The Final Frontier

March 7, 2017
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Space is the final frontier for the people of Earth, but now it is time for that to change with the first astronauts leaving this galaxy to explore the far off galaxies of the universe. One of these astronauts is named Jeff, and Jeff has a newly pregnant wife named Kay. Jeff and Kay Just moved to Russia so that Jeff could become an astronaut. Jeff is the smartest person who graduated from his college which is also the most prestigious college in the world. Kay is very happy for her husband who will be among the first people to leave our galaxy. Jeff is also a very smart investor, so while he is goan Kay will have enough money to live comfortably with their child even if he dies in the vastness of space. Jeff will be leaving tomorrow for space, so for his last day on Earth he decided to take Kay out for a nice diner at the world famous ?????????. There they dined on the finest of food and wine in the world. This all cost ?582,661.62 Rubles. After the fine diner the two went out on a stroll through the town. On their Stroll through the night a man approached Jeff while he was talking to Kay while looking at a tree which was dedicated to the prime minister of many centuries ago.
The man stopped behind Jeff, and whispered in his ear,” Have a nice flight Jeff.” Then the man gunned down Jeff witch scared Kay, but she was to slow for the bullets witch Disintegrated her instantly, but the man used a different setting on Jeff witch made him die from petrification. The man then used his portal gun to bring Jeff’s body back to his lab. In his lab the man cut all of Jeffs skin off, and put it in a tube. The man then put it in a machine which he also stepped into. This machine allowed him to become Jeff.
The next day the mysteries man showed up to his position with the other astronauts in the space ship. Jeff’s job on the ship is the guy who activated the thrusters. The team soon took off without noticing that Jeff wasn't really Jeff; witch was a grave mistake. After the ship was through the troposphere the man turned off the thrusters which caused the ship to plummet into the earth. The ship uses a new hiley nuclear power source so when it hit the earth it exploded, and caused a huge radioactive blast. This blast took out all of eastern Europe and most of western Europe and eastern asia. The man was a hilly wanted terrorist in all the universe from a far off planet. He came to Earth to stop the launch of the ship because an oracle told him the astronauts were going to try to steal natural resources from sacred planets. The mysterious man was not just a terrorist he was a eco terrorist. After The oracle informed him of the astronauts he immediately left his planet, and made a plan to kill the astronauts. Which is what lead him to earth.

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