next to the wall, pencils and paper scattered around her after having fallen asleep while planning. She talked to him, and sang to him through that wall. Sometimes she even had dinner with him. All the while, something was brewing inside her. Darkness. Madness. Anger. All bottled up for not a soul to see. As far as she was concerned, she was fine. It’s the people who don’t want help that need it the most. But now, maybe, just maybe, she would turn out okay. 
She got her ax and started slowly…chopping…away…the...wall. The boards came down easily, and she ripped them apart. At last, she could see the face of her beloved fiancé once more. He looked as he did when he died that long 15 months ago. Still handsome to her. But of course, how could she not think that, being the girl she is? She had to do one last thing before she was satisfied. She put on her wool coat and swept the note up in her hand. She went outside for the first time in 15 months (her food and water was delivered by the local market), and squinted out into the rain. It was pouring so hard she could barely walk straight, but she knew where she was going. To the murderer’s house, of course. 
She knew all that time, who it was that jeopardized Fredrico’s life. Someone the couple had trusted deeply, and knew all their secrets...even the ones they kept from each other. He was a wicked man, but to everyone he was thought of as a gentleman. He was extremely jealous of the couple, wishing longer than anyone could know for Fiona to be his, and his alone. So he plotted for Fredrico’s death. He knew that on the night of their wedding that it was the perfect time. No intention of hurting Fiona, just her fiancée. The near death experience for Fiona was completely an accident, one that he wished every night that he could take back. But he couldn’t. He had been living with that guilt for so long, and it was eating him alive. 
But now, Fiona was about to make that guilt even stronger. She arrived at his house, all the windows dark, not a light around to be seen for miles. She knocked at his door, just loud enough to wake him up. She left the letter on the doorstep under a rock so the howling wind would not take it away. She walked down the road slowly, not looking back. 
When she was finally home, she took off her coat and readied herself for bed. But she was not going to bed, or going to sleep at all for that matter. She just needed to be comfortable enough, as she would be there for the rest of her life. As she climbed into the wall, she took the mortar and stones with her. She slowly plastered up the wall, stone by stone. There was just enough space to fit two people in that wall. Her soul mate was the first. And she was the second. 
Before she slid the last stone into place, she took one last look at the raging fire she had “forgot” to put out. She smiled to herself, and settled down next to Fredrico for a long, long nap. The nap of eternity. It was done. The Raven couple was no more. The house burned, bright red and orange flames devouring it until there was nothing left. Everyone in the neighborhood showed up just in time to see the last of the house charred down to the ground. A man showed up, with a letter in his hand. 
It said this: “Dear Nevil, I know it has been quite a long time since we have talked. But before you run out the door and come knocking on mine, there is something I must tell you. I know that you were the one who tried to murder Fredrico. I also know that you have loved me for the longest time and envied him for being my one and only. But I thought I could trust you. I never thought it would come to this. However, it has. I stated very clearly in the months leading up to our wedding that I could not live without him, and I still stand by that. So, as I say farewell to this world, I hope that I will see you in the next. Maybe things could be better. Or not. I don’t know. But I need to go now and you have to accept that. Of course I will miss you, but never as much as I miss my beloved. Bittersweet as it is, you know I have to. Goodbye, Nevil. I hope I have made you realize the consequences of jealousy and murder. Best wishes, Fiona Raven”. 
As soon as he had read the letter, he ran to her house as fast as he could. But he knew all too well that it was too late. He stared at the house in shock, tears streaming down his face and wishing over and over that he could have one more chance. But there was no chance for him. No chance at all.

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