The upside down story

March 1, 2017

The upside down story
It  was  a  beautiful  day, just  like  the  rest.
A  girl,  Not  only  a girl  a  pretty  girl.  She  was  riding  a  horse  in  her  armor.  I  looked  at  her  and  looked  at  myself  and  thought  I  have  no  chance.  Look  at  her  and  look  at  me.  She  looked  like  an  angel  with  her  undone  blonde  hair  and  blue  eyes.  She  carried  a  sword.  Her  very  pretty  shield. She  was  like  a  dream  come  true.  I  took  her  to  my  secret  garden  without her even saying why she was here. Well  I guess  it  isn't a  secret  now She looked like she was in a rush. She didn't sit. She said that her land was under attack. I didn't understand because I was getting lost in her eyes. She reminded me of a younger version of my mom. She was assassinated. She was riding in her carriage. There was a tree in the middle of the road. The guards went out to see if they can lift the tree out of the way. She was killed moments later. I felt bad. Things were starting to become darker until it was completely black.

I found myself dreaming about her. It was a great dream.
THere was a big monster that just swallowed her whole. Thank god it was just a dream. I woke up in a place i never knew. It was really dark. It was as if no one has been there for centuries. There was a skull in the corner.
I went to the door of the place. I left the room to find a lot of stairs. I wondered how this happened. I tried to bang down the door but there was no use. Where would I go. I don't know where I am.  I guess I couldn't be far from the castle. I only slept for 8 hours.  If someone kidnapped me they couldn't have gotten far. Unless it was not a person it was a dragon. I suddenly felt steam on my back. I ran as fast as I could. I got to my room. The only light I had was from the sun.  My window couldnt close. I am surrounded by water. I decided I was going to sing until the sun goes down. The sunset came and I felt like dying.

I think my dream girl heard me. I saw her riding a jet ski to the tower i was in. She asked me to throw down my hair and then realized my hair wasn't long enough. So i decided to go find rope conveniently i found a long rope the exact size. She climbed  in. I started to wonder why I didn't just go down it. When I got there the rope fell. We had to go downstairs and fight the dragon. We went downstairs to find the dragon asleep. So we tried to get out. Somehow she ended up getting out. I don't know why I couldn't do that. Oh yeah i'm weak. She took me on her jet ski when we saw the dragon following us. She told me i had to shoot it in the eye, heart and the leg. Of course i was wondering why there was an arrow and bow on the jet ski because that's so normal. Of course i didn't know how to shoot this thing. So i just threw it. It didn't even go that far up. It basically went straight into the water. So i looked at it. It had instructions. It was like she planned the dragon to follow us. So i shoot and missed cause i have no aim. So i tried to shoot for the neck and it ended up in the dragon's eye. Ye score. H hen hit our boat and we ended up in the water. So she decided to shoot them. Of course she made it. Ughh. i wish i could do it. But then we would die. So i let her take control. We got back onto the jet ski and went back to my castle. I asked her to marry me. She said no and i wanted to know why. She said you're ugly and i already have a boyfriend.

We both went home and lived happily ever after


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