Demarcus the Fish

March 20, 2017
By Trapper BRONZE, South Jordan , Utah
Trapper BRONZE, South Jordan , Utah
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Once upon a time there was a fish. His name was demarcus and he lived in a filthy pond, and the pond had a lot of crime and low employment rates. he could not find a job and was struggling to keep rent on his house, so one day, while eating breakfast he heard a knock on his door. He opened it and it was the police. They came in and he talked with fish. It turned out that he was being evicted.

A few weeks after his eviction, He was trying to get a loan so that he could buy his house back at the auction, Fish  was having a hard time getting a loan due to the fact his credit was way to low. Fish needed to face reality, He could not receive a loan in time for the auction. The auction was being held the very next day at the financial institution Fish had used for years. They auctioned off his house for eighty five thousand dollars. Fish was going to be out of a bowl . He wasn't going to leave without a fight though. As soon as he got home he spent the rest of the day ripping up the copper pipes and destroying whatever he could to make it as hard as he could for the new fish family.

The day after the auction,  the movers showed up and they were throwing all his things out of the bowl. He made sure to antagonize the movers for two hours while they were throwing his clothes and belongings out of the second story window. It had been few hours since the movers had left. Fish was rushing to get all of the belongings he could ransom. The new buyers pulled up in their moving van and he was officially homeless. He finished completing the task of packing his bag full to the rim of items he could. Fish started swimming up the shore into the city of Fishtropolis the capital of the pond. Fish did not know the city as he has never been out of the slums. Fish saw the establishment known as The Finn Club. Fish went inside the restaurant and swam up to the counter and ordered a spicy refreshment. Fish took the last swallow of his drink and slammed the glass so hard to the counter it shattered. It had been a long day for Fish.

As Fish was about to leave the Club he looked to his right and saw the lady of the night. Fish swam towards her. He asked her for one dance. She agreed, they both pondered for the next song to play before starting the dance. “What is your name?” fish asked, She looked at him blushingly “Beatrice, My name is beatrice.”  The next song began to play, the tune was “Africa by Toto” The two started dancing and they instantly fell into the bond known as love. Beatrice asked Fish to come over to her place. The late night rendezvous was the best thing to ever happen to Fish.

Fast forward three years, two children, 3 separate affairs, Fish and Beatrice broke up after
Fish had been away for 2 months looking for his lost son. Fish was then diagnosed with a heart valve problem. Fish Died. The end.

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