March 10, 2017

“Wow, we caught a lot fish today!”
“We sure did!” John replies.
“Your pond is an everlasting stream of fish! Have you EVER had it run out before? Maybe its magic!” I say
“I don’t-“ he starts but I cut him off.
“The pond’s surface is reflective. Maybe the fish can travel through the reflection some how!”
“Ok that’s just stupid.”
“What about the theory of the multi-verse? Maybe this is a portal!”
“Really?” he replies with sarcasm. “I kind of thought that the theory was fake.”
“More like not proven.”
He pushes me. I fall over on to the beach.
“Why do you have to go on with this? Just stop.”
I lie there on my back.
“Well, get up! We need to get home.”
He looks back at me.
“There could be such thing. Agree with me.”
“I’d be better to leave you here anyway.” He says and turns to walk away. I stand up and kick his knee causing him to fall.
“Ah!” he yelps out of surprise. He looks back at me, really mad now. He stagers back to his feet and punches me in the chest. I feel the air leave me as I shoot into the lake. It is cold and dark everywhere. I kick and thrash but can’t reach the surface.
I wake up on the beach, lonely and confused. I try to stand, but my legs crumple under me. I look at the lake, but something doesn’t seem right. There is John in the reflection. I pull myself out, closer to the pond. I’m in it, but not deep. I dunk my head under and push, going deeper. I want to go back to Earth, the real Earth. But there is no overwhelming darkness. No movement. I am trapped.

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