March 12, 2017
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What is a fallen angel? It’s a Pure being living in Heaven alongside God. What happens when this angel breaks Heaven’s Law? She falls back to Earth as an Impure.
What is a reaper? Just like the angel, a reaper was once a Pure being. But because this angel prided herself on stealing souls, she too has become Impure.
What is a hybrid? It’s a human whose DNA has mixed with another creatures. Their blood becomes, dirty, unsure and they live their life as an outcast from Heaven. As an Impure.
What is a black hole? Scientifically it’s a dead star that consumes it’s surroundings. But an Impure black hole is a human who has breathed in a precise amount of hydrogen and helium, the gases that make up a star. This chemical compound must flow through the human’s DNA, making him Impure.
What is a demon? It’s a human whose rash decisions with Satan costs him his humanity. He cannot enter Heaven for he too is Impure.


Amy, a fallen angel attending Springer High School as a freshman arrived at her school ten minutes before any of the staff. She would have to wait for someone to open the doors for her. The autumn breeze flowed through Amy’s red hair as she rubbed her hands against her arms.
“Ugh great.” She growled. “It is way too cold for me to wait out here!”
Amy looked around, making sure nobody was watching her. The only visible witnesses were passing cars, but the drivers and passengers wouldn’t look down at a mere girl waiting in the cold. Amy let her book bag slip off her shoulders. Her Impure side took over: her fallen angel self.
A silver aura emitted form Amy’s slender body. Her clothes had transformed into a white blouse, pitch black jeans and bare feet. Feathered wings adorned Amy’s back, their color the lightest grey imaginable. A silver halo levitated above Amy’, grey with small cracks. A sword sat sheathed at Amy’s waist.
Amy stared at the externally locked doors and raid her right hand. As if by a galactic force, the double doors now had a hole inside. One large enough for Amy to get in through. Amy was about to grab her stuff when the sound of car engines broke the quiet. Amy cursed as she knew what the noise was: the staff. Quickly, Amy used her powers to chuck her belongings under a stairwell and hide in a small space behind the printer. She listened as the staff chatted amongst themselves as they entered the office.
“Are you all ready?” The unusually rough and demonic voice of my principal Mr. Wake spoke.
“Today we use MindWipe to brainwash the student body.”
“What about the Impure?” Miss Bajen asked. “We all know MindWipe won’t affect them.”
“You worry about MindWipe.” Mr. Wake said. “Let me deal with the Impure.” As Mr. Wake began to cackle, the rest of the staff joined in. Amy gasped softly. Connor’s suspicions of the school staff being evil were right all along. Amy used her powers to fly through the ceiling and onto the second floor. When her feet and touched the tile floor, Amy ran to the window to see a bus letting Ricco, Tyler, Tanya and Pracilla out. Amy made sure no one else was around to craft a net called Angel chains and swoop down to catch her friends. She flew them over the wire fence to the off-limits area behind the creek.
“What the heck Amy?” Ricco demanded, using his demonic strength to rip the chains open. Only a demon could break the Angel Chains. They dissolved back into the shadows.
“Guys, I overheard the staff talking about brainwashing the student body using a machine called MindWipe.” Amy said swiftly, not wasting any time in explaining.
“How did you find this out?” Tyler demanded.
“I hid behind the printer because I came in early.” Amy responded. “Do you believe me?”
“What are we suppose to do?” Pracilla demanded.
“We fight and deactivate the MindWipe.” Amy said. When she received blank stares, she sighed. “If we are ever going to prove ourselves Pure, we need to show that we are good people.” Amy stared pointedly at Ricco. “We can become human again.”
Ricco turned his face away.
“Let’s do this.” He growled. Jagged black lines that looked lightning came from his fingertips to his neck. Black scaly wings appeared on his back as two horns curled from his skull. Black jeans replaced his normal blue pair. A grey hoodie materialized onto his body. A black gun was strapped to his waist, similar to Amy’s was. His aura was opposite of Amy’s though; dark and murky.
Tanya’s clothing was enveloped in a pure black silk, tattered at all ends. Her hands withered and became skeletal as the hood of her robe shadowed her face. A long and extremely sharp scythe is traced in thin air. Then it materialized and Tanya gripped it strongly.
Pracilla’s lower torso twisted and bent as light grey peach fuzz rapidly grew along her now centaur body. Tiny wings, just like Ricco’s adorned her back, as did a swirling, pointed unicorn horn on her forehead.
Tyler’s body was covered with starry black and blue shadings. The middle swirled like a void. Smoke billowed all around him. They had all become Impure.
“Wait what about Connor?” Ricco asked.
“We can’t afford t wait.” Amy said spreading her wings. “For now, we need to disengage MindWipe and get rid of these Devil Spawns. Amy crouched down and let her wings flap carrying the air from around hereto the ground, lifting her up. Soon, she was soaring through the sky, leading her allies to the roof of Springer High. They were met by the Devil Spawns at landing. They were terrifying. They may have been demons, but they looked nothing like Ricco; their blood had clearly been made by Satan himself. Mr. Wake cackled when he saw them.
“So you’ve found out our little secret.” He cooed. “Too bad it’s the last thing you’ll ever discover.”
“We won’t let you brainwash the student body.” Amy growled, griping her sword handle. Mr. Wake bellowed in laughter.
“You’re too late.” He sneered, a double-bladed sword appeared in his vile-looking hands. “MindWipe has already been activated.”
“We’ll shut it down.” Tyler. told him. “We’ve outsmarted you as students. We can do it as Impure.”
“Good luck.” Mr. Wake. pointed his blade at Amy.
“Go.” Amy told Tyler. “Before it takes full effect.” I turned to Mr. Wake.
“Give me your best shot.” Amy challenged, unsheathing her glowing sword and running to Mr. Wake sword raised, as she let out a battle cry. Everybody answered the call and charged towards the Devil Spawns. Amy let her blade fall towards Mr. Wake’s shoulder. He deflected the blow and went to jab at her stomach. Amy launched herself in the air and landed behind Mr. Wake. As their blades clashed, Amy could hear gunshots ringing clearly throughout the chaos, metal screeching against metal, the sparking of magic spells and the piercing of flesh.

