The Zollineans

March 6, 2017

  It's been eight years since we arrived. At first we were contained, isolated from society, but nowadays we’re in every neighborhood. The government even started giving us jobs. We are here to find a home, they say they want to fit in. We are not from this world. We are aliens. We are humans.

You can't imagine what it was like for my people to face the hate of the people of Zoll. See, my mother and father were both some of the first people to seek refuge on planet Zoll, they were both only kids when this happened. At first they agreed and let us stay but only to imprison us in containment camps. They were scared of us. Some camps even containing tens of thousands of us Humans.
Luckily for me, that procedure was abolished 50 years before I was born.
I am 26 and live in a small town called Zonefle. I recently found a job at a discount store, one of the few places that accepted humans. The stores name is Zadinys. If you haven't noticed, almost everything that I've encountered so far starts with a z.

July 16, 2384

Today I asked my friend Jon if he could cover my shift tonight. A young boy Reilly, 17, with curly brown hair and a face with so much acne you could not help but feel sorry for him. He also was a human working at the store. I had wanted to go to a barbecue my friend’s mother was having. That night a man walked into the store and pulled out a gun. He left behind a cold body lying limp on the floor… Jon was shot and killed. That could have been, should have been, me. Since he was human he was not given the justice he deserved. The police or whatever they call them here said there was not enough evidence to convict anyone. I knew they were lying because they had the man's face on tape. Perhaps he didn't wear a mask because he knew he wouldn't be convicted. 

July 18, 2384

Today I went to Jon's funeral. There weren't many people there. His mother sobbing with the largest tears I've ever seen. I wanted to help but there was nothing i could do, what's done is done, nothing can change that. I tried not to blame myself because it would only make matters worse, but how couldn't I. If I had worked my own shift Jon would still be alive. On top of that they don't have the man's face on tape the cameras are just for show.

July 21, 2384

I didn’t go to work today, or even the past 4 days. This must stop. One way or another. Ugggghhh… it's all too much. I wish I still lived on earth at least I was accepted their. My uncle's friend Mark, leads a group dedicated to gaining rights for Humans. I think I might go visit him.

July 22, 2384

I went to work today. The whole time I could not stop myself from staring at everyone who walked in the store. Jumped almost every time I saw someone reach into their pocket. The store was full of people, one of them could've even been the killer since they never convicted anyone. Looking at all the plain faces all staring at me. Judging me. Hating me. My  shift only last  from 8:00 to 3:00. After i got off of work i went straight to uncle Marks. When i got there it was 5 and starting to get dark. There was a huge bonfire lit, aways  in the back near the woods. About 10 15 people were there.
“Uncle Mark…” Everyone looked at me. Then someone grabbed my shoulder i jumped around, the look of death on my face.
“That's my name don't ware it out” He said everyone laughed. I looked closer at the man's face.
“Uncle Mark is that you?” I asked. Still feeling shocked from the scare the man gave me just a minute ago.
“I thought i said that was my name, jeez kid you might wanna get those eyes checked out!” Uncle Mark said.
“So what  can i do you for.”
“Well i… i wanna… i wanna join the cause.”
“What cause?”
“I wanna join the fight for Human rights.”
“Uhh... let me try to explain something to you.” He said. “No matter what we won't suffer for ever Do you remember the stories i youst to tell you about how the same thing happened to people on earth. People don't like things that are different. But eventually they will learn to accept it.”
“What happened to the uncle i heard so many stories about. The uncle that lead movements for the cause.”
“I quit years ago. I haven't spoken to a crowd in forever.” He explained. I looked down realizing that he couldn't help me he was 64 years old and was out of the game. “I might know someone you'll wanna meat.” Nevermind. “ A guy named marcus.” He then gave me this marcus guys addres.

