The Game

March 19, 2017
By Anonymous

It’s the year 3005, in Spain and my friend and I were at soccer practice. It was a rainy and a windy day.Ronaldo and I have been friends for a while. We go to the same school and play on the same soccer team. After soccer practice we were walking to our house. I felt the rain falling on my skin. We were talking about our next game. “I’m kind of nervous” I said.
He replied saying “It’s ok, we’re gonna win.”
So I walked away and I saw a weird looking car flying towards my friends direction. I was wondering what it was on my way home. As soon as I got home I asked my mom “Did you see that weird looking car?”.
“No, I didn’t see anything.” said my mom.
So I ate dinner and went to bed.
The next day I went to school and I didn’t see my friend. I was looking for him all day. I go to his house with all my soccer gear to see if he wanted to go to the field. I got to his house and his mom said he’s missing. I see all these people talking about Ronaldo. So i'm at the field thinking about Ronaldo and what could’ve got him lost.So I kept practicing and I saw the same flying car I saw last night. It landed on the field. These creatures get out of the weird vehicle talking to each other. I was sketched out. They said “your friend is lost right?”.
“Yeah” I replied.
They said “Want to get him back?”
I said “Yeah but how?”
They replied saying “You must beat us in a soccer game 11 a side in two days. Also Ronaldo will be playing with you guys.”
They went back in their vehicle and left the field. I finish practicing and walked home. I was thinking about a team and who I should ask to be on my team. There’s a lot of people I could ask but I don't know if they would join. I asked my friends Messi, Pogba, Neymar, and more. They all said yeah.
The next day we all met up at the field and did drills and practiced as a team. We were discussing what we need to keep working on because we only have one day till the game. We got all our supreme jerseys and gear.
Today is gameday and I was getting nervous. On my way to the game I saw a bathing ape. No one else mentioned him and I felt like I was the only one who could see him. He started talking to me. He said “ You’re the only person who can get your friend back.”
I replied saying “I will try my hardest.”
After the conversation the ape left and everyone was looking at me weird.
“What are you looking at?” Ashton said
“An ape.” I replied
We arrive to the stadium all pumped and ready to play. We see the aliens taking some type of drink. They started to get bigger and bigger. We walked onto the field with our new fresh jerseys. Referee calls captains. Ronaldo and I walk up. “Referee says heads or tails?”
“Heads I replied.”
I won toss and let the other team take kick off. Referee blows the whistle and the aliens kick it off. They started off really fast but we were able to catch up.
20 minutes have passed by and were down by two. I started to get angry. I got the ball and went for a cross. Ronaldo scores. We’re  only down by one.
It’s halftime and we’re down 2-1. I was really scared we might lose Ronaldo but we can’t just give up. So the ref blows whistle again and we kick it off. I get the ball run down the field and score. Game is tied 2-2 after two minutes on kick off. The aliens score a goal right after.  The score is 3-2 we’re losing. 15 minutes pass and I get fouled in the box for a penalty. I shoot the ball right down the middle and, GOLLLAAZZOOOO!!! Game is tied again with only five minutes left. We take the ball and Messi crosses the ball in, I header it in the goal and we score. Referee blows his whistle and we win. We go to the lockers all happy and we get Ronaldo back. We leave the locker room and leave. Ronaldo’s mom comes up to me and says “thank you so much.”
“No problem, anytime.” I replied.

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