Mr. Wake held Amy over the edge of the high school’s roof by her throat. Her wings had been broken, so if she plummeted, she wouldn’t survive on impact.
“This is your end, angel.” Mr. Wake snarled, his breath hot on Amy’s face. “It’s time to meet your maker. Any last words?”
Amy looked at her fallen allies, laying on the rooftop, defeated. She glared back at her former principal.
“Go to ----.” Amy snarled.
“Then I shall-“ Mr. Wake never finished his sentence for a staff was now protruding from his chest, then it was removed from behind. The holder was a hybrid, his hair wild and outgrown so you could barely see his wolf ears. His hands looked more like paws, but he still managed to hold his staff just fine. Hi clothes were ripped and teared. Amy smiled.
“Mr. Wake crumpled. His grip on Amy loosened and she dove aimlessly to the ground. She closed her eyes and prayed that maybe God would forgive her and allow her back into heaven. If not her, then her friends.
“Ricco saw Amy plummeting and felt a rush of adrenaline. He lunge forward and grabbed Amy’s wrist. He pulled her up next to him as Tyler floated up. The rest of the Devil Spawn had fled. Without a master, their only choice was to scamper back to Satan.
“I destroyed MindWipe.” Tyler informed. “The students are safe.”
“Where was MindWipe?” Amy asked as Pracilla healed her friend’s wings.
“You wouldn’t believe me fi I told you.” Tyler said.
“Just tell me.” Amy sighed. 
“The printer.”


Everyone had returned to the creek. They were laughing and joking amongst each other. Amy couldn’t help but notice Ricco in a tree and flew up next to him. 
“You ok?” She questioned.
“I’m fine.” Ricco said flatly, staring into the distant mountains.
“Then why the face?”
“What face?”
“That face.”
Ricco sighed. “I thought we’d be Forgiven.” He admitted. “That maybe we’d become Pure again.” He sighed. Amy knew that out of all of them, Ricco wanted to revert back to human the most.
“Listen.” Amy rested a hand on his knee. “We’ll get there someday. I know it. Have faith.”
“Hey guys!” Tanya called to the two of them. “Stop flirting with each other and get down here.
“Ricco and Amy landed neatly next to their fellow Impure.
“What’s up.” Amy asked. 
“We have problem…” Pracilla said slowly.
“Like?” Ricco asked.
“We have no more staff.” Tyler answered.
“Well, looks like summer vacation started early for us.” Ricco said.  
Everyone was silent. Then, the Impure began to crack up laughing.

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