July 24, 2384

I just got out of work. It's 5:00. Im exhausted. I couldn't go to see Marcus yesterday because i had to work over overtime unlike today i just worked over time. Yesterday i got out of work at 7:00 that's 11 hours. SO i got on my bike, i can't afford a car, and rode to the nearest bus stop. The same stop i ride to every day. Marcus lived in a cul de sac. All the houses looked like trailers people built on too. They were all pretty run down to. The biggest one looked like two trailers smooshed together. I went up to the front door and rang the doorbell.
3 minutes later a little slide window opened on the door. “Who are you, why are you here?” You can tell he was a smoker by the roughness of his voice.
“Um Mark sent me… he's my uncle.”
The man began to laugh. “Ha he ah. So you're the little brat he's said wants to join the cause.”
“... yup thats me… uhh can i come in?” The slide window closed. “SHHHk...”
“Come on in.” The man said while he opened the door. I walked in the house surprisingly clean. “My names Marcus.”
“Nice to meet you Marcus.” I said still unsure if the man was mentally stable by the way he was smiling at me.
“Nice to meet you… Uh… what did you say your name was?”
“well my friends call me Butters.” i said trying to act cool.
“So Is your name Butters?”
“So your friends call you by your  so called name?”
“So what should i call you. Seeming as tho i am not your friend i wouldn't call you something your friends call you.”
“Umm everyone calls me Butters so i'm not sure what to say.” I said feeling awkward. “I probably could have worded that better.”
“Its ok, your just awful at introducing yourself.” He wheezed. “So you wanna join the Cause.”
“Yes, sure”
“Is that a yes or a sure sures don't cut it.”
“Good we need all the help we can get.”
“Thank yo-”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah stop here after work and we'll get you working on a project i've been planning. What are your hours?”
“Umm 8:00 to 3:00 But i've been working overtime so i don-”
“Ok so in the afternoon?”
“Ok i'll see you tomorrow. Now get out of here i gotta watch the rest of the game i already missed most of it.” The Zolliniens let us make our own sports leagues since they have never seen anything like it. They started practicing some of the sports like basketball and football but not sports like golf and tennis which are the most boring inventions that ever came from earth. There are a few of them that are pretty good and even play for teams during games.
“Ok i'll see you tomorrow then.” I said as he pushed me out the door. I walked to my bike got on and started for the Zarts st. bus stop.

July 25, 2384

So yet another day of awful day full of anxiety. But i made it through. When i got to Marcus’s house it was sunset. I rang the bell and he opened the door. “Hurry in we, you, got work to do.”  He said as he pulled me in, the complete opposite as the last time i went through those doors. “Go up into the attic.”
“What, no.”
“Yes, no wait what?” I said confused.
“Come on the plans are up there, don't be a baby, come on.” So i walked up the stairs into the attic there was a model of on a table in the middle of the room. There was a forest on one end and a city on the other, it was one of those long old timey castle tables that almost stretched out across the the whole room.
“No, I will not help you rob a bank or blow up the city or whatever this models for!!!” i told him.
“O my gosh you've seen too many movies!” He wailed at me. I looked closer at the model the city was only the size of my palm. The forest had a little sort of village in it.
“What’s this village i thought there was only wild trees out there?” i asked because “As far as the Zollineans know there isn't anything out there it's unexplored?”
“Exactly they dont know about the village. Its one of the rare spots where we can get resources. The rest of the forest cannot grow trees only those weird dark grey things that look like trees but aren't. This is one of the few places where oxygen creating trees grow.” i Stared at him in blank amazement. “We Have to alert everyone so they can go to the village but the only problem is people might blab about its location. Then the Zollineans would try to ransact it and take its resources.”
“Is the village run by Humans?” I asked. He slapped his face.
“Of course!!!”
“Ohh ok. That sounds like a good idea but how would we get our message to the people?”
“I don’t know. It’s a shame.”
“So we need a way to advertise without leting the zollineans in on it.”
“Yup. I would go around telling people but i'm just one man and i'm quite lazy if you haven't noticed.”
“Well i could… ummm… i could... I COULD TELL THE HUMANS THAT COME INTO THE STORE I WORK AT!!!”
“You can what about the cameras they don't work. I found that out the hard way.”

August 7, 2384

For the last 13 days i've been telling people about the village and 9 out of 10 people said they would go. Of course after i persuaded them with graphic evidence. Marcus left for the village about 9 days ago and has wrote letters to me saying, 22 new people have shown up to the village and more are on their way.
The people i tell bring their families which are small since the Zollineans split us up into no more than 5 a house. I will stay here until the village's population is high enough to where we can create a civilization unconnected from the Zollineans. Ok well this journal is full this is the last page i might start another i might not. I am sure that we will survive. I am sure that my people will thrive on this planet.

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