March 22, 2017
By Anonymous

As I warped through time, it felt like the world was pulling me apart every atom of my being was being pulled in a different direction and then just as suddenly it stopped. I guessed it was about 27 years in the future depending on how everyone was riding something that hovered. The thing was I had time traveled a lot recently ever since I found the watch I just set a date in the future and bam! I was there I mean I would love to travel backward in time but the watch wouldn’t input coordinates for past times. I felt out of place here in 2042 it just didn’t feel right I just couldn’t figure it out. I always felt at home with people humans were fun. I had had a few accounts of meeting some alien life forms before. It took me a little while but I figured it out I felt weirded out because I felt like I was being watched. I turned around and saw the cutest thing ever. It’s eyes were as big as dinner plates, it was short and chubby. and it was shaped like a teardrop, and was sea blue. It’s mouth was small and had one square tooth directly in the middle. It frowned and walked away well I thought better get started. I walked passed an alley and suddenly got grabbed and stuffed in a bag. I didn’t know what was happening all I knew was what I could hear and smell and the smell wasn’t pretty in fact it smelled like sewage. I must have been hit on the head too many times because I was suddenly in a bright room sitting in a chair tied up with no bag on my head. Two people sat across from me. One was a girl with blonde hair just like mine except longer and much curlier she kept looking at me as if she was assessing my threat level. The other one was a guy who seemed much friendlier he looked like a pretty tall person ( but then again everyone is tall to a twelve year old boy) his hair was a dark brown and swept to the side and his eyes kept saying come on dude I am a friend. Finally after what seemed like forever the boy spoke,” Hi my name is Maurice listen we don’t want to have to hurt you, but we will if necessary now tell us. How did you appear out of nowhere? Where do you come from? and why was The Droptine so interested in you?” “Well”, I replied,” first of all I don't think you would hurt me, second of all how I appeared is none of your business, and I really have no idea who the Droptine are.” Suddenly the girl pulled out a gun and shot me. It felt like millions of bolts of lightning were striking me at the same time. I smelled sulfur and the scent of singed hair. I fell into a dazed state I heard Maurice and the girl arguing. I heard people talking about how the Droptine took over and everyone is really scared. At this moment I realized whatever these people do no matter what I will help them. I am a time traveler that’s what time travelers do right help people right?
I woke up in a bed in a different room. I was chained to the bed. They must have thought I was going to try to escape but I had vowed to help these people and I would. I fell back asleep I woke up a few hours later by the watch’s time. The girl and Maurice were there they asked me a few more questions but they finally let me go. I was sent with the girl who said her name was Isis to show me around. “this place is pretty big” ,I slowly droned,”yeah it is” she responded. “Why are there only kids around here?” I asked. “well”,she answered,”When the Droptine attacked they took all the adults and but a bug in there ear that makes them controlled by the Droptine. The Droptine then ordered all adults to hunt down and destroy all kids they could find this is the last amount of kids there is we are The Defiance.” “One question”,I asked,”what are The Droptine?” “ the Droptine are an alien race that are shaped like a teardrop and are.” “Chubby and cute”,I finished for her. “ like the one that I saw watching me?” “Yes” She replied. “So then why haven’t you stopped them?” I questioned,” The only way to stop them is to destroy the motherboard chip in the tower.” Isis retaliated,”So why not try if I could have some volunteers I could probably make it to the top and destroy the motherboard.” “On one condition”,she retaliated,” you can have one pistol each fighter otherwise give up.”
We ran as hard as we could sliding from shadow to shadow me and three other fighters. We were heading for the tower to try to destroy the motherboard for once and for all to finally get rid of the tyranny over these people. The plan was to sneak in go up all fifty floors and destroy the motherboard from the inside. The floors went by like a blur. First floor safe, second floor safe, third floor three unarmed droptine, and so on and so forth. We reached the fiftieth floor with one shot left each. I told everybody to watch my back I walked in and saw the motherboard. I thought it was a technical motherboard but no this was a giant, fat, and happy Droptine. I took me a while to make a decision to kill this creature or to save the human race. My decision was made I took aim and shot. My aim was true I hit the Droptine dead on it killed without even a squeal. I walked outside and down the floors victorious. we Exited the buildings happy and that’s when everything went bad. There were Droptine everywhere on the ground dead. It took me a while but suddenly I realized that I had committed a genocide. I had destroyed a whole race. I thought I was telling them to leave not killing them I was supposed to help people. Doesn’t that include aliens to I wasn’t supposed to hurt I was supposed to help. I turned my face away and quietly slipped away. I took out the watch and set the date for far into the future. As I traveled forward I realized my race the human race is a mess. We kill each other we kill anything we don’t like for all I know the Droptine were completely sane and were trying to help, and I bet you money that they didn’t kill anything they didn’t think was a huge threat to kill them.I will never forget that everyone on Earth calls me they don’t now it’s me but they call me Jackson the killer.  

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