March 6, 2017

Chapter 1

I had a choice escape and be killed tomorrow or die now my little sister Emilie was watching in terror I couldn't let Madam Bappiar do this to her I seen her smile like the wicked woman she was.
     Of course,  I had been accused of murder in the second degree for something I didn’t even do. Emilie’s crying I have made my decision the guards come to take me to the chair,but I duck under the guards and run. After words ,I run past the gates of the prison and grab Emilie.
“ Shh its all gonna be alright I promise.”
Yet I can’t promise that I grab my smuggled phone and text Jack.
“Get the car ready.”
I found Jack across the parking lot jump in the van.
“So where to ?”
“ Jack get me to the nearest airport i'm gonna sneak on a plane.
“Jen that's gonna be hard for you i’m coming with.”
      “Non,je besoin de vous ici.”
  “ Mais je besoin de vous ici avec moi.”
       I told him i need him here and he said but i need you here with me.
      “ C’est trop dangereux.” meaning it”s too dangerous. As we drive to the airport I think of the small town in france its name was Annecy. I remember that emilie would play by the water.
       “Est ok emilie.”
“Oiu.” I said meaning yes.
        “ Ok you're here be careful and safe i will call you when you land.”

“ Ok by jack tell madam i will come back with vengeance.”


                                     Chapter 2

Me and Emilie are in the bathroom i grab my makeup out of my bag take make up out and put makeup on emilie and on me. I take a picture and send it to jack askin if he can recognize me. He texts me with yes. I text him come get me I put a baseball cap on emilie and me. I find jack at 3A in the parking lot.
         “ Where to.” Jack asks
   “The mall.” I say. On our our way to the mall i'm having a second doubt about changing our identity wondering if this will work. “ Jen don't worry it will all work out just fine what do you need? “ I  need a shirt and pants for me and emilie new shoes and if they have hair dye i need a blond color.” Jack went to leave but i stopped him. “ Jack wait.”
          “Yes jen.”
     “ I umm just a well umm i want to thank you.” He leans in closer to me and i don't want to say what happened but in my head i'm thinking he kissed me he actually kissed me. There out side I find a I think a 20 year old woman who looks oddly like Emily .
       “ May i help you.”
   “ Yes actually you and emilie need to get out of here.”
        “ Why?”
      “ Madam Bappiar is going to kill you.”
        “ who are you?”
      “ I am Emily from the future.”
        “ I am not leaving without Jack.”
               “ Wait what do you mean?”
          “ I mean if you don’t come with me we will all be dead.”
               “ There is no way i am going to go into that machine.”
            “ If you don’t there will be no future with jack.”
                “ bu… .” She stopped me in mid  sentence.  
            “ Come with me NOW!!!!”
                “ Why?”
           “ Stop asking questions and just come with me to my time.”
               “Okay okay i’m coming.”
        As we go through the portal i think about jack and where he is at.     
               “ Welcome to the 75 century.”
        “ How old are you.”
                “ Well Jen  in this century i am well two-thousand years old and you well you're dead.”
         “ how?”
                  “ When you are about thirty years old doctor and scientist jon roland creates a injection that makes us live for ever… .”
         “ And?”
                   “ you and I take it.”
          “ What about Jack does he survive?”
                  “ yes he sent me to come and get you .”
                        “ Come and sit.”
           As we sit on a bench in America emily  but future her  tells me what happened to me.”

         “ So you are telling me i DIED.”
“ Yes you are dead.”
  ¨ jennifer you are a soldier before you go back to your time you need to train .  Madam Babiar I am going  to recommend you to a fighting trainer her name is katelyn poplawski.¨
              ¨ Okay what is her address?¨
“ Her address is 2848 fighting avenue.”
             “ okay thank you bye.’’
  As i grab Emilie we look for Katelyns street and find it right away as I knock on the door i look at Emilie  and she looks at me.
                “ hello?”
   “ Umm hi i? Jennifer Lacie Portman.’’
            When i say that she grabs out her knife  from her boot and holds it up to my throat.”
               “ Who are you really.”
            “ I am really Jennifer Lacie Portman from two-thousand years ago.”                                                                                     
       She welcomes us into her house
          “I’m so sorry I thought you were a white.”
       “Umm what is a white exactly?”
           “Come and sit down.”
        I go  and sit on a blue chair and katelyn grabs her knife from her boot and twiddles it.
           “A white is a monster that was once human Jon Roland created a injection that made all humans live forever… but it is passed down; to the children of us and for years Jon roland has looked for a reverse.”
       “Has he found it?”
             “No but a white eats humans it was created by Roland he thought they could help us fight our wars.”
         Someone  knocks on the door and katelyn answers the door.
         “Is she here yet?”
     “Yes come in Jack.”
          “Jennifer can you come here?”
      As i walk towards katelyn I see Jack and I stop he doesn't look like I remember.”
          “Jack.” I say half crying.
    Jack walks towards me.
        “Shhh it’s okay I will always be here for you I promise.”
      He hugs me and dries my tears.
         “You need to learn to fight.”
    “No I can't I won't I am not you.”
         “You need to or you will die.”
    “No how many times do I have to say it.’’
         “For god sake jen when will you stop being so stubborn.’’
He walks towards me and i grab the knife from katelyns table and throw it at him but he dodges it.
     “Wow feisty little thing are you?”
“LEAVE ME ALONE PLEASE just Let me go home.’’
     Now he is walking  towards me and takes me by surprise and opens the portal.
      “Get out of here you spoiled brat.’’
             “Come on Emily.’’
     “Oh no she stays here.”
As he said that he pushes me out and i am screaming.
      “No emilie please not my baby sister NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.’’ 
    Now I know I have got to fight.

         As Jack walks towards me I warn him to stay away from me and he drops all of the bags.
     “Jen whats wrong?”
“Stay away from me!”
     “Jen tell me what is wrong!”
“You want me to tell you what is wrong…”
     “Yes I would.”
“You took Emilie from me and pushed me through a portal,leading me back to this parking lot and because of you she is gone.”
      “Jen what the heck are you talking about.”
  “Just stay away from me.”
      “Jen please tell me whats wrong.”
As jack walks away i start singing a song i knew.
      “If I could do it all over, baby i’d do it different maybe I wouldn't  be here in this position.” Jack comes over and sings the song with me.
     Both Jack and Jen sing. “I found you then I lost you, looking back is torture and it hurts to know I let you go, when you live right around the corner. And i could’ve had it all, could’ve had it all. True love, I know I had it. True love, was so hard to find. True love, if I could get it back, yeah i would never let it go, i would never let it go this time.
      “Your voice is beautiful.”
  “Thank you i know how to get emilie back Go in the mall and buy a drum set.”
When he gets back we sing the whole song together.
         “This one is called true love.”
As i look over at Jack he smiles and says.“let's go.”
     “Do you think she is ok?”
He pulls me towards him he grabs my hand.
     “May i have this dance?”
            “Yes you may.”
“How does that song go if i’m the sun you're the moon?”
             I turn on pandora and put the song on and dance the night away.”
  If I ever find my sister no one will ever know. 

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