A Scaly Melody

March 6, 2017
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Dragons are an insurmountable force to be reckoned with, some can be fiery and rageful, much like the ones you would read about in most fairy tales, with rust colored scales and unimaginable wingspans.Or they can be earthy and wise possibly covered with fur sleeping in the heart of the forest. Some may live high in the mountains blotting out the horizon or low in the watery depths hidden from view.Together with them they have their glorious hordes of ancient treasures or precious metals and stones. In addition to the great and powerful and stuff of legend, there are also the meek and peculiar. Specifically this little dragon, who calls herself Nymbo. Nymbo was an oddball in any sense of the word, suffering achondroplasia, or dwarfism, resulting with it being much smaller than the rest of its species. Causing her to be roughly about the size of a baby giraffe rather than a brontosaurus-even though she was fully grown.Nymbo was covered in dark green scales that were speckled with browns and bright blues, much like the gem Chrysocolla.With a horned snout and tufts of white fur down her back and tips of her elbows and tail; along with ram like horns and three toed feet. Nymbo was also quite strange in the fact she also walked around upright instead of on all fours much like the ‘normal’ dragons.

In addition, Nymbo had chosen an odd place of residence; a little ‘cave’ inside of a hill that was covered with mossy stones and colorful wildflowers just outside of a village kingdom.How this dragon went unnoticed by the villagers is a mystery,but, she had probably stayed out of site due to its hovel being well hidden behind some brush and a pond filled with some rather vengeful geese. Inside of Nymbo’s hovel, it was made up of earthen walls and birch tree branches as form of support to keep said walls from caving during a storm. The floor of the hovel was made of cold hardened clay that was covered with dried leaves and scraps of cloth Nymbo had ‘found’.However, of all these already quite odd little quirks our dragon friend has, Nymbo’s hoard is the strangest of all. Much unlike the hordes of dragons such as Smaug or even the Ry?jin of Japan, her hoard was of music.

Yes, music. Not gold nor jewels, but music ! This little dragon was in love with the music of the human world with their hymns and sonnets. Not to mention the operas and composers ! Nymbo had collected and once again ‘found’ things that she had felt their human owners wouldn’t miss. Such as children's music boxes that ranged from ornate to simple, whose music could be heard at the twist of a key, and instruments from travelling musers who had left them behind outside the village gate. Even a lyre from a jester that lived in the castle. However, Nymbo does have a favorite instrument among her collection, a gemshorn with a golden band wrapped around the bottom. She had found this in a bag that was left in a neighboring forest, the bag was heavily aged and had spent quite a bit of time out there so, Nymbo had decided that there was no harm in taking the instrument from the worn satchel; after all, she hadn’t seen a human much in the forest for at least a month.

Much unlike the other instruments- they were kept in a small opening in the wall of the hovel that was covered with an animal pelt Nymbo had also found amidst the satchel- Nymbo had kept the gemshorn wrapped in what appeared to be a cheesecloth, next her while she slept. This instrument was very special to Nymbo, being that this was the only instrument that she had figured out to play. Whenever she had felt down or just bored, she would play the gemshorn to her heart's content, almost dancing to its flute like melody. However, the main reason as to why this specific instrument is special, is that the day when Nymbo found it, there had been a awful thunderstorm that night. Causing her to be heavily paranoid that her home was going to collapse and that she would lose her entire hoard-essentially her life- in this storm. Resulting in Nymbo doing the one thing that could comfort her-listening to music. She didn’t want to light any of the brush or leaves in her hovel ablaze looking for the pelt covered hole, she had grabbed for the gemshorn and had started to blow heavily into it hoping for some sound to escape it. Once Nymbo had heard the first tune from the instrument, she had become instantly calmer, soon falling asleep with her notes becoming lazier and lazier as the storm started to pass.

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