The Fall Of The World

March 22, 2017
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Last night, the sun didn’t set. It fell.

*1 week earlier*

Hey my name is Charlie. At the moment, I am at my friend Jason's house. We are enjoying the last week of our life.

Jason and I are secret agents who live in France. We can’t do anything about it, we were born into this agency. It is called The Devinator Agency. Weird name huh? Anyways there are mites that are kind of like termites, but they are ten times bigger. They hard to notice because they are invisible, and… they can eat anything. But the catch is that they are actually robots. They are controlled by tiny evil creatures from a secret planet named Dimitholy. It is a dwarf planet. It is full of these shape shifting creatures and their leader: Gathorg.

The past week have been really interesting for us. We are now aware of these shape shifting creatures they are called Gathags, and we learned about their planet and leader, so you can imagine it has been very stressful for us and all of my friends in the agency.  It all started when a new testing factory had a mishap and Jason and I were put on this case. This happened because they were testing on how to get wood to withstand termites so buildings could be preserved and the termites got mixed with the formula that was meant for the wood and so now the termites are very strong.

Soon after this happened the termites got out and everyone started going crazy. At that moment a spaceship crashed that was full of tiny Gathags that can turn anything into robots and their obey their every command. So at this point the Gathags and the termites were all out at once and they ran into each other which is when the Gathags took over the termites. Jason and I were in awe. We had never seen anything like this before. That was when we got knocked out.

Jason and I woke up in a dark and gloomy room with no windows. We heard large grunts in a nearby room. We tried to give each other hope but it was no use, we knew that we were doomed. Then we listened really close and heard voices talking in the background. We heard Gathorg talking the Gathags. We were scared, no lie. We thought we were going to die. It was very frightening because they were talking about how they were going to destroy the world. We needed an escape plan, and quick.

We studied the tires that we were in and they were rope with strips of metal in them. We figured that if we broke the rope we could just stretch the strips of metal and get out, and that is what we did. Jason thout keeping the rope was a good idea so we did just that. After that we snuck around the bend to find the sleeping quarters of the Gathags. Jason started to scream, but I clamped my hand over his mouth. He got the concept. The only way out was to go through the Gathags’ sleeping quarters. We went on our tippy toes and did not make a sound. It was very stressful. We finally made it! We turned the corner to find a room with many windows and sunlight had flooded in. All of the buildings were intact so they obviously had this as their base and they were still plotting.

We looked out the window and it was a five story mansion and we were on the second floor. We used the rope to climb down the house. We left the rope and made a run for it.

As we were running we saw that the base was in Burgundy Hills. Jason and I live in the neighborhood next to it called Lunar Exits. We had made secret bases in all the neighborhoods next to Lunar Exits so had already have a base in Burgundy Hills, check. 

The headquarters of The Devinator Agency was 2 miles away. To be in this agency we had to run track so this was just an easy jog. We arrived in 13 minutes. Our boss, Harry Lippman, was proud that we escaped the base, and found where it was. We got an extra serving of food that night. After dinner Jason and I prepared our bases for stage two of our mission.

We stoked up on food, water, guns, and extra clothes. We plan to set out tomorrow morning.

Our next mission was to go to the Gathags’ base and to blow it up with a bomb. We have a airplane just for dropping bombs. Harry gave it to us. He has been giving me secret lessons on how to control airplanes of different types. He mainly focused on this one so of course I got to drive it. I surprised Jason with my piloting skills. He was totally caught off guard. Just like the Gathags will be.

Well nothing went according to plan. Let me explain. We were flying high so that the radars would not see us but then one of their termites has been given wings so it was flying after us with mighty speed. Jason and I were trying to figure out what we did wrong. That took a couple seconds because we saw more and more flying termites. I assumed that there was a herd of them spread out across their base. Eventually when we were right over the base we opened the bomb hatch and watched the bomb drop. I turned the plane back towards our base and opened up the throttle. We expected to hear the bomb go off but instead we heard a huge crash.

I turned the plane around and went back to where we had dropped the bomb and there was just a gaping hole going through the center of their base. We had felt something in the bottom of the plane earlier but I thought it was nothing, it turned out to be a termite. It had eaten the fuse right of the bomb but it did not have time to eat the whole thing. So it just left a huge hole. I was really bummed and so was Jason. Mission failed. I hope Harry is not mad.

When we got back to our base we told Harry what happened. He told us that it was ok as long as we go watch their base overnight. Good thing that we already had a secret base there. We watched and listened as they were getting ready to deport. They packed up their weapons and headed into space. We heard a little about destroying the gravitational pull in the whole universe. In the morning they were on the roof about to leave and Jason and I rushed back to our base. We told Harry what was happening and he sent out a war squad with all types of planes. But it was too late, they had already left.

We saw them through our Hubble Telescopes that they had left Earth’s atmosphere and they were setting up a huge machine. It was silvery and bumpy. It had many capsules and many entrances. Then a saw the huge red switch, it had many termites around it. Then they flipped the switch.

Everyone in the agency went crazy but all of a sudden we could not touch the ground. Their plan had worked! The world was in chaos. Then it randomly turned to night. It looked like a huge comet was coming but then Harry turned on the news. They were floating around with chaos and then the most disturbing part, they said: “There will be no more life on all the planets. We all will live no more. Take your last precious breaths before we all go into the vacuum of space. All of this is because the sun is falling.”

Then the universe got dark and there was a cold chill that made every muscle quiver. I said my goodbyes as I floated out into empty space.

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