Amidst the Rose

March 7, 2017

The beautiful crimson sky surrounds me. But I can only enjoy it for so long. I stroll along the scented grass. The only destination just a small red cottage against a large red sky.
    I wish I could see beyond my blushing prison. It seems, you stick out like a sore thumb if you do not match the red and pink color scheme. Looking in the mirror, I am not that different from everyone else. Same pointed ears same doll-like features.
    But yet I'm different. Not different in a outward appearance way, but something different. It's only something you feel. I feel like I don't belong on this pallette.
   Everyone is cheerful about their bittersweet simplicity. The same pallette everyday is not for me. I want to see beyond the blooming wall. I want to see it before it ceases to exist. Before I cease to exist.
   Life goes by fast in a blossoming world. The sky gets darker every year. I want to see beyond while I'm young. People noticed my longing for a world outside the crimson sky. I'm becoming an outsider. But I can do it. I just hope there is more.
   I decided to embrace everyone before I find out what's outside. To embrace everything. Who knows what's out there. I may never see the red pink color scheme again. I may not fit out there, but I know I don't fit in here.
   I begin and my sky is an illusion. It's soft and fragile. I hear the usual buzzing and it's time for me to leave. I jump up and grab dark sticks attached to the creature that is buzzing. I feel weight come off my shoulders as everyone stares. Then I emerge from the crimson prison.
   It's unlike anything I have ever seen! Not only was there red and pink, but pallettes of every kind! I can only be overwhelmed of the mood outside. Nothing has made me feel somber, angry, cheerful, and blissful at once. I dropped onto my collapsing world and realize, I was right to leave my comfort zone. I smell, see and feel a new world. A world away from the rose.

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