Eclipse of the heart

March 19, 2017
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was no form of light and the universe was made up purely of darkness. Mother nature grew pity towards the lonely dark and began her process of creation. The powerful goddess brought the sun to life and placed him high enough to accompany any surrounding dark. Rather than existing in harmony as mother nature had planned, the sun and the dark began to clash.

Once mother nature realized her creations were far too different to co-exist, she attempted to intervene. Instead of forcing the pair towards friendly terms she created something that both the sun and dark could relate to. Mixing the mystery, coldness, and imperfections of the dark with the brightness, beauty, and boldness of the sun, mother nature created the moon. The new creation grabbed the attention of the other two immediately. Goddess mother nature placed the moon right next to the sun which also attracted the dark.

The moon stunned both of her fellow creations, but specifically caught the sun’s attention. He loved the beautiful and intriguing effect of his light reflecting off her unique shape. The sun was so madly in love with the newest creation that he began growing rays of light to share as much of his warmth with her as possible. The moon was equally if not more charmed with the captivating beacon of light. The two creations became inseparable and fell in love. With every kiss the two shared a spark of the sun’s light would break off and continue shining on its own. Mother nature began referring to these smaller creations as stars and considered them children of the pair in love.

During their romance the two failed to notice that the surrounding darkness was growing bitter towards the bond he had been excluded from. The dark found multiple reasons to grow even colder with every creation that came around. The sun set flame and consumed any portion of the universe that darkness attempted to maintain pitch black. The moon kept her back towards the darkness from the moment she had seen the sun, but the dark had still fallen in unrequited love. To the dark the stars were a constant reminder of what the sun and moon had, and evoked pure jealousy out of the original creation. This jealousy began transforming into a malicious plan.

Mother nature had become caught up in observing the romance between the two and had disregarded the tell-tale signs of the dark’s plotting. Darkness’ resent reached an extent of tearing holes within the pitch black that sucked away any form of light that got close. Mother nature was not fond of these creations and referred to them as “black holes”. The original creation was shocked and hurt by the goddess’ disregard of his creation compared to her praise for the two lovers’ creation.

The black holes began noticing the displeasure that the loving couple brought to their creator. To avenge the dark, the array of black holes sucked up every star in their path. With every eaten star the black holes would expand in size. The black holes became hooked and developed an appetite that resulted in the vanishing of all the remaining stars. The sun was enraged by the fate of his smaller creations, this caused his radiating light to turn far too warm and the moon to drift from the heat.

The broken-hearted moon continued moving further away from the sun. She yearned for her vanished stars. The darkness had realized that the moon’s new-found distance was the closest chance he would have to engulf her. The sun witnessed entire portions of his beloved moon lose her familiar grey tone and become part of the continuously black dark. Out of desperation to maintain the moon’s beauty, the sun shouted and begged for his love to return and remain free of the dark. Mother nature could pick up on the sun’s pleas and tried to rip the moon out of her hateful creation’s grip. Despite the powerful goddess’ strength, the dark was still able to put up a fight. The tug-of-war between the two resulted in the moon being set free but not before entire chunks of rock broke off the once perfectly smooth creation.

These new missing chunks of rock left behind a cratered and flawed surface. The smaller broken off rocks scattered without order and most were sucked up by surrounding black holes, except one. This chunk of rock remained near the moon, as if drawn to her.

Mother nature analyzed the state if her universe and frowned upon the bad blood between her main three creations. The goddess took notice of the rock’s close position to the moon and felt inspired to place dependent life upon the rock to give her original creations a purpose. The chunk of rock grew larger than the moon itself but remained smaller than the sun. The large rock then transformed into a blue sphere. From the blue, which now covered the rock, rose beautiful sections of green that held more life than the rest of the universe. This creation became known as earth, it’s blue aspects became known as water and the green aspect became known as land.

The darkness’ saw another one of his constant attempts to tear down his fellow creations show no results. In fact, the creation earth depended on both the sun and moon to not perish. Not only did earth not depend on darkness but the inhabitants grew to fear it.

Earth reminded the moon of the stars which had been taken from her by the darkness schemes. Due to the overprotectiveness that the moon felt over earth, she began to rotate around the newer creation. The sun’s persistent love for the moon led him to stand at the center of all creations. He made this choice for a chance to cross paths with the moon while also providing the necessary light for earth and other future creations.

Mother nature could sense the remaining love between the moon and sun and did not punish them for creating chaos upon her universe. The darkness remained bitter and set on reaching a form of revenge. The mother of all was finally able to understand that her original creation was meant for solitude and would never stop consuming away at everything around him.

Instead of allowing this increasingly selfish creation to plot again and disrupt the harmony she had been able to restore, the goddess cursed him for eternity. Mother nature brought an infinite array of starts back to life and made it their purpose to keep the darkness at bay. The black holes were also punished for their wrongful actions and lost the ability to move on their own. The two spiteful creations were pushed to the furthest corners of the universe where neither could reach any form of light or life.

The sun’s love for the moon only grew with time. The illuminating creation provides the moon with a radiant glow, but has never asked for anything in return. On the rare occasions that the two can cross paths, their grand love is seen from any point on earth. The goddess now refers to the soulmate bond of the two as an eclipse. Their remaining bond ignited the re-created starts to permanently shine brightly. This glimmer of stars is a reminder of the power that light has over darkness, and how good intentions always rise above evil.

The author's comments:

Tales that take classic tropes and implement a main twist have always inspired me to create.

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